Dec 27, 2013

5 Urban Style Icons To Look Up To

If you are looking for a fresh new look then going with a bit of the urban style is a really good idea. This is a very relaxed style that is going to ensure that you are on top of the trends and look fresh in 2014. To help you create a good urban look here are five style icons you should look up to. There are icons in this list for both men and women to find inspiration for their own style.

1. Rihanna

The undisputed urban style icon for women has to be Rihanna. She is a big trendsetter that has influenced many women that have entered the music industry after her.

She is very experimental and brave with her style. She likes to mix and match her style, which is great because it keeps the look fresh. For all the brave urban women out there Ri-Ri is definitely someone to look up to.

2. Tinie Tempah

One man you should look up to if you like the urban style is Tinie Tempah. He is a British musician who has added some geeky chic trends to urban style. He has made showing off that inner geek stylish and brought a lot of fun to men’s urban style.

Fashion Beans article points out that he is very good at mixing old and new, and smart and casual. This makes his style truly ground-breaking and fresh. You can’t really ever guess what he is going to wear to awards shows or gigs but you know there will always be something exciting in his style.

3. Pink

For people who love to add a bit of rock ‘n roll to their look Pink is the perfect style icon to follow. Her style has changed a lot over the years and it feels like she has finally hit upon the right type of combination between bold pieces and normal pieces.

Just like her music, Pink’s style is very much out there and really shows that she doesn’t care what you think. She is still good at showing a softer and more feminine side and is a good role model for all women out there.

4. Nick Grimshaw

Another good urban style icon for men is Nick Grimshaw. This radio celebrity who now also appears on TV has had a great influence in adding some gentleman-like style to the urban trends.

He is great at looking really gentleman-like while still adding bold colours and patterns to his look. He is a lot of fun to watch if you are into fashion and there are many tips that you can take for your own everyday look.

5. Rita Ora

A new urban style icon is Rita Ora. Her style could closely be associated to that of Rihanna’s but there are some subtle differences. This was especially seen at the start when miss Ora hit the scene and was much more street.

The thing about Rita Ora’s style is that it often mixes some boyish trends in and is a really good combination of feminine and masculine styles.

Doris loves to follow fashion and she is always hunting for new ideas from UK-based urban clothing websites. When she isn’t browsing fashion blogs for new ideas she likes to go to gigs with her friends.

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