Jul 20, 2011

Condom Company Donates 365 Days Worth of Condoms to American Pop Star

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Condom powerhouse NuVo is known for taking a strong stand against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases for young adults. The company has already donated over 200,000 condoms to young adults this year alone.

NuVo condoms have not even hit store shelves yet, slated for national release in the autumn, but are available online now. However, the brand has poised itself as a front-runner in the fight against unwanted STD’s or pregnancies in the nation’s youth and this recent course of action will raise a few eyebrows, but also get teens and young adults excited about the idea of safer sex.

Two of Hollywood’s biggest teenage stars, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, are currently at the top of the “It” list for teen couples. With such a following of the young couple and two hot careers to protect, the couple is aware of the need for condom protection in their relationship. NuVo decided to take the guesswork out of the couple’s relationship by sending Justin Beiber 365 free condoms, one for every day of the year.

The company sees the need for safe sex in this particular couple as well as the chance to have Selena and Justin as positive role models to young adults and teens, which may be thinking about or have already become sexually active. If teens see these “idols” promoting safe sex, they are more likely to view the practice as cool and join the movement for sexual health in today’s youth.

NuVo not only wants to use the couple as proof that undertaking safe sex is ‘cool’, though. The company produces high-quality condoms packaged in a cool, urban edgy packaging. Promising to be a competitively priced product of great quality and an attractive look, NuVo intends to take the market by storm.

The products on offer from this company include; lubricated condoms (Lube), ultra-thin condoms for maximum closeness (Nude), and XXL- the condom for males who need a larger fit. NuVo also sells a combination packet, called LIQuid, which contains lubricated condoms and an extra packet of lubricant for the ultimate sensation.


Focusing on a younger genre of consumers, NuVo condoms has set its sights on safe sex. The company hopes to capture the attention of sexually active youths who may not be already using condoms. By sending Justin Beiber 365 condoms, enough for a year of safe sex, NuVo has placed itself in the limelight.

The company expects that many fans will look on this relationship between Selena Gomez and Beiber as something to strive for in their own lives. If Gomez and Beiber go on record as to being safe-sex partners, there is a huge chance that many other young couples will follow suit, and this means that the potential to stop the spread of STD’s is huge. It is the desire of the NuVo brand to make using condoms cool because they know there is nothing cool about STD’s or unplanned pregnancies.

This article was written by Robert Kirk from Johnnys In A Jiffy. A UK online company who sell a full range of durex condoms and lubrications.

Jul 19, 2011

The Celebrities’ Designer Choice This Year

celebrity Miu Miu glasses

Celebrities have been known to be responsible for surges of demand of particular brands and products and it has been no different with sunglasses this summer.

Celebrities have been shopping in their forces to get hold of the must have sunglasses for this summer. True to form, they are designer and come with the associated price tag, but if you’re into looking your best and having a piece of the celebrity lifestyle, then sunglasses are a great place to start.

Tell me! What sunglasses?

The celebs have been chasing one brand more than others this year. Miu Miu glasses have been flying off the store shelves in record numbers. Miu Miu, famed for their bags carried by celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Kate Bosworth and Natalie Portman. Miu Miu also have a full range of ready to wear womenswear, but don’t be fooled, the brand have a strong focus on their eyewear department. The Miu Miu frames embody classic chic and have propelled the oversized sunglasses trend to a new level.

Designer Sunglasses

Who’s been wearing them?

Photos of Kate Moss, Rachel McAdams, Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba have all come in this year of these high fashion celebrities hiding behind their oversized Miu Miu frames. With countless celebrities endorsing the brand, it’s easy to see how Miu Miu are now competing against brands such as Chanel, which had such a large share of this market previously.

Tell me more about the actual glasses!

Well, there a variety of models available, all in the premium price category. The Miu Miu must haves are competing with Prada, Chanel and Gucci to be the top selling sunglasses on the market. Luckily for Prada though, who own Miu Miu, are starting to see significant revenue being brought in for the group. If you want to be specific, Paris Hilton chooses the MU021S frames which are the peak of oversized trend. They come in a variety of different hues to suit any colour palette you plan to be wearing this season.

Should I make the investment?

Although pricey, Miu Miu eyewear is timeless and supports the overall oversized trend, rather than a specific niche of it. This means a pair of designer sunglasses are likely to stay ‘hot’ for seasons to come, and the outstanding quality is sure to keep them protecting your eyes and making you look good for years after purchase. Like ‘dogtooth’ and quality luggage items, good sunglasses will stand the test of time. Due to their popularity, you can luckily find Miu Miu frames in a variety of outlets across the country, and online for the best prices. It could be time to treat yourself and in what better way?

About the Author: Francesca is an amateur model and fashion writer specialising in designer glasses.

Jul 12, 2011

Hollywood Designer Dresses

Hollywood Designer Dresses

From its inception, the Hollywood film industry has set cultural trends, and that includes high fashion. Movie studio costume designers were all about glamour and the top actresses of the 1940s-1960s all became fashion icons

These celebrity icons of Hollywood have helped given public exposure to designers of these high-end dresses. The dresses worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and Grace Kelly in their movies were widely copied by many fashion designers, to sate customers clamoring to mimic the Hollywood style. In fact, a costume dress worn by an actress in a Hollywood movie had a much larger audience than any fashion magazine photograph of a designer dress from a top couturier—giving Hollywood a huge role in the developing fashion and style tastes of America and the rest of the world.

Studio designers based their styles on classic fashions, but added their own touch because the dresses that appeared in the movies—unless the film was a period piece—needed to be timeless, flattering, and most of all, photogenic. Edith Head, Adrian, Orry Kelly, Royer, Vera West, Helen Rose, Charles LeMaire, and Bob Mackie designed fashions that began fashion trends as soon as their movies were released.

Not surprisingly, some haute couture designers realized the value of films and sought to use Hollywood’s reach. For example, in Breakfast at Tiffany Audrey Hepburn wore a little black dress by Givenchy that soon became the standard for early 1960s cocktail attire.

Hollywood designers excelled at using luxurious materials including sequins, chiffon, satins, and fur. They also specialized in memorable visual details such as low-cut backs, long coats, hats with small veils, gloves, and other accessories.

Thanks to the Hollywood connection, designer dresses were mass-marketed and helped make off-the-rack clothing much more popular in an age where women had been accustomed to knitting and sewing their own clothing. This broad style and fashion exposure gave the general public the unprecedented access to designer dresses and styles that we enjoy today.

Today, not much has changed. We watch for our favorite celebrities as they appear at award ceremonies, and can't help but to gawk at their designer clothing. Whether it's one of Hollywood's leading women or men, or a notable up and comer that happens to have a keen sense of fashion. Perhaps it's just human nature; the fact that we wait to see what others are wearing before we decide to go out and choose an outfit for ourselves.

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I like to write about everything from designer dresses to Rompers.

Jul 5, 2011

5 Iconic Film Characters from the 80s

The 1980s was an exciting time for Hollywood Cinema. A time for American Blockbusters and their Sequels, for Rom-Coms, for Gangster Films, Action Heroes, Epic Adventures and Horror Stories. Top Gun, Die Hard, Back to the Future, E.T., Ghostbusters -these are films that everybody knows, even those not yet born or too young to remember.

The 80s marked the dynamic comeback of Hollywood cinema and of the Hollywood star system. If you are looking for the film characters that best capture the 1980s, or you have been invited to an 80s movies fancy dress party, then just take a look at the list of classics below.

You will find that the 80s heroes were not unproblematic but instead, reflected a crisis of the American dream and a system below which lurked divorce, alienation, abuse of minorities and psychological disorders:

John Rambo/ Rambo Series (1982, 1985, 1988): Sylvester Stallone

John Rambo

Following the tremendous success of Rocky, Stallone became synonymous with action movies and a symbol of masculinity. The marine veteran from Vietnam, John Rambo, or as his fans named him ‘The War Machine’, became a trademark role for Sylvester Stallone. Equipped with a hypermuscular body and a massive machine gun, the hero who was once enlisted in the Special Forces of the US Army, and now suffering from post-tramautic stress, is abused by the very system that trained him. This sets him off onto a one-man guerrilla war for justice and retribution, involving practically killing every policeman along the way.

Tony Montana /Scarface (1983): Al Pacino

Scarface, a film that became iconic of the gangster genre, managed to appeal to mass culture while also being critically acclaimed for its aesthetic merit. Loosely based on the Al Capone story it depicts an iconic yet paradoxical hero. Tony Montana: an ex-convict, a criminal, a gangster, a cocaine addict who strives for the American dream, for wealth, success and individualism. Tony rises to the top of Miami’s crime chain, in a film inundated with blood, gore, drugs and incest.

E.T./ E.T the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

E.T. became an iconic 80s hero despite the fact that he lacked guns, muscles and a military past. Elliot, a somewhat lonely and reserved boy living with his mum, sister and brother, one day comes across an aging alien, left behind by his spacecraft. The film that exceeded the earnings of Star Wars, is not simply a kids story about the return of E.T. to his planet. It is instead based on the fantastic friend that Steven Spielberg himself had made up to help him cope with the divorce of his own parents. It is not a coincidence that Elliot’s parents are divorced and that Elliot learns to become more confident in himself and more communicative through his friendship with this older male. E.T although from another world, cares for Elliott and understands him, showing that love can exist outside the family.

Daniel LaRusso/ Karate Kid (1984, 1986, 1989): Ralph Macchio

Daniel LaRusso

Karate Kid is the Rocky for teenagers. It is the story of a New Jersey kid without a dad, who has just moved to a California that is anything but welcoming. Harassed and bullied at school, feeling weak and unwanted, Daniel befriends a Japanese janitor who teaches him how to stand up for himself and how to use karate and eastern philosophy to defend himself from his bullies without resort to violence. Considered to be one of the most entertaining films of all times, it is also a film about the friendship and mutual respect that develops between a man without a son and a boy without a father.

Johnny Castle/ Dirty Dancing (1987): Patrick Swayze

The musical that surprised the box-office and remained in history, not simply for its successful soundtrack (Time of my Life), choreography and performances, but also for its meaningful storyline, about the coming of adulthood, love and responsibility. Baby Houseman, an innocent teenager meets the handsome but working class dance instructor Johnny Castle who she falls in love with. However, Baby’s father, the wealthy and respected Dr. Houseman, opposes the match, considering Johnny a low life. Johnny helps Baby find her voice, identity, independence and understand how the world works in this record braking film that marked a star-making performance from Swayze.

This article was written by Joker’s Masquerade, leading providers of fancy dress costumes in the UK