May 31, 2011

Guests on The Big Bang Theory: Where Is That Person From?

Guests on The Big Bang Theory

Premiering in the fall of 2007, The Big Bang Theory features a ton of familiar faces. Principals Johnny Galecki and Melissa Gilbert were the on-again, off-again high school romance on the sitcom Roseanne. You may also recognize Jim Parsons from his bizarre 2003 Quiznos commercial or Mayim Bialik of Blossom fame.

What about the cameos and guest stars? If you are frequently left asking "Who is that guy?" or "What else was she on?", you're not alone. Here's the lowdown on those faces you can't quite place.

Stan Lee

Considered a God in the comic world, Stan Lee has been around before the pretentious phrase 'graphic novel' came into modern parlance. However familiar you are with his work, you may not be acquainted with his face. Lee appeared on season three, episode 16 entitled The Excelsior Acquisition. Sheldon is rabid to see him at an appearance in a comic book store, only to be stymied by a traffic court appearance and being subsequently thrown in jail.

Brian George

Does Raj's dad look familiar? He should. The actor, Brian George, portrayed the restaurant owner Babu Bhatt on Seinfeld. His voice is much better traveled, having been used on movies and video games galore. The list is as long as your arm and includes such projects as Baldur's Gate, Everquest II, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Katee Sackhoff

Named one of the sexiest women of sci-fi by yours truly, Katee is better known for her role as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace in Battlestar Galactica. Appearing in Howard's masturbatory fantasies, she counsels him about dating and relationships with a sharp wit and perfect comedic delivery. Don't let the big hair fool you, it's Starbuck! If you watch TV out of order using DVR or TiVo technology, you may also be recognizing her from the series 24 where she plays Dana Walsh.

Wil Wheaton

Considering Star Trek: The Next Generation wrapped 17 years ago, you may be struggling to recognize thirty-something Wil Wheaton as the simpering Mary Sue character Wesley Crusher. Wheaton also portrayed Gordie LaChance in the 1986 coming-of-age tearjerker Stand By Me. Still not ringing a bell? He also did two independent films: The Good Things, and Jane White is Sick and Twisted. Oh yeah, he's that guy!

Summer Glau

If you're not a hardcore Joss Whedon fanatic, you may not instantly recognize her as River Tam from Firefly and Serenity. She also appeared on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as the cyborg terminator Cameron. She plays herself on The Big Bang Theory, but was criticized for being too machine-like. That's called a nod, folks. Winking is too obvious.

Laurie Metcalf

Sheldon's religious mother looks so familiar. She portrayed Aunt Jackie, Roseanne's sister, on Roseanne. She has also lent her voice to all three Toy Story movies. She has won three Emmys and been nominated for a SAG Award, a Tony, and a Golden Globe in addition to making plenty of cameos in award-winning series such as Grey's Anatomy, Monk, Desperate Housewives, and Frasier.

Christine Baranski

Leonard's mom is played by Juliard-trained actress Christine Baranski. Her resume starts at 1980 and is jam-packed every year since, but you probably remember her most for her sexy, all-business portrayal of Katherine Archer in The Birdcage opposite Robin Williams. She also depicted Mary Sunshine in Chicago.

While these actors and actresses gracing The Big Bang Theory are all working quite often, their roles may not immediately jump out at you. With the show being confirmed for the next three seasons, I'm looking forward to more fun, off-beat cameos by unexpected performers. When are they going to call Weird Al?

Matthew Warren works for the geek-centric t-shirt site Gump Tees which feature The Big Bang Theory Shirts among other nerdy themes.

May 27, 2011

Arnold's Upcoming Projects Canceled, New Outlets on the Horizon

Arnold Schwarzenegger project canceled

After publicly confessing his over-ten-year-old affair and subsequent love child with a housekeeper, Schwarzenegger announced that he would be putting all of his future movie and entertainment projects on hold.

In the wake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent scandal, it initially seemed that all of the superstar’s future prospects had been put to rest. After publicly confessing his over-ten-year-old affair and subsequent love child with a housekeeper, Schwarzenegger announced that he would be putting all of his future movie and entertainment projects on hold.

Which means, of course, that those who were hoping to see the star of ‘The Terminator’ in the Oscar-baiting horse film ‘Cry Macho’ will have to wait indefinitely. Many pretentious movie critics were crushed by the news, as they had fully expected to be moved to tears at the sight of the Austrian actor attempting to portray a character with more than one dimension.

Movie critic Mick Martin had this to say on the movie’s cancellation: “There is nothing more riveting than seeing an aging actor known only for wooden performances trying and failing to deliver something more. I was fully certain that Cry Macho would be the critics’ darling in the upcoming awards season. Sadly, now it seems that task will have to be taken up by another movie.”

Although the loss of Cry Macho is being lamented by movie critics, animation and comic book fans are crying harder over the termination of Arnold’s animated superhero franchise, The Governator. Unlike Cry Macho, the project was not canceled immediately, but took its good time slowly dying instead.

Since the project was going to include fictionalized versions of Schwarzenegger’s now-estranged family, it was first announced that the show would be re-tooled to exclude them. Later, after realizing the enormous impossibility of turning a grope-happy serial adulterer into a wholesome, lovable superhero for children, the entire project was canned.

However, all is not lost for the ten-or-so remaining die-hard fans who have yet to be put off by Schwarzenegger‘s behavior. Recently the former governor hinted that he might be trying to head in a different direction in entertainment. This was later confirmed when the actor announced he was in talks to star in a new reality show, Staying Schwarzenegger.

Tentatively planned to revolve around Schwarzenegger’s life as he comes to grips with embracing his second, secret family, the show is expected to begin airing on TLC in the fall. “It’s all about me accepting this second family that I tried to hide for so long and showing them to the world.” Schwarzenegger explained. “Even though my first family has left me, now I can get a second chance to be a father. It’s about forgiveness and second chances.”

The TLC network is no stranger to tackling controversial issues in reality TV, from the polygamist drama of Sister Wives to the child exploitation of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

TLC’s head of programming, Steve Cheskin, issued a statement in response: “We are very happy to become the home of Mr. Schwarzenegger’s new show. TLC has always been proud to present the most morally questionable content that we possible can. With this show, we hope to continue our long line of exploitative reality TV programming centered on large, unorthodox families in crisis.”

Matthew Warren is a sci-fi fan, wanna-be astronomer and a programmer by day, when not working on Things Nerds Like.

P. Diddy is Now Known as Swag

P. Diddy is Now Known as Swag

He is a rapper, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, actor and men's clothing designer and now he has a new name. Sean Combs, once known as Puff Daddy then P. Diddy and Diddy Combs, has changed his name once again to “Swag.”

Combs is only changing his name for a week to promote what he calls his comeback to the music industry. According to the Urban Dictionary “Swag” is short for swagger which refers to the way a man with sophistication might walk to attract the ladies, so it seems the perfect match for a man known for his charm and elegance.

Combs was born in 1969 and has a record of success as long as his arm. He has won three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. He is known for producing records which are not only considered some of the best and most cutting edge hip-hop stylings, but also quickly shoot up the charts to become number one hits. A record produced by Diddy is almost guaranteed to become a hit. His very name attached to a record gives it a level of cache no one else has ever known. By working with some of the finest musicians in the music industry Combs knows how to align himself with the very best talent in order to produce the very best records. He has a reputation for being hard working and earnest, and knows when a recording artists has found the perfect sound and when they still have a way to go.

Combs comes by his street credibility legitimately. He was born in Harlem but grew up in Mount Vernon, New York. He is unashamed of the fact he dropped out of Howard University without finishing his degree. The lack of a college education hardly stopped him, however. He quickly went on to found Bad Boy Records in 1993. He further legitimized his claim to the throne as the King of Entertainment with the founding of Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide. His film production company gave him a backdoor into film making, acting in film and on television. He has since worked as actor, producer, and writer.

He was the producer of Making the Band for MTV which was one of its highest rated shows. A reality television program, contestants competed for a spot in Comb's record production company where they hoped they would garner some time in the studio under his careful tutelage. The MTV program earned him even further distinction as a record producer and also a reputation as an exacting task master who expects perfection from those he works with, which is no less than he expects from himself.

Combs has also made a name for himself as a clothing designer. His fashion sense has earned him a Council of Fashion Designers of America award. It also boosted his personal network to record levels. Forbes has recently estimated his worth at nearly a half a billion dollars making him among the wealthiest people in the hip hop industry, though that is hardly all that he does.

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Media today, Ryan Giggs and Martin Luther King Jr

Ryan Giggs and reality TV celebrity Imogen Thomas

There has been a lot of media speculation surrounding premiership footballer Ryan Giggs and reality TV celebrity Imogen Thomas having an extra-marital affair. Now, I am not in any way defending people who have affairs, I think it is wrong and cowardly. But what I would like to address is how the media and social media appear to blow these events way out of proportion! To illustrate my point, let’s look at what might or might not have happened if today’s media and technology had been involved when Martin Luther King was leading the civil rights movement in America.

In 1960s America there was an intense struggle for desegregation and equality for African- Americans. One of the most important displays of unrest was the march on Washington, where Martin Luther King Jr delivered his “I have a dream” speech. King was the leader of the movement, and one of the most respected and revered black men in the USA.

However, he was alleged to have had a number of extra marital affairs, with young girls and prostitutes, there is FBI evidence from their surveillance of King to prove this, but it is now locked up until 2027. No mass uncovering of the truth came out in his lifetime and he has inspired millions of people, and has become an important historical figure in American history – described on Wikipedia as a heroic leader and a martyr. However, Could it have been different? Let’s look at what might have happened if the media and technology of today was involved.

Firstly, the FBI surveillance tapes find their way onto Wikileaks (how it got there we don’t know). This begins to start rumours on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. As the buzz online grows people around King start to hear rumours about the affair. Of course his wife already knows because the FBI has already played her the tapes, but she wouldn’t say anything to undermine the movement (this bit is true). Instead of planning his “I have dream” speech, he now has to start thinking about his approach to dealing with this controversy.

Meanwhile, journalists are desperately trying to track down the girls involved, finding one and paying $100,000 for an exclusive. This encourages other people who have had relations with King to step forward and sell their story.

Because of social media the stories are picked up and shared and of course make it onto global news channels. There is no hiding now.

This has damaged his reputation significantly, and others involved in the civil rights movement are worried that keeping him as the leader might hurt its cause; this worry is increased when enemies of the movement start accusing the Reverend of being ungodly and immoral.

Bowing down to pressure and instead of leading the march on Washington, King resigns his position as leader, apologises unreservedly and fades away from memory.

In this alternate reality, there is no speech and charismatic leader of the march. Now, we don’t know if that is how it would have happened, and we don’t know if it would have affected the civil rights movement, but what we do know is if it happened to a prominent figure fighting for a just cause today they would no doubt be crucified in a similar way (Schwarzenegger was fully aware of this). How would you judge King? And what will Ryan Giggs’ legacy be? Do you judge someone for what they did for others, or for what they did for themselves?

Matthew White is a writer and historian who also wonders what it would have been like if the Romans had washing machines and fridges.

The Future is Around us. Prophecy and Hollywood

Philip Kindred Dick

Stories entertain and sometimes they educate us as well. Think back to the days of early man when nothing was written down. Explanations of the world, stories of hunting, killing and living were told around the camp fires and this is how we created a common view of the world.

Now fast forward to the 21st century and ask yourself what makes you think and what challenges you to look at things differently? For me good science fiction does this. Not just aliens and battles but stories which look at the world in a different way and undermine what we know at the moment. And none do this better than those written Philip Kindred Dick. Who? Never heard of him? Well he wrote the stories behind Blade runner, Total recall, Minority report and more recently Paycheck.

This was a man who wrote most of his stories in the 1960’s and 70’s. How was it that his work has become so valuable whilst that of other well known Sci fi authors have become rather dated? When you read his stories they seem to be truly bound into “old America”. Huge evil corporations and governments determined to win at all costs. The look and feel is dated but what lasts are the ideas. The way he dissects alternative futures, talks about memory implants and makes you doubt what is real, this is the modern world where Sci fi lives. This is the world of the Terminator and the Matrix.

As an example let us look at Jon’s world. A simple story about a scientist working on time travel who also has a troubled son, Jon, who has visions of a better world with us but we can’t see it. These visions are getting more frequent and stronger. Meanwhile his father has finished the time travel ship and plans to go back to a period before the war to end wars and to find the scientist who discovered how to make machines that think. Back they go and they inadvertently kill the scientist and burn his research papers. Racing back to their own time they watch as a wave of altered scenarios sweeps by below them. The terrible war ends early and ends well. The world below them is better, brighter and a good world. By the time they arrive at their own time the wave of change has arrived and he realises that what his son saw in his visions was this new and better world.

Now let’s apply this idea to what is here. There are two proposals:-

  1. First you can travel back and change things.
  2. Secondly you can the future start to form around you.

Well the first point we can’t prove at the moment. But what about the second point? Can we see the future start to form around us? Think back to the tipping points of the last 30 years or so:

  1. The Berlin Wall and the fall of communism.
  2. The dot com bubble.
  3. The financial crash of 2008.

These were manmade problems. They were routed within us and surely there must have been people who started to see the premonitions and the signs. Maybe they didn’t recognize them for what they were and maybe even now there are intimations all around us if we could but remove our blinkers.

To me Philip K Dick saw the future. Whether or not he recognized his gift what we wrote was remarkably prescient and it lives with us now.

Article written by Mike Holly who is going on a pet friendly holiday sometime in the near future.

May 20, 2011

Season Two Of "Flex" Will Take Things To A New Level

The first season of "Funk Flex Full Throttle" was great. The cars were awesome and the show was entertaining. It was, in short, good television. Now that the schedule for the second season has come out, however, it can clearly be seen that this season will be even better.

The first season of "Funk Flex Full Throttle" was great. The cars were awesome and the show was entertaining. It was, in short, good television. Now that the schedule for the second season has come out, however, it can clearly be seen that this season will be even better. It will take the show's success to a whole new level, giving viewers even more of the things that they loved from season one and adding new thrills that will be sure to expand the audience. They are even looking to branch out into other markets by bringing people in from those markets, which is one of the main ways that the show is going to improve.

One good example of how they are trying to branch out is by bringing in Amar'e Stoudemire. He is a basketball player for the New York Knicks, a man who made New York basketball relevant again by coming in and starting the trend of big-name athletes coming to play in the city. Before he showed up, Knicks' basketball was a joke. Now, they are in the playoffs. They have added Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups. As can be imagined, Amar'e Stoudemire is admired and loved in New York because he helped to turn things around. By bringing him on the show, Flex is looking to attract basketball fans who love what Amar'e Stoudemire has done.

Similarly, the show is going to be bringing in 50 Cent. He is a recording artists with millions of fans. He has been in movies, expanding his exposure. He is someone people will recognize and admire. Just like Amar'e Stoudemire, he has his own fans who will watch the show just because he is on it. The hope, of course, is that he will draw people in who will then keep watching the show when he is not on it anymore.

As if bringing in those two people were not enough, Flex has also proclaimed that a Ford Mustang will be on the show, a car that will, after it is upgraded, be added to a racing video game. This is a brilliant move. It attracts yet another market: That of the young gamer. Many people who do not care about rap music and basketball still love to play games. If they have a chance to see one of the future video game cars being designed in real life, they will take it at once.

All in all, it looks like the show is going to move up from its already great levels and become even better in the second season. The big-name celebrities who are coming on will provide interesting insights. The video game Mustang will be very cool since so many video game cars are not real but are just designed on computers. The show has gained some popularity, and these moves will make it more entertaining for the people who are already watching and give it some exposure to those people who have not discovered it yet.

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May 19, 2011

Celebrity Eyewear Lines

Now, fashionistas of the world may take the celebrity style and incorporate the latest eyewear fashions into their own wardrobe. Celebrities are giving their customers a chance to shine and create their own celebrity image.

Celebrities are appearing in industry magazines everywhere making a bold fashion statement in their designer eyewear. The trend is becoming so popular that several celebrities are making their own designer lines to share with their fans and other consumers. Now, fashionistas of the world may take the celebrity style and incorporate the latest eyewear fashions into their own wardrobe. Celebrities are giving their customers a chance to shine and create their own celebrity image.

The Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins glasses

Who does not love the Olsen twins? They have launched a brand new eyewear line this year to celebrate the fashionistas of the world. The line will be presented in conjunction with their Elizabeth and James label. If you have bad eyesight and do not want to have Lasik surgery or wear contacts, the Olsen Twins know how to make glasses really chic and stylish.

The Olsen’s line has more than 13 different styles and the prices are fairly reasonable. They range between $155 and $265 retail. Most of the silhouettes are modern with very clean lines. Clients that need eyewear will appreciate the new line offered by these sisters.

Justin Timberlake

Olsen Twins glasses

Justin Timberlake is another celebrity that has released a new line of eyewear, William Rast. This pop singer and actor is “bringin’ sexy back” to eyewear designs. Justin Timberlake has a wide array of glasses and he himself sports his own unique design. Justin is often seen wearing thick-rimmed, bold, yet sophisticated glasses in numerous celebrity photos.

He is not the only one bringin’ sexy back with glasses. Chris Brown, Johnny Depp, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Faith Hill and Joe Jonas also join him. Glasses are the new and happening thing to do these days. The new and affordable line is scheduled to release some time in 2011. The signature glasses are only $12.71.

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb has been wearing glasses since she became a star. Her eyewear was always a distinguishing part of her character. In 2009, she launched Lisa Loeb Eyewear. Her designers create everything from everyday designer eyewear to Ray Ban type “Sandalwood” glasses. Her glasses make clients feel confident about wearing glasses rather than embarrassed.

From high school students to professionals in the work force, the Lisa Loeb line has glasses that will help people look good and non-nerdy. Though, nerdy is a look that many celebrities are embracing, currently. She puts a lot of thought into her designs. Now, she even offers the “Wishing Heart” frames. These frames are more playful with neat and colorful patterns. Some of these patterns include tortoise shell, turquoise, lavender and lemon ice.

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson has changed his demographic to make eyewear more stylish and comfortable for the larger man. He partnered with Zyloware to create his new line of eyewear. Randy Jackson always sports his bold new eyewear on American Idol and does not appear nerdy while doing so. The new line is both affordable and trendy.

Sara Roberts writes for Just Eyewear, a discount eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses online retailer.

May 18, 2011

Whatever Happened to Laurence Llewellyn Bowen

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen

We all remember the hit TV show ‘Changing Rooms’ which saw Laurence Llewellyn Bowen go into lucky viewers homes and completely renovate their usual deco and style. Everything from lavish, purple, velvet curtains to full on lime green bed spreads, Laurence never let up on his whacky styles and bubberling charisma.

We all remember the hit TV show ‘Changing Rooms’ which saw Laurence Llewellyn Bowen go into lucky viewers homes and completely renovate their usual deco and style. Everything from lavish, purple, velvet curtains to full on lime green bed spreads, Laurence never let up on his whacky styles and bubberling charisma.

The frilly cuffed, interior designer was born in Kensington, London in 1965 and studied Fine Art at the University of Arts London. Mr Llewellyn Bowen started his dazzling TV career in 1996, when apparently his wife Jackie who was an author heard from her agent that the BBC we’re looking for a young, talented interior designer to make a house renovation programme with. Hey presto...within a few months Laurence became the sensational TV hit we now still see on our screens today. His eccentric style both in his personal fashion and interior design, are what have made him a household name for many years now. Although Changing Rooms sadly went off the air, Laurence is still a much loved TV personality and still appears in many things all over the media.

Memorable shows saw Laurence and the Changing Rooms team turn a little old ladies front room in Manchester, into a medieval banquet hall. The lucky viewer, Rose Smith had a very boring and drab living room with brown curtains, a old grey 2 seater sofa, weird 80’s patterned carpet, lots of dusty nic-naks on the aging mantel piece and to top it off...a chair of teddy bears and dolls all stacked up in the corner! On recommendations from the Old ladies daughter who rang the show, Mr Llewellyn Bowen waved his magical hand and transformed the run down interior disaster into a beautiful, rustic, warm and much more comfortable and alluring living room. The Changing room team also installed a ceiling fan, as Rose often found it near impossible to spend a summers evenings in her own living room due to the stuffiness and humidity. However with the ultra slick ceiling fan, with turbo advance settings that the team installed, she’ll be able to relax in her new medieval paradise to her heart’s content, no matter what the weather.

People often ask the Changing Rooms team how they get the room makeovers done so uber well as having many pairs of hands to help them whip up these heavenly room ideas, the team also use things such as dehumidifiers and portable air conditioning systems so that paint drys quicker, rooms are more aerated and wall prints have less chance of smudging or spoiling.

Why not take a leaf out of the Changing Rooms book and revitalise your home for the summer. Not only will you feel happier with your new surroundings with such tools as dehumidifiers on the market you can also save a lot of time so making simple changes to a room, as in a new coat of paint, won’t take the whole of your weekend up. Plus we can all learn something from the big man himself...go for a whacky or eccentric colour and style that you usually wouldn’t go for, because as they say a change is as good as a break!

Maria is a shameless promoter of dehumidifiers and ceiling fans, and loves all things interior design!

Online Fan Engagement

Online Fan Engagement

Love to hook up your fans online? Everybody loves music. It is part of the totality of a human being. People are now crazy following some updates of their favorite music from their favorite singers and bands. If you are dying on searching for some ways to have direct and easier access to your fans, engage online.

People are innate music lover. They are born to be that way. Music has evolved from generations to generation. It is the emotional outlet of the people. Expressing someone’s feeling creatively through the rhythm of sound with words is widely known as music art. It comes in variety of forms and genres. Through this art, musical bands exist and are very active especially this modern generation.

Musical bands have their different influence on the lives of the people, especially with the teen-agers. If you have observed that majority of the fans in almost all musical bands are the young people. These fans are the blood of the musicians. Bands and other artists exist in their fields because of their fans. Since the modernity of the world wholly depends on the internet, bands should adapt to this trend. You should get in touch with your customers or the fans in the internet.

There are many ways on engaging your fans online. But you should consider providing some motivations to activate their curiosity to visit your web-page. There are lots of attention competitors online. So motivations are the best thing to lead your fans to the bands web-page. The most traditional way of promoting the bands’ web-page is through advertising it during some television appearances. But some people are less motivated in merely mentioning the web-page. You should give some valuable and interesting reasons on why visit the bands’ online page. Giving free music downloads of some of the hottest songs is one of the most effective motivations.

Engaging the band in some social networking sites will give more access to your fans. It is the most effective way of getting your fans online. Social networking sites are the portal to the vast streams of fans. This will give easier access to the whole world. People will be aware of your band. Your fans love to be updated with the bands gigs and photos. They also love to subscribe to some personal event of your life. This will allow direct communication of the artist and their fans. It is easier to promote the upcoming events of the band. This will surely hook up the fans and get them updated about their favorite bands.

Online access of the bands and their fans will create stronger connections. This will guarantee also that the bands will gain more public exposure and recognition. This will expand their promotional territory and be updated with modern trend to be incorporated in their music.

An article is written by music fan who tries to test computer speed and make this world better.

Real Life Peter Pans

Though not recognized as an actual disease or psychological disorder by the World Health Organization, Peter Pan Syndrome (also known as the Peter Pan complex) describes a person that fails to grow up mentally. Sufferers are typically male and demonstrate immature behaviors on a regular basis. They tend to lack the emotional maturity to handle adult situations and as a result, act out in inappropriate ways.


Real people suffer from this syndrome largely due to a sheltered or traumatic upbringing. These individuals act much younger than they are, participate in foolish or adolescent behavior and even dress too young for their age, long past their 30s and into the rest of adulthood. Parents who are overprotective could create children that grow up to have this syndrome because they never develop the tools needed to deal with life as an adult.


Though Peter Pan Syndrome affects men and women, it's more prevalent in men. It is characterized by a lack of personal responsibility in all areas, an inability to keep promises or commitments, narcissism and vanity and extreme self-esteem issues. Sufferers may appear cocky like a stuck up teenager, but inside, they are usually injured emotionally and doubt themselves often.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was probably one of the most famous sufferers of Peter Pan Syndrome. He even admitted that he wanted to be like Peter Pan because he stayed young forever. Jackson grew up in the spotlight and was denied a normal childhood. In an effort to make up for this, he lived on a ranch called Neverland and acted like a kid most of the time. However, his continuous desire to be around kids (because he supposedly felt like one himself) led to speculation and allegations regarding child abuse.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears childish

Another person thought to have Peter Pan Syndrome is Britney Spears. She also grew up in the public eye and didn't experience a normal childhood. Once she reached adulthood, she'd known a life only of no responsibility. Then, she had children and seemingly the world fell down around her. The infamous head shaving incident was just one in a long line of issues for the singer. With attentive care, however, as of 2011, she seems to be doing much better in terms of coping with life's challenges.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce was a child star on the popular TV show, The Partridge Family in the 1960's. He was the outspoken, lovable child on the show, but once he grew up, his antics were no longer so cute. Everything from drug and alcohol abuse to domestic disturbances has plagued his life since then. He has failed to take responsibility for his actions much of the time and even though he exudes a cocky attitude, he likely suffers from severely low self-confidence.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan childish

Lindsay Lohan was also a child star—a common theme among famous Peter Pan Syndrome sufferers. She's just emerged into adulthood recently but it's generally difficult to tell considering the great number of stunts she's pulled. She's been in and out of rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. She's been arrested for DUI, gone to jail and even was accused of stealing jewelry. There's seemingly no end in sight for her hard partying and continual run-ins with the law.

All of these celebrities exhibit or exhibited clear signs of Peter Pan Syndrome. For the most part, it seems to be rooted in an abnormal upbringing that did not prepare them for the standard demands and responsibilities of life. Only they know that for sure, but one thing is for certain: this condition is not attractive and results in irresponsible, unappealing behavior fit only for children.

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The Best Way to Get Celebrities to Endorse Your Product

Celebrity promote

Flipping through the pages of a supermarket glamour magazine you will find smeared across countless high-gloss pages the universally recognizable faces of stars like Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt. These celebrities endorse numerous products, and studies show that the millions of dollars paid to these stars annually to sell new and established products return an enormous profit.

So how does a small business with a great portfolio of products and services land top celebrities as sponsors while also accumulating the sales revenue to afford such representation and reap the rewards of increased sales?

Getting Inside the Consumer Brain

On the mind of the consumer, which the business community should always be focused on, Peter Drucker famously observed, “Customers pay only for what is of use to them and gives them value.” His years of study and analysis have exposed the flaws and dependencies of business systems.

In order to deliver a product, the essential process components must be well understood and measured in order to supply exactly what the customer wants. To maintain sustainable growth and come to solid agreements with business partners, contracts are required. A contract or agreement represents the sources and constraints that link all the components of a business process into a high-functioning system.

Contract Software to Help Smooth the Process

A best practice that is followed by premier companies and those with celebrity sponsorship is the effective use of contract management software to create, manage, store, retrieve, report and execute contracts.

Contract software benefits are not about an application manufacturer, but more about what the business is willing to achieve for the investment it is about to make. A business with a strong product or service offering will require a product that will reduce errors in contract execution, approvals and litigation to near zero occurrences. The absence of these occurrences as measured in the system will proportionately reduce overhead costs.

Profiling the business and the sources of input, the contract software will measure the value of contracts from inception to completion so that potential profits and liabilities are clearly understood. Under this management model, a clearer picture related to business performance can be articulated and corrections made in order to achieve business goals.

Contract software systems supply a more a solid structure around agreement language to reduce risk. Rather than maverick language created on the fly between the business and suppliers or other parties, language in the contract application is reviewed by a legal team. As each new agreement is executed, the audited and approved paragraphs and content are reused in each new segment and with this approach a reliable mitigation strategy is executed.

Celebrities sell products, and products are built by processes and contracts managed by software that produces the right results.

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May 14, 2011

Glee – The Movie

Glee Movie

In what will surely be earth shattering news to ‘Gleeks’ everywhere, the hit Fox series ‘Glee’ will be released as a 3-D film for two weeks this summer.

‘Gleeks’ are what rabid fanatics and supporters of the show call themselves. The film is called “Glee Live! In Concert!” and will feature the cast and crew backstage as they travel around the country performing their live stage production. The 3-D film will be directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who directed ‘Fame’ and will be released on August 12.

Among the cast members scheduled to perform are Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Mark Salling, Naya Rivera, Dianna Agron, Heather Morris, Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum, Jr., and Darren Criss. Ashley Fink and members of the Warblers are also expected to make an appearance in the 3-D ‘Glee’ film. So far it is unclear if series stars Jane Lynch, the arch nemesis of the ‘Glee’ club and Matthew Morrison, its supporter, will appear.

‘Glee’ has been a hit show for the Fox network since its debut in 2009. It tells the story of a high school glee club called ‘New Directions’ that is competing on the show choir circuit. Each episode features several musical numbers with cast members singing songs from a number of notable performers such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Billy Joel and Madonna. The cast also re-enacted the hit cult musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” which brought them even more critical acclaim.

The show has been a hit with the teenage demographic and parents whose children perform with their high school show choir. It has spurred discussions about fitting in, peer pressure and doing what you enjoy without worrying about what other people think about you. The show has caused a resurgence of interest in show choirs and glee clubs around the country with more students than ever signing up for after school music programs, looking to expand their repertoire of songs and pursue their musical dreams.

‘Glee’ has also been a big hit with television critics. Normally very fickle about what they like and what they do not like, the critics pretty much agreed the first season of ‘Glee’ was unlike anything they had seen before and they liked it. Season two met with a slightly less enthusiastic response from critics who quickly tired of the bubble gum song choices and simple stories. They predicted a serious decline in viewers over the course of the season but so far viewership has stayed strong. In fact, it has even grown slightly a good sign they are doing something right.

There is also no denying the commercial success of the ‘Glee’ commercial albums, with songs actually performed by the cast members. They have now sold more than 21 million singles and nine million albums. There is also a ‘Glee’ karaoke game for the Nintendo Wii, DVD and Blu-Ray releases, a young adult series of books based on the show and an iPad app. The albums are released through the iTunes store the same week the show airs. The albums are released through Columbia Records.

‘Glee’ is definitely a juggernaut that just keeps making money for the producers. Whether or not this summer’s 3-D film is good is almost an after thought. As long as it exists, ‘Gleeks’ will flock to it and it will make money. At least it will this season.

This article was written by a Virtual Assistant and a Gleek. To find out about Virtual Assistants, visit our website and find out more!

May 13, 2011

Gunter Sachs Remembered

Gunter Sachs

Farewell to Gunter Sachs, playboy, photographer, philanthropist and legend.

Born on the 14th November 1932 Gunter Sachs spent his early days of privilege in a Germany which was changing beyond all recognition as the Nazi party came to power. His father knew both Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goring and was an honoury member of the SS.Sadly his father shot himself in 1958 and Gunter then inherited the family fortune. Tragically in the same year that his father died he also lost his first wife, Anne-Marie Faure to a failed medical operation.

His early training was as an economist and mathematician but as he later said he never worked one day. His moved to St Tropez and assumed the life of a playboy. Although to be fair this was not a term he favoured and preferred to be called a gentleman. It was here in May of 1966 that he met Brigitte Bardot who was to become his second wife. The attraction was immediate and the next day he hired a helicopter to drop over a thousand red roses onto La Madrague, her St Tropez house. They were married in Las Vegas by a ceremony which took just eight minutes. For the honeymoon they went to Tahiti where they met Salvador Dali as well as Charles de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou. Other guests included Princess Grace of Monaco and the Shah of Iran.

Unfortunately the marriage did not last. Plagued by infidelities on both sides they divorced in 1969. His third marriage was to the Swedish model Mirja Larsson.

On Saturday 7th May 2011 Gunter Sachs shot himself in the head. He was staying at his chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. His message was

"The loss of mental control over my life was an undignified condition, which I decided to counter decisively".

So how will we remember him this icon of the 60's? For me it will be this man who seemed to be able to transcend national boundaries and identities. In a time when our holidays were by a cold beach at Blackpool this was someone who could jet off to Tahiti and places which we could only dream about. This was a man who could write his own rules and could marry the most beautiful girl in the world. Yes there is jealousy aplenty around and maybe it is wrong that one man can inherit such wealth but in a world which was in the middle of the cold war then surely here was someone to brighten the news.

What will he be remembered for? Probably having the 13th turn of the St. Moritz Olympic bob sleigh run named after him.

Article written in remembrance by Mike Holly who lives in the peace and tranquility around Hexham in Northumberland which is a million miles from the world of the rich and powerful.

Titanium Rings for William and Kate

Titanium Rings for William and Kate

The public obsession with William and Kate’s engagement focuses in large part on the sapphire engagement ring with its poignant history.

Some have suggested that the sapphire ring is too steeped in tragedy. Others laud William for bringing the story full circle. Public opinion has historically factored into the romantic choices of England’s rulers.

The Engagement Ring with the Highest Personal Cost

King Edward VIII gave Wallis Simpson, the love of his life, an emerald engagement ring. At almost 20 carats, the ring surely had a high price tag. However, this engagement ring also cost Edward his kingdom. Nationalist sentiment and strict mid-twentieth century mores prohibited the King of England from marrying a divorced American woman. He abdicated to marry the woman that he loved.

The Most Controversial Royal Engagement Ring

Like Edward, Prince Charles loved a woman that the public would not have accepted as his queen. Unlike Edward, he was not willing to give up his shot at the crown. Instead, he proposed to Diana Spencer and sparked a royal-wedding obsession. Of course, history revealed that their “fairytale wedding” was a short-lived fantasy, and Charles’s love for Camilla Bowles resurfaced with some decidedly unsavory publicity. Following divorces, Diana’s death and decades of shifting attitudes, Charles presented Camilla with an emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a platinum band.

The Engagement Ring that Closed the Circle

Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring represents to the world a sentimental link to the romantic and tragic story of William’s mother, Diana. However, the ring also represents a paradigm shift in royal romance. Like Wallis and Camilla, Kate was originally seen as an unsuitable match for the future King of England. Although their relationship went through some travails, in the end, William and Kate’s love prevailed. Nobody abdicated; nobody hid in the shadows. Their engagement ring closes the circle with the true romance of love winning out over palace politics.

Some have suggested that the best representation of the way William and Kate have transcended the restrictions of royal weddings would be with titanium tension set rings, with their stones seeming to float unbound at the center of the setting. While the nature of the sapphire engagement ring most likely precludes a titanium wedding band, such a band would in fact be an apt representation of their story. Titanium is strong, yet flexible. It is non-corrosive. Titanium inlay rings would allow them to design bands that reflected their unique personalities.

In the end, however, no matter what jewelry this royal couple wears, they have changed the history of royal love. They have brought the world to a place where the opinions and controversies have little impact on their choices of jewelry or partner.

Jessica writes about a wide variety of topics. She especially enjoys writing about rings. You can learn more about titanium wedding band at

May 11, 2011

Why Celebs Need VIP Protection

Celebs VIP Protection

Here are just a couple of reasons why having a chauffeur drive and bodyguards surrounding you are vital.

Have you always wondered why celebrities are constantly surrounded by VIP protection of the highest standard? You may not see it constantly, but there are actually a herd of loonies in this world and they are just waiting for a young, fresh celebrity to ditch the large, black SUV's and half a dozen men in suits. The celebrity may think that they are proving their down to earth nature to their fans, but they aren't - they're showing that they're stupid. Here are just a couple of reasons why having a chauffeur drive and bodyguards surrounding you are vital.


"They just have a crush", I hear you saying. Wrong! They want to drink your blood, wear your skin and do strange tree dancing around a fire. Look into the cases of Rebecca Schaeffer or John Lennon. A stalker is insanely obsessed and will stop at nothing to be with you, and if you don't give love back, they'll get ya...


Once you become a celebrity, your body becomes valuable. Nobody kidnaps a bum at the local supermarket, unless they are a stalker in training, but a celebrity with a fat bank account is an excellent target. Not only can you fork over wads of cash, but the people you know are also rolling in money. With no bodyguards, a professional team of criminals will have you in the back of their van in no time at all.


Don't underestimate this group. Crazed fans would probably consume you whole as they work up into a frenzy. They love your look, they love your scent and all they want is to lay their hands on any part of your body. Bodyguards will spend more time protecting you from fans than actual criminals. While you're putting your signature on a poster, the bodyguards behind you form a human shield and physically fight off delusional teenagers who will tear off bits of clothes and flesh just to remember the occasion.

Slimy agents:

They are lurking in every dark corner, waiting to get a piece of your pie. They'll butter you up, show you a neat 12 page contract with text too small to see with the naked eye. Once you sign, their appearance mystically changes and you immediately see the horns clearly. This wouldn’t have happened if you had just been prepared though. With VIP protection, he'll simply run into a brick wall that says: "Appointment only fool!"

Jason Acar is a Professional freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. Opting to find a service that provides a chauffeur drive while on your vacation is not only more efficient but it is also the safer way to go as every country has a different level of danger. Not only presidents and celebrities use vip protection, so if you want to secure your peace of mind this option should also be considered.

Three Films About Greed

Wall Street

There have been several fantastic films made about greed – here are three of the best ones.

Greed is the newest four letter word today (even if it’s actually five letters). With the economy failing so dramatically due to the greed of the likes of sub-prime mortgage lenders, AIG and Bernie Madoff, it’s on everybody’s mind. However, greed as a topic of conversation is not new – just taking a look at movies throughout the decades, there have been several that explicitly deal with the issue. Although greed may not be a good thing in real life, in movies it’s a great theme to explore and a great driving motivation for characters. There have been several fantastic films made about greed – here are three of the best ones.

1. c (1987) - Directed by Oliver Stone, this classic film tells the story of a stockbroker that is desperate to succeed on Wall Street. He gets involved with his personal hero, Gordon Gekko, only to be drawn into a terrible web of lies, greed and money. The movie was a hit, with actor Michael Douglas receiving an Academy Award for his depiction of the unscrupulous Gordon Gekko. Wall Street became almost an archetype, standing in for the many excesses of the 1980s. This movie will forever remain in the pop culture consciousness with the famous phrase “Greed is good,” even though Gekko never actually says this line in the movie – the actual quote is “greed, for lack of a better word, is good.” The legacy of this movie continues on today with the recently released sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Adapted from the award winning play of the same name by David Mamet, Glengarry Glen Ross deals with greed and corruption within the real estate industry. Directed by James Foley, the film covers two days in the lives of the four main characters. Each character is a real estate salesman who has just been told by corporate headquarters that every employee except for the top two salesmen is going to be fired in a week. The salesmen try to win by employing dirty and dishonest sales tactics and engaging in dishonest conduct within the office. The most famous quote from the movie, “A-B-C. Always be closing” sums up the corporate attitude perfectly. A great look at pressure driven sales tactics and what affect they have upon the public at large.

3. Citizen Kane (1941) – When thinking of movies that deal with greed, Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles, may not be the first one that comes to mind. But when you think about it, greed is at the root of Kane’s problems. Charles Foster Kane embodies greed perfectly – he starts out as a poverty stricken idealist who eventually makes it big. But once he has all the money and power he could ever want it still isn’t enough, which results in the loss of his friends, family and everything he holds dear to him.

Josh Matten is from the insurance website Click here to visit his website.

May 4, 2011

Morgan Spurlock's New Movie

Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock has a new movie coming out and advertisers hope you love it. Especially his advertisers, the ones who paid directly for the movie, frame by frame.

Spurlock, who rose to fame because of documentary, Supersize Me where he survived on nothing but McDonald’s food for an entire month, has shown he will suffer for his art. In fact, he gained nearly 30 pounds and suffered some ill health from his experience eating only McDonald’s food for a month. But his documentary was a bona fide hit and he reapt a whirlwind of good publicity as being the next big thing when it came to documentary filmmakers. Spurlock reveled in it, even scoring a hit FX reality show called 30 Days from his film.

Now Spurlock is at it again with a new movie called, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. His idea was to create a movie with only money generated by selling advertising in it. It’s called product placement and the idea is hardly new. Filmmakers have been slipping in products in return for sponsorship for almost as long as they have been making movies. Whether it was the sports car driven by the lead character, a perfume bottle strategically placed in view or a designer dress, producers have often made surreptitious deals with advertisers to get their movies funded.

Spurlock is doing pretty much the same thing, only he is taking it to the Nth degree, and letting the audience in on all the deals. In fact, the deals are not only part of his movie, they are the basis of his documentary. Explaining how product placement deals work and showing audience the entire process from start to finish is his concept and Spurlock has said he will pull no punches.

He sold the naming rights to the movie, the Pom Wonderful Presents part of the title for a cool million dollars. He made the offer to several companies before finding someone willing to risk their reputation on his movie and his judgment. You see, although Spurlock has sold just about every bit of his film to advertisers, he maintained final edit rights. So the draft of the movie everyone will see will be his. The story, is his to tell. How advertisers are made to look, whether they appear greedy or manipulative or just interested in his success, will be his to tell.

Spurlock seems unlikely to bite the hands that have fed him, but nothing is certain until the finished product is released. Maybe he will let the advertisers speak for themselves, make their own beds, so to speak. If they don’t like the way they end up on film they will only have themselves to blame, after all. This tactic would likely not work very well as advertisers are unforgiving to people who make them or their product seem bad. Especially if that person is holding a camera and a microphone.

If Spurlock intends to ever work in film again he needs to tread a fine line between shooting a documentary about product placement in films without offending the filmmakers who do it or the companies that pay them to do it. If he can pull this off he stands a good chance at coming away looking good and flexing even more movie-making muscle than when he began.

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May 3, 2011

Kate, William, and The Tacky British Tourist Trade

Prince William to his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton

Living in Scotland it’s fairly easy for me to forget that there’s a royal wedding going on, as North of the border our tourist shops are still brimming with regular Scottish tat (furry haggises, kilt towels, See You Jimmy hats, whisky flavour condoms… need I continue?). A brief visit to London for business, however, made me realise just how much of a big deal the upcoming nuptials are; for the British tourist trade.

Department stores are decked out in Union Jack flags. Mugs plastered with the faces of Prince William and his bride fight for shelf space with plates, t-shirts, and even a special ‘Fairy Tale’ edition of the famous washing up liquid. Even our little ones aren’t safe from the marketing machine with children’s toys, sweets, and Disney Princess dress up dolls all clamouring for a piece of the Royal Wedding action. There are even Kate and Wills Oyster Cards for the busy London commuter.

In the Internet age, do people really send postcards anymore? The vast number of Royal Family themed postcards crammed onto display units outside of every shop in central London would suggest so. Although I’m not sure how happy I would be to receive a disembodied Kate Middleton head through the post with “food good, weather great, wish you were here” scrawled on the back.

Even new dvd releases are subject to Wedding fever. A quick browse through the virtual shelves brings us to ‘William and Kate: The Movie’, just in time for the big day. Although most of me thinks this is ridiculous exploitation of American and Japanese tourists at it’s best, I am intrigued by the concept. To be fair, it’s probably the same part of me that used to browse gruesome websites such as as a teenager.

Many blogs have sprung up cataloguing the amount of tourist baiting collectibles, arguably the most popular being the Tumblr blog simply titled Royal Wedding Tat. I really don’t envy the job of the blogger, who must spend a vast amount of time crawling the dark corners of the internet searching for bizarre items which include Kate and Wills knitted meerkats, jellybean portraits of the couple, and £20 a box breakfast cereal, but I do appreciate the work that goes into blogs such as this for a good giggle over my lunch al desko.

I know I’m sounding like a wet blanket, but it’s not all bad. These brilliant tea-bags from Liberty London tickled me pink, and of course who can complain about having a day off from work? Perhaps in Scotland we aren’t as enamoured with the Royal Wedding - with only one application for a street party coming from Glasgow – however I can already foresee a high level of drunkenness. The wedding is at 11am on a Friday morning and already my friends and colleagues are discussing which Royal Wedding drinking games to play. You can even do it drinking the same champagne the guests will be drinking.

Some people are opting to leave the country during the bank holiday madness; I’m happy to admit that I’m one of them, although my flight isn’t until later in the evening so some Pimms and cucumber sandwiches may tempt me during the big event.

All the best to Kate and William; I think it’s great that they’re asking wedding guests to donate to charities rather than buying gifts, but I can only hope that well wishers don’t donate pieces of Royal Wedding tat.

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Fancy Dress Inspired By The Films

Fancy Dress

f you’re considering throwing a fancy dress party, consider the following themes which will give your guests enough restrictions to prevent a mental blank but which are wide enough to offer some level of freedom.

Fancy dress parties don’t happen very often within my circle of friends, however when they do I often find that I have a mental blank despite months of excellent ideas beforehand. If the party has a central theme I often find it easier to decide what to wear. If you’re considering throwing a fancy dress party, consider the following themes which will give your guests enough restrictions to prevent a mental blank but which are wide enough to offer some level of freedom. Once you’ve decided on your theme, have a look through your DVD collection for costume ideas; you never know, you might be able to pick up a cheap copy of the costume online.


Superhero parties are a great conversation starter, and luckily the costumes are readily available. Take inspiration from films and dress as the black suited Spiderman from the third film in the franchise (remember the eyeliner; the gothic girls will be lining up for you) or go for vintage style and dress up as one of the Watchmen. Turning up as Sally Jupiter (complete with victory curls) will have the geeky boys at your beck and call all evening.

Wizards and Witches

Don’t just restrict your costumes to characters from Harry Potter (as tempting as that may be) but court your inner theatre geek by dressing up as characters from Wicked. For a hit of nostalgia, dress up as half man half mouse as if you have been caught spying on one of Roald Dahl’s Witches. Another fun costume evoking early 90s cheesiness would be the three witches from Hocus Pocus; before Sarah Jessica discovered Sex and the City.

Vampires vs. Werewolves

Thanks to the Twilight series, supernatural creatures are experiencing a new level of popularity. Have a look through the new DVD releases for inspiration from the latest exploitation film. If you have a partner you could opt for a couples outfit of Bella and Edward, on the other hand if you’re looking to snare yourself a new man you could dress up as sexy Selene from 2003 hit Underworld. Boys, think more Benicio Del Toro in the Wolfman than Count Nosferatu.


If you are invited to a burlesque or vaudeville party, there are many films to choose costumes from. Chicago and Moulin Rouge provide inspiration in the way of stunning corsets, stiletto heels, and feathers. Boys, if you’re feeling daring, delve into Frank N Furter’s closet and watch 70’s classic the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You might feel slightly strange dressed up as a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania, but it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be an instant girl magnet (especially if you can do the Time Warp).

Sci Fi

For a science fiction party it would be almost too obvious for girls to come dressed as Princess Leia; even if you spend hours getting your buns just right and searching for the perfect gold bikini, it’s guaranteed someone else will have thought of it too. Be slightly more obscure; if you have the body for it, think of 7 of 9 from Star Trek or LeeLoo from the Fifth Element. The more obscure you go, the more attention you are likely to get.

Jennifer is a part of the digital blogging team at who work with a growing number of entertainment brands. For more information about me, or to keep up to date with the latest in entertainment news, check out my posts at or visit my Twitter account, @BlogsOut

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