Oct 18, 2011

Three Gorgeous Celebrity Homes

Many of us can only dream of the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the rich and famous; their designer wardrobes and luxury car collections inspire sighs of envy, while most celebrity homes seem like endless real-estate playgrounds in comparison to our own properties!
As envious as we might be, we can’t resist an inside look at the latest celebrity home on the market, and all the extravagant luxuries it has to offer…

In recent months, we’ve seen a number of London-born celebrities buying homes overseas as they work towards breaking into the American market; on the other hand, the UK has seen its fair share of big celebrity names leaving the bright lights of Tinseltown to settle in London. If you’ve been looking at high-end property for sale in Hammersmith, there’s a chance you’ll end up socialising with some rather famous neighbours!

Let’s take a look at some of the most elaborate and expensive celebrity homes currently making headlines:

Cheryl Cole  

UK pop star Cheryl Cole already owns a luxury apartment in Beverly Hills, but the British celebrity has been spotted house-hunting in Los Angeles recently, and rumour has it Cheryl now has her sights set on a luxurious 6000 sq ft home with a $5.5 million price tag!

This celebrity home has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a games room, fireplaces, a swimming pool and a number of balconies overlooking the city. The beautiful celebrity singer was raised in a Newcastle council estate along with four siblings, so she’s had to work hard for that luxury celebrity home and it’s safe to say she’s earned it!

Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin, has offered the iconic supermodel an eco-mansion designed to fulfil her every wish and whim. This luxury celebrity home will be built on Isla Playa de Cleopatra, an island off the coast of Turkey. Naomi’s glass-domed luxury home will boast 25 bedrooms and a sprawling landscaped terrace, and will be completely self-sufficient with eco-friendly energy, heating and water solutions.

That’s not all; architect Luis de Garrido will be designing the unique celebrity home to resemble the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of royalty and protection.

While these UK celebrities are buying and building homes abroad, A-listers from across the pond are falling for luxury properties in London; most notably, Hollywood couple Angelina recently added a new celebrity home to their extensive collection when they bought a £10 million Richmond mansion.

The property, named Whornes Place, has already served as a holiday home to numerous celebrities, and the Richmond area is home to so many famous faces it’s earned the nickname “Hollywood-on-Thames”! Brangelina have fallen in love with the neighbourhood and their new celebrity home, which combines tasteful antique d├ęcor with modern luxuries, including an indoor swimming pool.

Whether they’re settling into a historic London mansion or snapping up ultra-modern property for sale in Saint Tropez, these stars will doubtless be enjoying the ultimate in comfort and luxury once they move into their new celebrity homes!    

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Oct 11, 2011

Celebrities And Their Games Rooms

It is no great secret that the rich and famous like to pick up a pool cue and relax in order to get away from the grueling spectacle of celebrity.
Check out Celebrity Cribs and you’ll see a host of games rooms in mansions in Beverley Hills or the Hamptons. You’ll notice a pool table taking pride of place in them.

Nicholas Cage games room

Naturally, with the mega millions rolling around the A List celebrities of this world, you are unlikely to find the dingy, beer stained, dead cushioned pool tables that you are going to see standing in the corner of your local bar.

Money will naturally lead to more expensive pool tables of quality and class. Dwight Eisenhower installed four tables in Camp David when he had the opportunity to do so, and you can’t picture anything but perfect nap and polished rails on the ones he put in there.

It is all about quality at the end of the day, and presidents such as Carter, Nixon and Bill Clinton apparently all enjoyed knocking around on the exclusive tables at Camp David as well. Whether or not quality of pool table makes for a better player or not, is totally up for debate, and you’re not going to meet Barack Obama in a bar, trying to hustle you out of $20 to find out.

Former British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher, along with former French Premier Charles de Galle apparently liked a game of pool as well. But unless you become the next Prime PM, President or Royalty of a country, you’re unlikely to know just how well the incumbent President plays on the highly crafted Camp David tables.

Iron Chef Bobby Flay likes nothing more than retiring to his game room to get in a few frames of pool. This is his big relaxation away from the pressures of the kitchen. Flay likes to play against himself in his game room sanctuary, as pool, for Presidents and Iron Chefs alike, offers a way to distress and to get some challenging fun into life.

Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage is another of the glitterati who likes to close the doors and lock himself away in his games room. His illustrious house out in Beverley Hills boasts an expensive pool table, and it sort of carries on a tradition because Cage’s house used to be owned by crooner Dean Martin who also had a good eye for the game. Pool, it bridges generations and class alike. Actress Eva Longoria also had a big, luxurious game room in her California home as well, with the Desperate Housewife a little bit partial to handling a cue.

The list of famous celebrity pool players go on, from Julia Roberts, Gemma Atkinson, Neve Campbell, Christopher Walken, John Wayne and even Sean Connory liking to retire away and get some cueing action in. If a games room is cool enough for James Bond, then it’s definitely worth having. You can find pictures of these stars getting down at the table, which is something of a humbling sight.

Games rooms housing pool tables in the mansions of the rich and famous really are more common than you may think. Imagine the thousands of dollars being spent on some of the most high quality tables around, and naturally putting them in equally classy surroundings to adorn the room like a showcase centrepiece. It may be like saving up for a table and putting one in your Man Cave in the basement of your own house, but the attraction of the pool table really knows no bounds.

But while the celebrities can splash the cash and afford themselves high quality, you wonder how far they will go. Is nearly $200,000 dollars for a pool table a little too much? The Luxury Billiard table goes for around that, and comes with sights (triangles used for lining up shots) which are inlaid with a choice of gold or platinum. There is even an automatic drawer to house your cues and your balls for safe keeping, and the table features its own built in rack. Press a button and the rack pops up out of the table.

For nearly a couple of hundred grand, that is what money can buy you. Maybe the Obscura Cuelight goes even further, as it projects images on the surface of the table. So when you strike a ball, you can marvel at how it looks like water rippling underneath the moving balls. But it matters not the surface, the money spent on the table, the game, the passion for mastering the art is the same from your basement to the A List mansions and the White House.

This is a guest post written by Lee Jackson. Lee works for Liberty Games an online retailer, specializing in pool dining tables as well as other games room equipment.

Oct 7, 2011

Looks like celebrities were very busy towards the middle and end of last year, and the result is a horde of baby celebrities being born in 2011
Although the majority of births seemed to occur during May and June, there’s pretty much been a golden child born every month of the year so far...


Flynn Bloom

Flynn Bloom

Son of Miranda Kerr and Lord of the Rings elf Orlando Bloom - his Victoria’s Secret mother gave birth to him without a stitch of medication, and said although the labour was long and difficult, Bloom was by her side the entire time.


Winter Morgan Williams

Born to  model turned actress Gretchen Mol and director Tod Williams, Winter also has a brother named Ptolemy – the whole family lives in New York, where Gretchen is filming Boardwalk Empire.


Henry Flowers

This is the third child of Killers front man Brandon Flowers and Tana Brooke Mundkowsky. The rocker has two other sons with Tana, named Ammon and Gunner, and the pair married in Hawaii in 2005.


Waylon Albert Blackjack Jennings 

Waylon Albert Blackjack Jennings

Desperate Housewives actress Drea de Matteo gave birth to son Waylon this year. He’s her second child with singer Shooter Jennings, best known for his psychedelic and southern rock pursuits.


Agnes Lark Bettany

Born to actor parents Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany (they met while working on A beautiful Mind) – Agnes is Jennifer’s third child, and she’s stated in interviews that her and Paul plan to make many babies.


Willow Sage Hart

Born to punky pop star Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart, Willow is the subject of Pink’s Tweets often. The famous tot appeared in a photo shoot with her parents one week after being born, and pretty much slept through the whole thing.


Arthur Saint

This is Selma Blair and fashion designer Jason Bleicks’ first child and they’re said to be ecstatic. The name generated a lot of interest as Arthur is notably popular in Britain as opposed to America, and there’s not much explanation as to the Saint part.


Haven Garner

Jessica Alba gave birth to daughter Haven Garner this year. It’s her second child with producer husband Cash Warren, and they already have a daughter named Honor Marie. Jessica was eager to Tweet the news that Honor would be a big sister when she found out she was pregnant.

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Oct 2, 2011

Top 5 Swimming Pools of the Rich and Famous

People started getting pools as a luxury for their home after the end of World War II, prior to this, the only swimming time people used to get was in public swimming baths, lidos, or of course, in the sea. Ever since, celebrities and the rich have created their ideal pools in their back gardens.
Here are what we think are the top 5 celebrity pools.

Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion has one of the most iconic pools known in the celebrity world and has played host to some of the most famous celebrities of Hollywood. The image of the pool is never quite complete without a bow-tied playboy bunny splashing around.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone pool

As impressive as it is, what makes this pool special is the bronze "Rocky Balboa" statue at one end symbolizing one of the roles that got him to where he is now. His home in Miami is decorated in a self idolizing manner, but we'll forgive him, he's Rambo and he has styled the pool in a historical Olympian feel.

Ryan Seacrest

The "hardest working man in Hollywood" needs a place to relax after the hard work presenting American Idol and X-Factor USA, and relax he can in one of the most spectacularly simplistic pools of the celebrity world. A sleek professional look within a flourishing garden and overlooks some spectacular scenery. The perfect place to come and relax after a hard days being a celebrity.

Ralph Lauren

The legendary clothes designer's home in Jamaica is a tropical paradise topped with a beautiful pool in the middle. Reminiscent of a luxury oasis, the pool is as eloquently designed as you'd expect from one of the worlds most famous designers.

John Travolta

 John Travolta pool

The man that has played some of the biggest roles in Hollywood, and some of the fastest straight to DVD movies has no doubt been a huge success over his career spanning 35 years, which is fairly representative when you look at his home. The only problem is the pool is slightly overshadowed by having his own runway fit for his own Boeing 707 in his back garden.

There are many swimming pool companies that can make you a top quality swimming pool, but the designers of these will be a mix of interior designers, architects and xen professionals to create the perfect pool. As money is not a problem for some of these celebrities the perfect pool really is achievable.

Andy is currently working at a swimming pool pump and filters company, specialising in energy saving pool equipment, as swimming pools use a lot of energy and we don't use them too often.