Dec 27, 2013

5 Urban Style Icons To Look Up To

If you are looking for a fresh new look then going with a bit of the urban style is a really good idea. This is a very relaxed style that is going to ensure that you are on top of the trends and look fresh in 2014. To help you create a good urban look here are five style icons you should look up to. There are icons in this list for both men and women to find inspiration for their own style.

1. Rihanna

The undisputed urban style icon for women has to be Rihanna. She is a big trendsetter that has influenced many women that have entered the music industry after her.

She is very experimental and brave with her style. She likes to mix and match her style, which is great because it keeps the look fresh. For all the brave urban women out there Ri-Ri is definitely someone to look up to.

2. Tinie Tempah

One man you should look up to if you like the urban style is Tinie Tempah. He is a British musician who has added some geeky chic trends to urban style. He has made showing off that inner geek stylish and brought a lot of fun to men’s urban style.

Fashion Beans article points out that he is very good at mixing old and new, and smart and casual. This makes his style truly ground-breaking and fresh. You can’t really ever guess what he is going to wear to awards shows or gigs but you know there will always be something exciting in his style.

3. Pink

For people who love to add a bit of rock ‘n roll to their look Pink is the perfect style icon to follow. Her style has changed a lot over the years and it feels like she has finally hit upon the right type of combination between bold pieces and normal pieces.

Just like her music, Pink’s style is very much out there and really shows that she doesn’t care what you think. She is still good at showing a softer and more feminine side and is a good role model for all women out there.

4. Nick Grimshaw

Another good urban style icon for men is Nick Grimshaw. This radio celebrity who now also appears on TV has had a great influence in adding some gentleman-like style to the urban trends.

He is great at looking really gentleman-like while still adding bold colours and patterns to his look. He is a lot of fun to watch if you are into fashion and there are many tips that you can take for your own everyday look.

5. Rita Ora

A new urban style icon is Rita Ora. Her style could closely be associated to that of Rihanna’s but there are some subtle differences. This was especially seen at the start when miss Ora hit the scene and was much more street.

The thing about Rita Ora’s style is that it often mixes some boyish trends in and is a really good combination of feminine and masculine styles.

Doris loves to follow fashion and she is always hunting for new ideas from UK-based urban clothing websites. When she isn’t browsing fashion blogs for new ideas she likes to go to gigs with her friends.

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Nov 28, 2013

Defining Pet Popularity One Celebrity At A Time

In the modern world it’s common to have pets. It’s part of our culture. A pet brings a sense of companionship that you can’t get anywhere else since they have an unconditional love. They fill a gap or hole in your life. If an individual lives alone or if everyone is gone and you’re the only one home, then having an animal makes you feel less lonely. They help you to be less fearful of being alone. Plus, depending on the animal, they can be a source of entertainment. With so many attributes it almost seems like you can’t go wrong with owning a pet. People go out of their way to take care of their pets or to bond with their pets.

Many famous celebrities have a pet they adore. Some obsess over them more than others. But pets are someone they can trust since there are so many sick people that would use a celebrity for their popularity. Here’s a hefty list of celebrities and how they put their pets on a pedestal:

Miley Cyrus

The most dramatic woman in Hollywood right now is a dog lover. She is known for rescuing dogs and often poses with her Husky Mix Floyd.

Hugh Jackman

Being Wolverine and having such broad shoulders and sculpted muscles you’d think Hugh Jackman would have a masculine dog. But with charm and class comes expensive taste. And Hugh Jackman is owning expensive taste like Chuck Norris, with his favorite pet, Dali, a French Bulldog.

Ryan Gosling

Every woman’s dream man is even dreamer when you find out what he did for his dog. Carry him up the stairs! If he treats his dog so well you can only imagine how he would treat his women.

Sandra Bullock

The Oscar-Winning babe that has starred in numerous hit movies is known to carry around her pups Ruby, Poppy, and Bebe. It’s pretty adorable huh? She’s a really blunt and bold woman but she enjoys the innocence of her two dogs.

George Clooney

Talk about weird. George’s best bud was a potbellied pig named Max. Although, the pig died in 2006 after sharing eighteen wonderful years with Clooney. Even though George is a well-renowned bachelor he would let a potbellied pig into his bed, let along into his heart? Talk about priorities. What does that say about a woman? Nothing good can come from that! But we all have to bond with someone

Adam Sandler

This man should be known for his bulldog and not just his comedy abilities. Adam’s ring bearer at his wedding was his furry little friend Meatball the bulldog. Meatball dressed up for Adam’s wedding, donning a tuxedo. Adorable. The bulldog also had a funeral service with more than one hundred guests present.  

Why put pets on a pedestal? What is so significant about a relationship with a pet? Here a few suggestions why George Clooney would share his bed with a pig, or why Adam Sandler would have a large funeral service for Meatball.

An animal’s love is unconditional

Animals are very grateful

Your nurturing and caring side is strengthened

Emotional relationship

Gives you an opportunity to stay active

Pets lower stress rates/ make you feel calmer

Pets protect you

Animals help you to feel less lonely

Entertain you

Always there to cheer you up (unless it’s a cat)

Overall you are the only life that little or big animal knows. Their lives revolve around you and how you take care of them. We love them because they love us, even if we are flawed. They don’t care. All they know is if you love them. They may not be able to talk but they can feel. They know when their master/ friend loves and cares for them.

George Clooney enjoyed his pig because he made a strong bond with him. He looked forward to coming home to his pig. And Adam Sandler shared the same relationship with his dog Meatball. Adam just simply did what Meatball would have done if he was a human, and that his make Adam his ring-bearer. These celebrities are simply reciprocating the unconditional love their pets are giving them. They are returning the love. So don’t take your pets for granted!!! And enjoy the time you have with them! 

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Rachael Largent is a content creator who enjoys writing about animal care and putting pets on pedestals.

Nov 27, 2013

Most Successful Top Models Of 2013

1. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele can be proud of her 2 ft. tall legs as well as an inconceivable $42 million a year from modelling activities. Bündchen's main source of income is her lucrative merchandising partnerships as well as contacts with the likes of Pantene, Oral-B, Sky HDTV, and Chanel beauty.  In the future we may see the Brazilian supermodel turning her focus on business ventures, such as her eco-friendly Sejaa Pure Skin Care company.

2. Miranda Kerr

Australian beauty Miranda Kerr is known as Victoria’s Secret Angel, Orlando Bloom’s sweetheart and a budding entrepreneur too. Although her professional contract and blissful marriage recently ended, Kerr has the reputation benefits of her name and some million dollars to console her. Besides her contracts with various clothing retailers, Miranda is also massively popular in Asia and runs her own cosmetics company.

3. Adriana Lima

It is only fair for the longest-serving Victoria’s Secret Angel to hold the most lucrative modelling contract in the company. Apart from the famous lingerie retailer, Lima has seen huge earnings from collaborations with Miu Miu, Mavi Jeans and Donna Karan.

 4. Kate Moss

Yes, there is still only one Kate in London. Starting her career as Calvin Klein’s muse in early 90s, Moss has been an exemption to the golden rule of models’ short shelf life. Moss, at 39, is still the heroine of fashion chic, with contracts including Rimmel, Versace and Vogue Eyewear.

5. Liu Wen

This 25-year-old is definitely one to watch: Crowned China’s first supermodel, edgy Liu is also the first Chinese model to catwalk for Victoria’s Secret. In her long list of campaigns we meet some of the biggest names in fashion including Calvin Klein, H&M and Hugo Boss.

6. Hilary Rhoda

Rhoda owns her success to her versatile image: regular catwalk fixture for Victoria's Secret, athletic enough for Nike and high-profile muse for the likes of Ralph Lauren and Gucci. Her contract with the cosmetics giant Estée Lauder, counting already 7 years, is only expected to get more lucrative as it matures.

7. Carolyn Murphy

All-American Murphy started her modelling career in her hometown in Florida and managed to become one of the most recognizable women in the world of fashion. She is currently the host of Project Runway: All Stars, but has also inked contracts with Coach, Ann Taylor Loft and Carlo Pazolini.

8. Joan Smalls

Smalls’ career kicked off in 2010 when she was chosen to walk exclusively for Givenchy. Since then she has posed for Chanel, Lacoste, and Balenciaga and covered Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. Despite her young age, she is a newcomer to FORBES’ list of the highest-paid top models of the world.

9. Candice Swanepoel

Gorgeous Candice was first discovered in a flea market in South Africa at the tender age of 15. Her resume includes endorsements from Versace and Juicy Couture, Vogue covers, advertisements for Tommy Hilfiger and catwalks for numerous designers. However, like most “Angels”, Swanepoel’s biggest paycheck is her contract with Victoria’s Secret.

10. Lara Stone

Gap-toothed Dutch model Lara Stone is routinely opening shows for Givenchy, Prada and Marc Jacobs. Her big success story though is Calvin Klein’s “crush” with her: Lara has an exclusive deal with Calvin Klein Jeans, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Collection, appearing in ads for all three of them. 

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Katerina is an avid blogger with a real appreciation of beauty. She is currently blogging for  about hairstyles and fashion.

Nov 13, 2013

Obsessed Celebrities: How Much Surgery Is Too Much?

Plastic Surgery & Body Dysmorphic Disorder

There are some stars that just never seem to age. Then again, there are other stars whose appearances begin to look stranger, rather than younger. They may be suffering from a condition called "Body Dysmorphic Disorder," or BDD, which means “ugly body syndrome.” About 1 percent of the population in the U.S. has this disorder.

No matter now minor a perceived imperfection, the body dysmorphic insists that they are seriously defective because of it. These stars, seen by the public as the ultimate in beauty, are utterly convinced they are horribly ugly.

A recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found a 33 percent incidence of BDD in patients who ask for nose jobs. Legitimate plastic surgeons refuse any patient they feel may have this disorder, leaving the patient to find surgeons or others who are not so careful.

BDD can even become deadly. It can lead persons, mostly women, to think that they are obese, although they are not. They may diet so severely and for so long that they may literally starve to death.

The stars who underwent multiple plastic surgeries looked good before the surgeries. Most would agree that the plastic surgeries made their appearances worse. The following is a list of some of those celebrities. 

Pete Burns

Pete Burns is a British singer who, when he was younger in the early 80s, performed as the front-man for “Dead or Alive.” Burns’ experiments on his own face included hundreds procedures involving plastic surgery, permanent makeup, tattoos, injections, fillers and tissue reconstruction. He is now completely unrecognizable after 20 years of plastic surgery.

Although he is an extreme case, celebrities like Janice Dickinson, Melanie Griffith, Barry Manilow, Bruce Jenner, Joan Rivers and Carrot Top are among dozens of other celebrities who have had too much plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein 

Jocelyn Wildenstein was nicknamed by the press “The Bride of Wildenstein,” a reference to the Bride of Frankenstein. She has currently spent more than $4 million on various plastic surgeries trying to look like a lioness. She said she had the surgeries to please her husband who liked big cats.

She and her husband had a bitter divorce after a long marriage. Wildenstein received $2.5 billion in the settlement, but the judge stipulated that she could not use the money for any plastic surgeries or other related procedures.

Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku, a 48-year-old woman from South Korea, is also a BDD chasing perfection. A model and up-and-coming singer, she became obsessed with silicone injections. Her procedures have turned out disastrously. Mioku even went as far as injecting cooking oil into her own face.

Korean TV told Hang’s story and viewers donated the cost of corrective surgery. It took 10 operations to remove 60 grams of silicone, cooking oil and other substances from her face. The surgeons removed another 200 grams from her neck. Her face is more appropriate for her tiny body now, but she is still scarred for life.

Silicone injections are dangerous, but many people take the danger so lightly that they throw silicone injection parties in their homes. The attendees then have the silicone injected, sometimes by untrained persons, into their faces, necks, buttocks or other body parts. The cost is low, so people who cannot afford plastic surgery often pursue this method.

The best defense for these people are the legitimate surgeons who refuse the surgeries and law enforcement to arrest the unqualified.

Peter Wendt is a writer from Austin, Texas. He recommends his readers interested in plastic surgery to visit this website and learn more. 

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Nov 9, 2013

Holistic Health Care For Dogs

To many people, having a dog as a pet means putting out food and water, and occasionally taking him for a trot around the block.  Later, they seem surprised and outraged by enormous vet bills, and wonder if they could have done something differently to prevent the disease their pet is suffering from.  Or, perhaps they don’t wonder.

One great thing you can do for your pet is talk with your veterinarian in depth about preventing disease, and make sure you are on the same wavelength as far as a holistic approach.  You may get lucky and find a vet who believes in combining western and eastern medicine to treat your beloved pets.  Prevention is the key to wellness, but treatment of existing issues should also be looked at with an open mind.  Dogs can benefit greatly from chinese herbs, supplements, acupuncture, and acupressure.


We humans are learning more and more about preventing disease through proper nutrition and the fact is, it is the best way to keep your pets healthy too.  Ideally, you and your pets should be eating unprocessed, whole, fresh food.  Whether you decide to feed your dog a raw meat diet, a vegan diet, or something in between, the food should be good quality.  Sprinkling random kibble into a bowl every day, or opening a can of the cheapest thing you could find, is going to cost you big in the long run.

It has recently come to light that some of the ingredients in cheap commercial dog food are highly questionable.  The ingredient “meat and bone meal”, may in fact be ground up dogs and cats that have been euthanized at shelters, as well as the parts of livestock that are too nasty to even be included in hot dogs.

Depending on your dog’s current health, he may also need vitamins, probiotics, or enzymes.


It used to be that pet owners were always told that their dogs or cats needed to be vaccinated annually for a number of things.  Now we hear contradictory data about the annual booster shots.  Vaccinations are a money maker for veterinarians, so many haven’t changed their policy, but some vets say that most of the shots last years longer than originally thought, and that annual boosters will certainly result in health issues.  Many animals suffer serious side effects or allergic reactions to vaccinations.  Long term chronic diseases and health issues are often triggered by vaccinations, including arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, skin allergies, epilepsy, leukemia, and other forms of cancer.  Behavioral changes such as aggression is often noted after getting boosters.  Autoimmune disorders are being seen more and more as well as cancer in younger animals.

It’s a good idea to discuss your particular situation with your vet when decided which vaccinations your pet needs and at what age.  Puppies and kittens should not be vaccinated before they are 12 weeks old.  Their immune systems are not fully developed and can be overstressed by vaccines.  Determining factors include whether your pet will be exposed to other animals, the health of your pet, and whether he has had reactions to vaccines in the past.  If your vet suggests a booster shot for your dog, ask for a blood test to determine if there are still enough antibodies present to resist infection.

Dr. Andrew Webber is a retired veterinarian and writer who is passionate about promoting pet health and safety through his written works online.

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Oct 18, 2013

Amanda Bynes Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder And Schizophrenia

For months people have been talking about the behavior of Amanda Bynes. Her very open and outlandish Tweets that included pictures of herself, one with a caption commenting on how fat she looks. Amanda’s behavior has been a true cause for concern, and now it seems a lot of it can be explained: Ms. Bynes has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

The dual diagnosis comes as the result of Amanda’s care at the UCLA Medical Center. Her parents reportedly intervened and had Amanda committed to the psychiatric center where, based on her “concerning state of wellbeing”, doctors requested she be put on a psychiatric hold.

Private Treatment Center

Amanda has since been relocated to a private treatment center, outside of Los Angeles, for what they are calling “specialized treatment.” The recommendation came from the UCLA Medical Center staff and news sources report that Rick and Lynn Bynes issued a statement about their daughter’s recent hospitalization and why she changed treatment locations: “Amanda was stuck with people in much worse condition than her. She was scared, afraid and did not leave her immediate room area. She is getting specialized psych care, one on one treatment, not drug rehab.”

90 Days In Treatment

The plan is for Amanda to spend at least 90 days in the facility she and her family have chosen, which has not been publicly confirmed, but is said to specialize in and focus on mental health care. Most likely the program is dual diagnosis, meaning it will treat each of Amanda’s diagnoses at the same time.

She will create an individualized treatment plan, with a therapist, to address the symptoms of each disorder, to adopt coping skills and tools for each, and to heal underlying emotional pain that has kept Amanda sick. Dual diagnosis clients receive concurrent treatment for both disorders, so in Amanda’s case, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and potentially an eating disorder, will all be treated.

What is Bipolar Affective Disorder?

What used to be called manic depression is now called Bipolar Affective Disorder and comes in two forms, Bipolar I and Bipolar II. Those suffering from either type go through periods of extreme mania and extreme depression without warning of a shift, and with onset occurring in a person’s twenties.

Mania involves a persistent, elevated, and irritated mood, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, talkativeness, distractibility, increased goal-directed activity, and excessive involvement in activities that seem to be pleasurable, but that actually have a high potential for negative consequences, like drug and alcohol abuse, gambling, or unsafe sex.

Episodes Of Major Depression

The episodes of major depression include lack of interest in activities, disturbances in sleep and appetite patterns, an inability to concentrate, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, feelings of inadequacy, and suicidal thoughts.

The greatest danger of untreated Bipolar Affective Disorder is the potential for frequent suicidal thoughts and actual suicide attempts.

What is Schizophrenia?

This mental illness, categorized as a thought disorder, is chronic and is estimated to affect around 1% of the entire population with onset generally in the late teen and early adult years. Those suffering from its symptoms are said to experience hallucinations (false physical perceptions), delusions (false beliefs), inappropriate affect (illogical emotional responses), ambivalence while making decisions, poor association (difficulty connecting thoughts and ideas), inability to care for oneself, disorganized speech, a detachment from reality, poor job performance, and strained relationships.

Schizophrenics often self-medicate the symptoms with drugs and alcohol, not knowing the origin or how else to cope. The complications of the illness with cocaine, amphetamines, uppers (like MDMA or ecstasy), psychedelics (LSD, PCP, or peyote), and alcohol can lead to misdiagnosis because drug effects overlap with the disorder’s symptoms.

How Does Treatment Work for Both Disorders?

An assessment for anyone presenting for treatment helps to identify exactly where treatment efforts should be focused. If a client is found to have clinically appropriate diagnoses for Bipolar Affective Disorder and Schizophrenia, the care will include therapeutic interventions and medication management for each disorder at the same time.

If this client has also been abusing substances and engaged in the behaviors of an eating disorder (E.D.), specific treatment modalities will also be added to the treatment plan that focus on abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and E.D. behaviors.


When a client enters treatment, an assessment guides the treatment team toward a recommendation for care. The team is educated, trained, and experienced in the healing of people like Amanda Bynes, who have been suffering from one or more mental illnesses and have been self-medicating in an effort to cope and to feel better.

If you, or someone you care about, is showing signs of mental illness, substance abuse or addiction, an eating disorder, or any combination of these disorders, contact a qualified reputable treatment center.

John Lloyd works for Serenity Malibu and has a passion for helping people in addiction recovery learn more about his work at

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Oct 10, 2013

What People Think About Hair Loss

What People Think About Hair Loss

An Infographic for Hair Loss that represents valuable data from International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. The infographic is answering a lot of questions regarding hair transplant and hair loss in general. The survey questions have been answered by 595 respondents from various democraphics. The survery is trying to see how people and celebrities understand Hair and hair loss today.

The purpose of the ISHRS Hair  Transplant Challenge Survey was to gather information on attitudes towards hair loss and hair replacement and to test respondents’ ability to find out people who had a hair transplant procedure. 595 people had participated in the survey and provided responses. A sample size of 595 has a margin of error of about /- 4.0 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. Respondents were asked to provide their sex and age prior to answering questions about hair  loss and replacement. The majority of respondents were male (68.7 percent).  Respondents were most likely to be between the age of 18 to 29 (31.6 percent) or 30 to 39 years of age (23.2 percent). Over 3/4 of respondents (77.3%) were between 21 and 50 years of age.

HDC is a Hair transplant clinic with offices in UK, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Spain and Israel. It provides the latest effective hair transplant methods to patients all over the world

Oct 7, 2013

Kate Middleton. Princess And Hair Icon

Long hair makes us all feel like a princess, and with that in mind, who better to turn to for inspiration when getting that regal look and feel than our actual princess?

   Kate Middleton didn't soar her way to the crown, and into our nation's hearts for that matter, for no reason.  She has a winning smile, radiant skin and absolutely stunning hair!  She makes every girl not only want to be a beautiful, glamourous and educated princess, but also manages to make some at least really rather glad they happen to be brunettes.  Me included!

   She just emanates a subtly distinguished air, of being endowed with an innate royal character, much like her husband, Prince William's, much loved mum Princess Diana, who also boasted, for her time, some particularly beautiful blond hair.  But where Diana's hair was short and distinguished Kate's is long, full of volume and vitality. 

She has three main distinctive looks that form the basis of her becoming a hair icon,

Down and Decadent.  This is Kate's signature look.  She is well known for wearing her hair completely down, letting it fall past her shoulders to it's full, long length.  Usually parted at the centre or slightly to one side of her head her hair is given a lot of volume, rising up bouncily before falling in a stream of sleek waves and curls on either side of her face. 

Up, Down, Up Town.  Recently Kate has started to break out, or rather break up, but not in a bad way, and whilst still making the most of her lengthy hair, leaving the majority of it tumbling down in it's usual fashion, in an abundance of curls, some of it, rather than falling on either side of her lovely face, is pulled up and away from it.  Letting us all take a look at her radiant, glowing skin and genuine smile.  Still natural, but a slightly more face framing look, there is an added element of sophistication that goes into her half up, half down do that is simply stunning.

Up and Up.  Class.  Whilst our darling Duchess of Cambridge doesn't often throw all of her hair up and away from her face, every once in a while she stuns us by breaking out this flattering and fabulous style.  Often kept simple at the front, letting her face steal the attention, though when taking a slightly different angle, and looking at it from behind one can see that whilst still effortlessly stylish, actually rather a lot of effort has gone into getting that hair up!  The back is usually, more likely than not, full of delicate swirls and braids that form her feminine and elegant hairstyle.

Yet, whatever style her hair happens to be in it is always enviably glossy, sleek, shiny and well maintained.  I doubt she's ever known a split end in her life! 

    She is a princess in every sense of the word, even emerging from hospital after the birth of her baby with divine, healthy and natural looking hair.  A simple centre parting and slightly lighter ends added texture to her hair, and emphasised her typical and eternally impressive curls and waves, which were not completely groomed into existence with the birth of her baby, but were nonetheless present.  Gorgeous!

    Obviously we can't talk about Kate and her gorgeous hair without paying mention to her wedding day.  Besides the beautiful and elegant dress she was sporting her hair also looked divine.  Perhaps more dark than she usually wears it, or else appearing so in contrast to her pure white dress.  Hair pulled slightly back and away from her face but falling in very elaborate curls down passed her shoulders, her hair was kept behind them, and topped off with a tiara and long Cinderella-esque veil, allowing her hair and her dress to shine in equal measure. 

    All in all, it is safe to say that our divine Duchess is an absolute hair inspiration, pulling off any of her simplistic yet effective styles with grace and ease, it's no wonder she's a princess!

Abi Sehmi has a real love of beauty. She is currently blooging for about hairstyles.

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Oct 2, 2013

Big Brother's Lydia Scott-Lee Has Laser Eye Surgery

Lydia Scott-Lee, famed for her roles in Mammia Mia and appearing in Big Brother 13 had laser eye surgery earlier this September.

The dancer, married to Pop Idol and 3SL star Andy, had suffered with contact lenses for years, often finding them uncomfortable when dancing and swimming.

But in September she went for a free consultation at a clinic in Manchester, and just ten days later was enjoying 20/20 vision.

Recently married in June this year, Lydia said: “I heard of Freedom Vision through a friend of mine. I had contemplated it for many years but it felt like the right time to take it further has I was tired of wearing contact lenses!

“The consultation was very quick but also very thorough. I was thrilled to be able to have the treatment about a week and a half later. I wasn't nervous beforehand because I was so well informed about everything. I felt completely at ease. I was more excited than nervous.”

Scott-Lee will be most famous for appearing in Big Brother 13, where she was the fourth housemate to be evicted. She was also an extra in Mamma Mia, and has appeared in music videos by some of the industries biggest names including Kanye West and Kylie Minogue.

“The treatment lasted about ten minutes, and by the next day my vision was pretty much 85% normal, and by day two it was 100%! Now my vision is far better than when I was wearing contact lenses which is amazing. I would without doubt recommend Freedom Vision and I already have been telling all my friends and family, some of whom will be booking in for a consultation,” she continued.

Over 30 million people around the world have undergone laser eye treatments for poor vision, cataracts and numerous other visual ailments. But for Lydia it was the irritant of having to wear contact lenses and glasses that was worse, especially as a professional dancer and keen swimmer.

“Laser Eye Surgery has changed my day to day life immensely. Contact lenses/glasses can restrict activity like swimming and flying, but they can also just be a bit of an annoyance and make your eyes itchy.

“I'm so glad I made a decision to have the treatment!”

She married her partner of over five years in June in a wedding that was covered by OK! Magazine in Las Vegas.

She said: "Andy and I have always had a good relationship with OK! Magazine, they have always been very supportive of our relationship so it was only natural to have our wedding covered by people that we trust and it gave viewers of Big Brother and whoever else supports us a chance to see and hear all about our wedding. Hopefully we proved an Las Vegas wedding doesn't have to be tacky!"

Lydia is set to appear alongside side husband Andy in a production of Aladdin this Christmas at Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hertfordshire. For more information about Freedom Vision, you can visit their website.

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Arthur Wilson is a journalist from Manchester. You can follow him on twitter @Ayup_Arthur

Sep 24, 2013

Lamar Odom's Secret Crack Cocaine Use

How do we ever know what to believe in the news? Of course, a trusted news outlet is the best way to go, but even they get it wrong sometimes. How do we decipher the news versus just plain gossip that has not be verified?

The latest “news” that is being reported by Sports Illustrated’s website SI Wire is saying that Lamar Odom has been missing for three days and is assumed to be on a crack cocaine binge. SI Wire is re-reporting the story that was initially released on TMZ’s website.

Who Knew?!

Apparently Khloe Kardashian Odom has been keeping her husband’s drug problem a secret from her family, and from the rest of the world. Reports are saying that Lamar has had a problem with crack for over two years now. Does he need drug rehab? Evidently yes he does, and he already went last year, completely under the radar. According to TMZ and SI Wire, the Kardashians staged an intervention that lead to a 3-week rehab stint last August that should have lasted longer, but Lamar refused to stay. Khloe visited often, trying to encourage her husband to complete drug rehab so he can start over again.

When Lamar left rehab, the marriage experienced even more strain, to the point of Khloe having to kick Lamar out of the house recently when he refused to return to drug rehab, which he clearly needs.

His Past

Of course when a report comes out of this nature, everything from Lamar’s past is dug up. In 2001, the prob basketball player was suspended twice for drug abuse. The NBA felt Lamar was violating their drug policy, and that was that. Lamar got clean and joined the Lakers, where he won two championships.

This drug problem is not new. Did Khloe understand Lamar’s demons before she married him? It seems like he is clean during the basketball season, but then dives deeply into crack cocaine use during the off-season. What kind of marriage can you have with a man who chooses that life?

His Present

Women have come forward in recent months claiming to have been with Lamar sexually. Is this another aspect of his life that is being hidden from the public? Are the divorce rumors true; are Khloe and Lamar deciding to part ways, or is Khloe standing by the man she married, no matter what?

In true Kardashian form, Khloe’s mom, Kris Jenner has released a statement about the couple. “Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced. There's been no talk of divorce." It is hard to know what to believe. Would you have ever guessed that Lamar Odom was addicted to crack cocaine and that, after one failed attempt at drug rehab, the Kardashian clan would be trying to intervene again and get someone in their tight-knit family to stop smoking such a dangerous drug?

Their Future

Khloe and Lamar have decided not to do another season of their reality show. Has it become too hard to hid Lamar’s reality? The reason given was so that Lamar can focus on his basketball career. E!, the channel that televises all the Kardashian, Odom, and Jenner shows is still interested in Khloe, possibly in her own show.

What will happen with Lamar and with Lamar and Khloe’s marriage? Will Lamar go to drug rehab again and finally recover from his addiction? Stay tuned! There’s never a dull moment in the Kardashian’s world.

Kate Green is a quality improvement manager that strives to inspire people dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. She works for Balboa Horizons Treatment Services.

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Sep 19, 2013

Michael Jackson's Daughter Hospitalized After Slitting Wrist

The 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson has been hospitalized.

Apparently Paris Jackson slit one of her wrists and then called a suicide counseling hotline. The hotline professional called and had an ambulance sent to the family's home in Calabasas, California, a prominent part of Los Angeles.

The incident was described by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as police officers responding to "a medical situation" at 1:27am, that resulted in one patient being taken to the hospital.

A cry for help

Family members do not feel that Paris was actually attempting suicide, but they do recognize the incident as a cry for help. Paris has been having a really hard time being involved in her father's wrongful death trial. She is listed as a witness, but may not be called to actually testify. This feels like a lot of pressure to such a young girl who was traumatized enough by the untimely death of the dad she adored.


Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine, plus Paris and her brothers, Prince and Blanket, are suing AEG Live, the company they believe is responsible for the singer’s overdose death in 2009. AEG Live is the company that coordinated all of Michael Jackson’s tours. One doctor, who was hired to care for Michael on the 1993 “Dangerous” world tour, informed an AEG Live executive that, in his professional opinion, Michael was an opiate addict, in the form of injections, patches, and pills. The lawsuit now accuses AEG Live and its employees of ignoring that information and essentially turning a blind eye to MJ’s drug use.

Rehashing all of this information and having to relive the details of her dad’s death is clearly taking a toll on Paris Jackson. With the amount of stress and discomfort she and her family are enduring, it’s no wonder Paris is in need of help.

Although Paris spoke of the love she had for her father at his memorial service, it is always difficult having a relationship with an opiate addict. Is the reality of her father’s life setting in and she doesn’t know how to handle it?

Relationships with addicts

Michael Jackson never stayed sober, so essentially he was on drugs while raising his children. Any relationship with an opiate addict will not make much logical sense. Michael may have been nothing but loving to his children, but there is still a piece missing when a parent is high. Paris might be realizing just how absent her father was at times, and how he ultimately chose drugs over his own health.

Paris has reunited with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. Hopefully that relationship can help create some stability in her life as she matures into adulthood.

Reports say that Paris is participating in a residential treatment program because she is still a danger to herself. What will be next for the only daughter of Michael Jackson? How will she and her family attempt to live a life of happiness and health?

Hopefully Paris can heal from the pain of an ongoing relationship with an opiate addict, in this case her father, and from the pain caused by his death?

Balboa Horizon's Kate Green is a quality improvement manager that is passionate about helping people with their struggles against drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more by reading her post about the growing epidemic of opiate addiction and abuse.

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Sep 17, 2013

Was Michael Jackson A Drug Addict Before His Death?

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein, who treated MJ during the 1993 “Dangerous” tour, says that yes, the singer was already addicted to prescription drugs at that point. The story has surfaced because the physician is testifying in the wrongful death trial currently determining who is to blame for the singer’s untimely death.

Continuous use

Dr. Finkelstein traveled internationally with MJ and when he realized that Michael was heavily abusing opiates, mainly in the form of morphine and Demerol, he told MJ’s camp of his concern. He communicated to an AEG Live executive and to Michael’s tour manager, Paul Gongaware, who is actually now also an AEG Live executive, that in his professional opinion, Michael Jackson is a drug addict. The physician gave Michael a shot of Demerol and a 24-hour intravenous morphine drip while the crew was in Thailand for a performance.

While on that leg of the tour, Michael complained of a severe headache, so Dr. Finkelstein called MJ’s Los Angeles doctor, who gave the orders to administer an injection of Demerol. The physician testified that Michael Jackson’s "buttocks were so scarred up and abscessed that the needle almost bent. He obviously had had multiple injections in his buttocks prior to arriving in Bangkok."

When Michael felt unable to perform, Dr. Finkelstein gave him another 24-hour dose of morphine. The physician was alarmed to see that Michael also wore a Duragesic patch, which allowed the user to absorb another form of opiate through direct contact with skin.

While testifying, Dr. Finkelstein also informed the court that MJ’s make-up artist and hairstylist was seen giving Michael Demerol injections. It appears that the singer has convinced everyone in his life to help him use opiates in various forms. It is actually quite amazing to think that the most popular performer in the world was addicted to such a harmful set of substances for so many years.

Refusing help

Apparently some of those closest to Michael also knew of his drug addiction. The “Dangerous” tour did not make it to all the intended cities. MJ’s good friend, Elizabeth Taylor, flew into Mexico City for an intervention. She took Michael to a hospital in England immediately, but his drug use did not stop.

The singer’s team did not do anything with the information at the time and the tour and his career were back to their number one priority. Michael continued to receive opiates via injections, patches, and ongoing drips.

What Michael needed instead was for his friends and family to look into drug rehab programs for men. Michael could have really benefited from formal rehab that forced him to be clean and to address his reasons for drug use.

Drug rehab programs for men could have offered MJ an opportunity to develop camaraderie and support that he and never before experienced. For the first time, the singer could have found understanding and relatability, and he could have worked through the tumultuous childhood and fame that seemed to haunt him. Instead, he self-medicated for decades and left behind three children.

A quality improvement manager at Balboa Horizons, Kate Green is passionate about assisting others on their journey in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Learn more about the addiction treatment process on this infographic.

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Sep 16, 2013

Amy Winehouse Died Of Bulimia, Not Drug Abuse

Newsflash: Amy Winehouse’s brother says that bulimia killed Amy, not drugs.

Alex Winehouse recognizes that his sister was on a path to death, but that it was ultimately years of her eating disorder behaviors that rendered her body too weak to continue functioning.

Bulimia symptoms and behaviors started in Amy’s teen years and did not subside, probably because she was never treated for the illness. She was also never treated well for substance abuse. 

Co-occuring disorders

With this news from Alex, we now know that Amy Winehouse could have been dually-diagnosed. In other words, Amy had co-occurring disorders: an addiction and an eating disorder.

When left untreated, just one mental illness or disorder is detrimental to the life of the sufferer. When two illnesses are happening at the same time, it is certainly harder to diagnose and treat. If you are abusing a drug that alters your brain chemistry, and therefore how you view the world, and subsequently act, it is really hard to tell if symptoms of a mental illness are from the drug use, or if they are a separate issue.

There are numerous treatment centers that treat co-occurring disorders during the same rehab stint. For someone like Amy, a focus on bulimia and on alcohol and drug abuse could have given her the opportunity to get change. People who have felt uncomfortable in their own lives, and in their own bodies, often turn to alcohol, cocaine, prescription pills, heroin, or whatever else to feel differently or to escape from your discomfort. When the drug use stops, and you are left with a life on pause, you want to immediately go back to the feeling the drug gave you.

Unenjoyable reality

Reality for these people is not enjoyable without substances. Cocaine, for example, can seem to help someone who has an eating disorder. In Amy’s case, the appetite suppressing power of cocaine may have been just what she was looking for: a way to eat less and maintain a smaller body weight.

The cocaine is masking the eating disorder symptoms, but below the surface, and when the person is not using, the symptoms come right back, sometimes even more intensely.

Amy Winehouse could have spent some time in rehab and healed the issues that lead to bulimia and substance abuse. She could have gotten better. Maybe her dad should have stepped in with more force to get his daughter the help she desperately needed.

Club 27

People loved her music. She definitely made her mark on the industry, and could have realized a sustainable creative career, but instead she joins the 27 Club (famous people who have died at age 27) whether it’s because of bulimia or substance abuse.

Sadly we will never know because she said no, no, no to rehab. It doesn’t make a difference what actually took her life because a young, talented woman is gone.

With dual diagnosis treatment, Amy could still be singing but with how she said yes, yes, yes to rehab and what adventures she can now experience without drugs and alcohol.

Kate Green is a quality improvement manager at Balboa Horizons Treatment Services that helps those who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.

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Sep 13, 2013

Jenna Jameson Accuses Tito Ortiz Of Drug Abuse On Twitter

Twitter brings out the nasty in some people. It gives the angry and the hurt a place to air out their dirty laundry.

We’ve seen Amanda Bynes Tweet just about everything. We learn a lot about what celebrities (and everyday folk) are doing and thinking right in the heat of the moment.

Instead of love for one another, people are using Twitter, and of course other forms of mass media, to bash a person they once loved. Tweeting is a new way to get back at someone when a breakup gets ugly.

Using Twitter to vent

Jenna Jameson has made herself into an example of that. She has Tweeted all about her ex-husband’s alleged drug use while they were married, and while he was an active MMA fighter.

Jenna claims that Tito Ortiz was a heavy drug user for years. She put up pictures of needles and prescription drug bottles, suggesting that they belong to her ex-husband. She also claims that she watched Ortiz fake the MMA required drug tests.

The ones that lose the most

Instead of a loving wife who supports her husband through an incredibly difficult opiate withdrawal timeline, the couple gets divorced, they create a nasty custody battle, and Jenna uses Twitter to express her sadness and anger. Who really loses? Their 4-year-old twin boys.

Twitter: a place to air your dirty laundry

We never know what’s really going on in the lives of celebrities, especially those who are addicted to any substances, but if you put your grievances on Twitter, or other social media sites, you are actively sharing your private life with the public.

It can be assumed that Tito Ortiz does not want that stuff up on Twitter, out for anyone and everyone to read. The person you trusted the most at one point in time, is now using everything against you.

If Tito wanted to get clean, and was willing to endure the opiate withdrawal timeline that’s necessary when you stop taking prescription painkillers, it’s sad to think that a wife would not stand by her husband through the process.

Surely there is more than meets the eye here, but when part of the story is aired, and that’s all we get, we speculate, don’t we?

Better communication methods

The real issue is, how can we help people communicate in healthier ways to possibly save a marriage? Is it really necessary to use social media to expose your feelings and life to complete strangers, or is it possible for two people to have a real conversation with one another to deal with their problems face to face? Are two people with prior (or current) addiction issues doomed from the start? Did Jenna and Tito have any chance at a loving marriage, or could we have predicted drug use, violence, and a bitter split? In the end, who is the real winner or loser in this battle?

Either way, it’s sad, but tempting, to we can keep up on it through Twitter.

Kate Green is a quality improvement manager at Balboa Horizons Treatment Services, who strives to help others overcome struggle with issues of alcohol and drug addiction learn more about her work at

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Sep 9, 2013

Women's Inpatient Rehabilitation For Lindsey Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab after facing court-mandated treatment instead of jail time.

What do women need in treatment to be successful? Are gender-specific treatment programs necessary for women to get sober and sustain a life of recovery?

Lindsay has been to rehab several times, so what can be different this time? Would she benefit from a women’s inpatient substance abuse program rather than a coed group?

Women Have Their Own Set Of Challenges

Women who have been abusing alcohol, prescription pills, or any illegal drugs are reacting to something emotionally difficult. Getting to the bottom of that void that’s seeking to be filled is important for her to ever be clean for long periods of time. Often times elminating the distractions associated with the opposite sex is beneficial.

Was this woman a victim of violence or another form of trauma? Is there unresolved emotional pain that’s making her want to numb out, escape, or kill pain?

What Women Need

Women in rehab need comfort, security, a good support system, and other good women around. When a women's inpatient substance abuse program provides those key elements, clients can open up to one another and really share the truth about their lives.

Let’s pretend for a minute that we know Lindsay Lohan. Since she is a public figure, we have more information than we would a stranger walking down the street. We know that the relationship with her dad is volatile, but we don’t really know why. The reasoning behind the distance is something personal to Lindsay that may feel like an empty space that needs to be filled with something else.

When she doesn’t know how to handle the painful emotions and real-time situations, Lindsay seems to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. Self medication is a common reason people begin abusing substances in the first place and often what triggers a relapse.

The Root Of Addiction

In a women’s inpatient substance abuse program, where the clients live on-site, Lindsay Lohan’s inner turmoil could be revealed, added as a component of her treatment plan, and then addressed during individual therapy and in a peer process group. With the help of and support from other women, Lindsay could get to the root of her addiction and her harmful behaviors so that this stint in rehab could potentially be her last.

For any woman seeking treatment for addiction, a women’s inpatient substance abuse program is the way to go. You can participate in activities like yoga, meditation, intention-setting, art therapy, 12-Step Meetings, nutrition counseling, life skills workshops, and various forms of therapy.

Getting Healthy

What could be better while getting healthy and regaining your life? Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, there is no reason to let drugs and alcohol limit you potential enjoyment in life.

Let’s hope Lindsay’s time in rehab allows her to see the life she could be living without drugs, alcohol, continuously being involved with the legal system, and self-harming behaviors that surround her current lifestyle. Best of luck LiLo!

Kate Green is a quality improvement manager at Balboa Horizons Treatment Services, her passion is to help others overcome struggle with issues of alcohol and drug addiction learn more at

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Sep 5, 2013

Eminem Opens Up

Remember when we found out that Eminem was fully addicted to prescription pills? Despite his self-disclosure of drug and alcohol abuse in song after song (examples: Purple Pills and Drug Ballad), did we really understand that he was addicted?

He was reaching a point of success in the music industry, a rags to riches kind of story, and seemed to be working hard to keep that earned status.

The Documentary

In a new documentary, though, Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is letting it be known that his prescription drug addiction nearly killed him. How to Make Money Selling Drugs gives the audience an inside look at just how bad addiction got for Eminem. In his words, “Had I got to the hospital about two hours later, I would have died. My organs were shutting down. My liver, kidneys, everything. They were gonna have to put me on dialysis. They didn't think I was gonna make it. My bottom was gonna be death."

In the world of addiction treatment, the concept of “rock bottom” is prevalent. Not all addicts need to hit a bottom like Marshall did, but he is making the point that for him, death was the only thing that was going to stop him from popping those pills.

As his celebrity status grew, Marshall would get rid of anyone who tried telling him he had a drug problem. He was Eminem. He could send people away if he wanted to. He did not have to listen to that.  He recalls thinking that these people were ridiculous. That guy is saying I’m a drug addict? That I have a problem? I don’t. I’m not shooting heroin or smoking crack. Get that guy outta here!

During one episode of heavy use, Marshall was rushed to the hospital. After nearly dying, Eminem knew he needed rehab. A men’s addiction treatment program was the next step in his life.


Detoxing was difficult, as it is when anyone stops taking opiates like Vicodin, which was one of his drug’s of choice. He talks about being awake for basically three weeks straight as his body and brain adjusted to pre-drug functioning.

He was also taking Xanax and Valium, among other drugs. The combinations that Marshall’s body experienced makes it hard to find a good place of balance again. Feeling no pain during active use, and then getting clean all at once, makes any pain now feel unbearable. Emotions come rushing to the surface while your body is beyond uncomfortable.

The Process Of Healing

Once you make it past detox though, you can begin to heal.  Men’s addiction treatment was not easy for Eminem, but he did make it through. He is sober today, as far as we know, and he wants addicts and alcoholics who are going to rehab to know that it does get easier.

The documentary, in theaters, will show the truth about drug addiction through Eminem’s experiences. Will it show the full picture? From that first Vicodin, that numbed everything in all the right ways, to near-death with the reality of major internal damage, to men’s addiction treatment?

Hopefully the film can inspire others to seek treatment too.

Kate Green is passionate about covering the world of addiction reocver from her time spent working with Balboa Horizons Treatment Services

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Aug 29, 2013

7 Famous Dogs Throughout History

When you think of those who’ve earned fame, you tend to think of those humans who have been dubbed as famous. But fame doesn’t only include those people who have earned some type of celebrity. There are also plenty of animals that have become famous over the years, and many of them included dogs. Check out the following list of seven famous dogs throughout history.

1. Togo and Balto

The use of dogsleds is popular in Alaska, and Balto and Togo are two sled dogs that earned great fame. Diphtheria had entered Nome, Alaska, and there wasn’t enough medicine on hand for the local doctor to treat everyone. Since the last ship of the season had just left, the Board of Health had to send medicine by dog sled. Togo and Balto made it over 674 miles in just five days, and to date, the record has not been broken.

2. Lady

The sinking of the Titanic plays an epic role in history, and many people discuss those who survived as well as those who lost their lives. But along with human survivors, there were also a few canine survivors, and Lady, a Pomeranian, was one of them. Owner Margaret Hays covered Lady in a blanket, and since crewmembers assumed it was a baby, they allowed Margaret to bring it on board a lifeboat. Lady was one of four total dogs that survived the sinking of the Titanic.

3. Bobbie

Bobbie and his family traveled from Oregon to Indiana on vacation. While in Indiana, Bobbie found himself away from his family, and despite their best efforts, they could not find Bobbie before they left. Six months later, Bobbie showed up on the doorstep of his family’s home—more than 2,500 miles away. He walked the whole thing and earned plenty of fame from his journey.

4. Bo Obama

The White House is not complete without the companionship of a pup. When the First Family announced that they were shopping for a dog to add to their family, the media buzzed about what type of dog they would choose. Ultimately, the Obama’s chose a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, whose hypoallergenic fur was best for Malia’s allergies.

5. Argos

If you want to discuss famous dogs from historic times, then Argos is probably the most popular. Argos was the dog of Odysseus, and the mention of Argos can be found in plenty of Greek literature and mythology.

6. Laika

Laika earned fame for being the very first dog in space. On November 3, 1957, Laika was placed on board Russian satellite Sputnik 2. Unfortunately, Laika died shortly after making it into space, but her journey proved that a living thing could survive a launch into orbit.

7. Faith

Stories about dog’s who overcome challenges always earn mass media attention, and Faith is one of those dogs. Faith was born with two fully functioning hind legs and only one front leg, which was deformed. The front leg was amputated when Faith was seven months old, and many veterinarians told Jude Stringfellow, Faith’s owner, to euthanize her. Even Faith’s own mother tried to suffocate the puppy. Instead, Jude taught Faith to walk solely on her hind legs, making her truly unique and famous.


Rachel Doyle is a blogger and animal lover with who often writes about everything from interesting pet facts to reviews on excellent obedience training equipment for your dogs.

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Aug 26, 2013

3 Of The Most Surprising Celebrity Medical Success Stories

Celebrities are the pearls of most people's eyes. They lead lives that most can dream of in terms of luxury, elegance, and overall pleasure. However, just like anyone else, celebrities have to encounter hardships at a personal level. Money can never buy immortality and health; this is a reality of life that everyone has to accept. Medical hardships can be tougher on celebrities than the average Joe due to the media circus that is always around. No one wishes to be swamped by cameras as they are battling to survive. This piece will focus on celebrity medical success stories and what these individuals are doing to assist others with similar problems.

Lou Ferrigno

Better known as the Hulk from television show The Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno gained a lot of publicity for his personal struggles with his medical condition. Ferrigno overcame his battles to go on to act, play professional football, and body build. His story is truly remarkable and inspiring for individuals suffering from hearing loss (Better Hearing Institute). At the age of 21, Ferrigno lost 65 percent of his hearing and had to start wearing hearing aids. The battle was tough, but he never gave up and continued to pursue his dreams of bodybuilding and acting. Not only did Ferrigno have to overcome his hearing loss, he had to work on his speech deficiencies in order to act and function on a daily basis. He continued to persevere and is now able to speak fluently and articulate himself better than most people.

What does Ferrigno do to inspire others? He has said his only goal was to become famous enough to tell his story. He has gone on to become a celebrity in the sporting and acting world and continues to progress to new heights with his charitable causes. Ferrigno has been a supporter of the Better Hearing Institute for over 25 years.

Scott Hamilton

This figure skating phenom was one of the finest in his field during the 80s. He had a huge fan following and continued to progress to new heights each year. Further into his career, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to halt his career (People). He eventually won his battle against testicular cancer and was able to return to doing what he loved most, figure skating. He has gone on to publicize and share the importance of the fight against testicular cancer around the world.

Scott Hamilton has even gone on to open the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative. This is his way of giving back to the world and using his celebrity power to work toward a brighter future. He is actively seen promoting his charity.

Olivia Newton-John

Singing had been Newton-John's passion from the early years of her childhood. She could never have imagined going from stardom to a battle against breast cancer (Olivia Appeal). Yet this was exactly what happened. But she persevered through the battle and came out on top. Olivia Newton-John produced two benefit albums for the sole purpose of giving back to cancer charities.

To learn more about celebrities and medical success stories, guest writer Laura Reddick recently visited

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4 Celebrities Who Got Hair Replacement Done

Everyone’s human even the celebrities that are so talked about in the news. While many people revere them and remain star struck, it’s subtle reminders like loss of hair, growing old and other things the help to remind us that in the end celebs are only human and they have problems too.

Moreover, balding is something which afflicts everyone and you’ll find that while considered to be epitome of perfection, there are many celebrities that have reverted to hair replacement surgeries to combat male pattern baldness at young or old age.

While many have come clean about their hair replacement surgeries, others have kept mum about it. Nonetheless, the proof is in the pudding and these following celebrities have undeniably had hair replacement surgeries:

Nicholas Cage

Among one of the most conspicuous hair transplant cases in Hollywood, Nicholas Cage opted to remain quiet regarding his suddenly full and deliciously brunette hair. However, even though he’s one of the most profiled stars of Hollywood since the 1980’s; his hair loss had becoming surprisingly evident as the years rolled by. However, it was evident that his male pattern baldness has definitely become very active over the past few years and eventually prompted the star to resort to hair replacement surgeries.

 John Travolta

Another one of the golden oldies, John Travolta was the biggest Hollywood heartthrob after Grease.  Undeniably good looking in his youth, John Travolta seems to have aged increasingly well. To be honest he doesn’t look too bad nowadays either. He’s aging a little too well, don’t you think? That’s right.  John Travolta took a page out of his fellow celebrities’ books and got some hair replacement surgeries done. Although in his 50’s now John Travolta sports a lush head of hair which has raised many eyebrows at him. While gorgeous with a full head of hair, he’s still a looker even when without hair and the ladies still loved him when he’s had to go bald for some roles for his movies.

Mel Gibson

Considered to be the sexiest man alive in 1985, Mel Gibson was making ladies swoon with this thick head of hair and striking blue eyes. Nonetheless, this ruggedly good looking guy started to suffer from a receding hairline fairly early in his career. While not going public about it, there is rumor that the star got some hair replacement surgeries in 2006. Although his looks have mellowed over the years, there are still times when seeing him with a full head of hair you can see the sexiest man alive of 1985 again.

Al Pacino

It’s been 35 years since Al Pacino played the role of wild and young Micheal Corleone in the classic movie The God Father. Since then Al Pacino has had a heavy and illustrious career. Therefore it became noticeably perceptible how his hair weathered the years with him. Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, Al Pacino joins the pack of Hollywood stars that’ve gotten hair replacement surgeries yet chooses to refrain from making any comments about it.

Nonetheless, there are many other celebrities in Hollywood many world soccer stars like Wayne Rooney had a succesfull Hair Transplant surgery. who’ve gotten hair replacement surgeries such as Ben Affleck, Brendan Fraser, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams and many others as well.

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Mark is a hair loss consultant providing services at HDC Hair trichology centre which you can follow on Google plus

Aug 21, 2013

Rolf Harris - Great Artist Or Lucky Amateur?

Rolf Harris is one of the world’s best known contemporary artists and his original works regularly fetch six figure sums. His painting is undeniably popular but is it actually worthy and does it really matter if it is? Rolf Harris’s work may be loved by the masses but art critics generally loathe it and have showered the artist with a barrage of unfortunate comments over the years with one branding him “a fairground painter at most”.

The Value of Success

I have no idea how Harris rates his own work and I am sure he would love to receive more critical acclaim but he is certainly getting the last laugh with the amount of money he has made. History is littered with great masters who have died poor men and you have to ask what is better for the individual, success or technical brilliance?

The Merit of Popularity

I have said it before and I will say it again. There is surely something affirming about popularity. 
Popularity is a merit it its own right and it is pure snobbishness to dismiss art as unsound when it so sought after. Unfortunately aficionados of the arts always deride anything which is popular and I feel this is probably at least in part to maintain their position of superiority which would be somewhat undermined by agreeing with the great unwashed.


Whatever the truth of the matter Rolf Harris’s work is most certainly popular. Doubtless this is in large part due to his high profile as an entertainer but give the public some credit. Those with money might buy his original work as an investment regardless of what they thought of the quality but people would not generally buy his prints unless they actually liked them whoever the artist was. I hope that settles the argument. Rolf Harris may not be the most technically gifted or inspired artist that ever lived but he paints images that people enjoy and that is surely just as important. Even more crucially he has inspired an interest in art and that is where I believe his greatest talent lies.


Art has always been a signature element of Harris’s live performances as an entertainer. He may not possess artistic brilliance but he does have a unique talent for engaging an audience with art. His act usually involves painting a picture quickly and in such a way that the subject of the work is not obvious until the painting nears completion. In this way he has created an interest in art amongst many people who may never have come to the subject at all. He can inspire interest and creativity in others and that is a rare talent which should be celebrated.

Rolf Harris has received the kind of criticism you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. The critic’s appear to feel that his work is so poor that it makes jack Vettriano look like Michelangelo but I am not so sure. At the end of the day the work of Rolf Harris is much loved and he certainly has the ability to inspire an appreciation of art generally. I have to conclude that whilst he is no Van Gogh he is not a lucky amateur either but rather an inspired teacher and that should be admired if nothing else.

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Sally Stacey is a professional writer who also owns a bridal shop and was on the board of a London based distribution company for 16 years. A frequent traveller for both leisure and business, Sally is always looking for a new adventure to write about