Apr 30, 2007

Jessica Alba Pretends She Is A Fan

Jessica Alba and her boyfriend Cash Warren were the first-row guests at Warriors - Mavericks Game on Sunday, April 29, 2007. Jess did her best to pretend she enjoys the game but we can easily see the boredom on her face. She even took friends, Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson, in order to stay awake but it did not help! Maybe Cash Warren should consider going to the events like that by himself without torturing the poor creature.

Kristin Cavallari Probably Enlarged Her Boobs

Have you seen Kristin Cavallari's new boobs? They are just huge, maybe even bigger than Pam's (Yeah, I used to think having larger boobs than those is totally illegal)!

More Kristin Cavallari at MTV Australia VMA 07:

Emmy Rossum and Rob Schneider Equal TomKat

Shorter men became fashionable! Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are to blame but to appear in public with a short man like that looks no sexy to me. Well, I hope, Emmy Rossum won't follow Katie's example and marry Rob Schneider!

Emmy Rossum at 2007 Giffoni Hollywood Festival Awards held at Kodak Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

In the pics: Emmy Rossum and Rob Schneider; Emmy Rossum and Skyler Shaye:

Fergie's Killer Accessories

It can take hours to look all Fergie's accessories. I would never even think those thing can be worn. I thought those are some toys or smth like that!

Fergie leaving her hotel in Sydney (April 29, 2007):

Catherine Zeta-Jones Sucks .... Energy

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked as a supporting wife helping her elderly hubby Michael Douglas to host 9th Annual M. Douglas & Friends Golf Tournament. The event held at Trump National Golf Club, Calif, is to benefit the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) providing charitable health and community services to entertainment industry people in need. It will be broadcast on NBC on Sunday, June 10.

Interesting but Catherine began to look great as soon as Michael Douglas started to look too old. Maybe she is a kind of a vampire who sucks the man's energy?

Heather Locklear taking an active part almost in each M. Douglas & Friends Golf Tournament was one of the winners:

Apr 27, 2007

Pink Is Against War, Poverty, Fake Breasts and Gay Marriage

War, Poverty, Fake Breasts and Gay Marriage became Pink's Melbourne concert symbols. Alecia Moore has planned 32 shows in Australia with the closing concert on June 4, 2007. According to the singer, her Australian tour is not only thanking to her Australian fans, but also expressing her opinion. Therefore Pink's Melbourne concerts were held on the background of pics of poverty, Hurricane Katrina and gay marriage symbolyzing the singer's statement against George W. Bush. Dressed in a hot black spunky rock outfit and surrounded by sexy babes with 'fake' breasts, Pink performed her most popular songs.

Beyonce Knowles's Doll's EyeLashes

Have you ever seen that a normal person had those huge eyelashes? Me neither... I wonder, is it too hard to keep your eyes open when there's so much staff on them! And when does exactly Beyonce enjoy some rest? I am more used to seeing celebs wearing some jogging suit and hiding eyes behind sun glasses in the airports. But Beyonce Knowles seems to have some fobia that people will see her as a normal human being!

Beyonce Knowles arriving at Melbourne Airport in Australia to start her Australian tour promoting her newest album, which was released on April 3rd: