Nov 3, 2012

10 Impressive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings symbolize the great love between a man and a woman. It shows that the person has already found someone whom he or she intends to marry and spend forever with. It is for this very special reason that engagement rings need to be beautifully designed.

High-caliber celebrities have the means of buying expensive engagement rings to profess their intentions of marrying their partners. To give you an idea on how much they are willing to spend and what their designs are, Brilliance provides this infographic about the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings. It has details of which celebrities received these rings and their cost and there are even some bits of trivia about the equivalent of each ring if their value were to be spent for more common things. And if you want to buy a ring that is similar to any of these celebrities, Brilliance offers them at a lower price.


Nov 2, 2012

Top Earning Dead Celebrities of 2012

Some dead celebrities continue to cash in on their fame post-mortem. Despite passing away, their business portfolios and past accolades collect revenue at impressive rates – deceased benefactors to their heirs and business partners. Rich in life and in death, these are the celebs that have raked in the most royalties this year.

Forbes List of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

  1. Elizabeth Taylor: Taylor tops this year’s list of top-earning dead celebrities with $210 million dollars in cold hard cash. The actress, who passed away at 79 years of age in 2011 due to heart failure, has Christie’s to thank for her number one spot on the Forbes list. The jeweller is responsible for the record-breaking sale of the late movie star’s jewellery and art; an event which brought in $184 million dollars of the total sum recorded above. Her estate, which has set up her remaining relatives financially for life, will now turn its attention to exploiting her iconic image for more money – an activity that holds a lot of potential for profit thanks to Taylor’s embodiment of old-Hollywood glamour.  
  2. Michael Jackson: His rumoured financial troubles prior to his death have certainly been waylaid as the king of pop earns himself a new title: music’s post-mortem cash king. Bringing in the equivalent of $145 dollars in 2012, the deceased Jackson has managed to earn more money in single year than any living artist can claim.
  3. Elvis Presley: Rock n Roll Royalty Elvis Presley’s royalties remain staggering at $55 million dollars this year. Presley celebrates his 35th anniversary since his death in 1977 with what some have called ‘flat earnings’ due to the closure of his Viva Elvis show in Las Vegas and the auctioning of his Graceland mansion to billionaire Leon Black.
  4. Charles Schulz: Famous cartoonist Charles Schulz holds his own amongst this posse of top-earning dead celebrities with an impressive haul of $37 million dollars in the past 12 months alone. The creative genius behind the Peanuts comic strip died in 2000 from aggressive colon cancer at the ripe old age of 77, an end which hasn’t slowed down the earnings of Charlie Brown in any way, shape or form. The Peanuts protagonist and his gang are as hot as ever 67 years since their first comic debut, with Fox even announcing that a Peanuts movie is in the works from the makers of Ice Age.
  5. Bob Marley: He didn’t manage to beat the popularity of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, but the king of reggae certainly made the list of top-earning dead celebrities by earning $17 million dollars this past year. Not considered a pioneer of commercial ventures in life, Bob Marley has managed to become one of the most diversified businessmen from beyond the grave.  Despite his tragic death at the young age of 36 in 1981, Marley’s albums have continued to sell at a rapid rate, recently hitting the 75 million mark. Besides albums, Bob Marley’s business portfolio consists of a variety of other acquisitions, most recent additions including a beverage company and a production house of eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that death has had no hold on the finances of these celebrities, each earning more in the past 12 months than their living counterparst. Whether they’re truly resting in peace or busy as ever in a heavenly boardroom could be debated. One thing is clear; the above named dead celebrities are the richest they’ve ever been – perhaps one of the only positive outcomes that can be derived from their passing. 

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Secrets Which Define The Beauty Of Hollywood Stars

It is often said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Perception about what is beautiful differs in each one of us. While that is true, there are some common factors that make a person or place or thing look beautiful to most people. When talking about beautiful people, most of us immediately think of Hollywood stars. What is it that makes them look beautiful to such a large number of people? The secret behind the beauty of Hollywood stars is that they play up their best accents and allow them to overshadow the flaws. But there are a few things that most of them have in common.

A Winning Smile:

You will never find a beautiful person with a yellow smile. Their teeth are always sparkling white. Like the rest of your body, your teeth also bear the brunt of aging and discoloration. However, a simple thing like bleaching your teeth can bring the shine and sparkle back into them. The best part is that you can now do it yourself at home with any of the various cosmetic teeth whitening kits available at most drug stores.

Gleaming Skin:

It makes news when a star is spotted with a zit. Gleaming skin is as essential in looking beautiful as white teeth. Face scrubs, masks, peels – there is a solution to every skin problem that you may face. Applying these on a regular basis helps in keeping your skin blemish free and looking young. There are many lotions available, which give your skin that ethereal sheen which glows. 

The Bronzed Look:

There is something about that tanned bronze look that just makes you look stunning. Sun tanning and tanning beds can age your skin faster. The answer is using a sunless tan lotion or going in for a custom airbrush at your salon. There are good quality lotions available that you can apply at home, although care must be taken to follow the instructions given with them. You also need to follow the guidelines for sunless tanning to retain the tan for a longer period of time.

Hands and feet:

A look at the stars will show you well groomed hands and feet. A manicure and pedicure is a must and it can either be availed at the salon or can be done at home. Make sure that all the dead skin is scrubbed off with a good pumice stone. Nails should be well groomed. Make sure to apply a cuticle lotion on your hands and feet. If you use nail polish, be sure to use a topcoat daily. Apply lotion to the hands and feet every night to prevent them from looking dry.

Young Skin:

To keep your skin looking young, you need to protect it from the elements and pollution. Sun protection lotions, large dark glasses and hats go a long way in protecting your face. Exfoliating your skin regularly, applying moisturizers, lotions, night cream for the face and eyes go a long way in helping keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Beautiful Tresses:

Hair needs to look healthy and shiny for you to look beautiful. Regular trimming helps keep the hair in shape. Shampooing and conditioning your hair should be part of your regular grooming routine.

In addition to the above it is important to exercise regularly, watch your diet and drink lots and lots of water. A healthy inside promotes a healthy outside. Hollywood stars are born just like us – they just take care of themselves and in the process look beautiful.

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