Mar 28, 2013

Who Are The World's Smartest People?

Nearly 50 percent of people have an IQ that is between 90 and 110, and 2.5 percent of people have an IQ that is less than 70. Nearly 2.5 percent of people have an IQ that is above 130, and 0.5 percent of people have an IQ that is above 0.5 percent. This means that only a small percentage of people in the world can be classified as geniuses.

Stephen Hawking is one of the few people who can be classified as a genius. He has an IQ of 70. Hawking became famous for his research in theoretical physics. He has also written several books. He has received 14 awards for his accomplishments. Hawking is 70 years old.

Kim Ung-Yung is 50 years old, and he is also known as one of the world’s most intelligent people. His IQ is an amazing 210. His genius was noticed at an early age. He knew four languages by the time he was two years old.

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Mar 22, 2013

5 Best Comic Entertainers Who Battled Addiction


It's often said that most comedians have a dark side, and often some of the best comedy treads a fine line between humor and pathos. Many of our finest comedians have struggled with alcohol and drug addictions, shielding themselves from pain with a combination of humor and substance abuse. Below are five of the best comics who were also addicts.

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce shook up the 1950s and early 1960s with comedy that deal with previously taboo subjects like religion, sex and politics to a degree that had never been done before. Unfortunately, he struggled with addiction throughout his career and was found dead in his home in 1966 from a morphine overdose.

Why He Was One of the Best: Bruce was a groundbreaking comic by any estimation due not only to the subject of his comedy but his landmark obscenity trial. It was widely protested by a number of artists, and his conviction was overturned after his death.

John Belushi

As part of the original cast of "Saturday Night Live" and iconic for his work in films like "The Blues Brothers" and "Animal House," Belushi was a beloved comic whose talent was overshadowed by his addiction. He died at the age of 33 in 1982 from an overdose of of heroin and cocaine.

Why He Was One of the Best: Belushi's film work, his work with Second City in Chicago and his "Saturday Night Live" appearances all solidified him as one of the greatest American comics.

Richard Pryor

Pryor was a stand-up comedian whose boldness in dealing with racial issues was unprecedented. He was in a number of popular films and co-wrote the Mel Brooks-directed "Blazing Saddles." He struggled with addiction, however, including a famous incident in which he was found running down the street on fire near his home in a drug-induced psychosis.

Why He Was One of the Best: Many of his peers consider him one of the best or the best comedian of his time, and he changed the way comedians talked about race.

Sam Kinison

Kinison was known for his abrasiveness and a jarring scream dating from his days as a Pentecostal preacher, and in the 1980s and up until his death in a car accident in 1992, he appeared on a number of talk shows and was a regular on the radio with "The Howard Stern Show." His career was marked by struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Why He Was One of the Best: Kinison blended social satire and dark humor in his edgy, confrontational comedy that last to this day.

Mitch Hedburg

Hedburg's star rose higher after his death than it ever did while he was alive. His style was deadpan and absurd humor that was often observational. He made no secret of his drug use, sometimes mentioning it during comedy routines, and he died from an overdose of heroin and cocaine in 2005.

Why He Was One of the Best: Hedburg's comedy was smart and original and generates a fevered cult following to this day.

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Dana Reynolds is an addiction counselor and columnist who regularly writes about online addiction counseling degrees.

Mar 15, 2013

Top 10 Best Dressed Female Celebrities

There are some women who you acknowledge look good, and then there are those that look so amazing that it is almost sickening. 

However, rather than cast envious glances in their direction, you should take a leaf out of their books and, while you might not be able to stretch your finances to aspirational designer brands and luxury items, you can still add more than a touch of glamour to your appearance.

We looked at the top 10 best-dressed female celebrities from around the world.

1. Victoria Beckham

Love her or hate her – and there are plenty of people in both camps – it is difficult to argue against how amazing she looks, and not just when she has her hubby on her arm, either. Wear big sunglasses, learn to pout, and you are halfway to the look already!


 2. Kristen Stewart

Not content with just one polarising celebrity, we move to the star of the Twilight films, which are either teenage drivel or cinematic genius depending on the camp you are in. Whatever your opinion, there is no denying that Stewart looks amazing.

 3. Kim Kardashian

This will probably be a controversial choice, but while you may not like certain elements of her style, she turns heads wherever she goes and gains admiring glances the world over, even when heavily pregnant, so she must be doing something right.

 4. Lady Gaga

While the wheelchair she is using while she recovers from surgery on her leg does her no favours, when Gaga is dressed in something other than parcel tape or a dress made from meat, she usually looks pretty good.

5. Nicole Richie

It is good to see Nicole finally making a mark for something other than being in a show with Paris Hilton a few years ago, and having her own exclusive fashion label is certainly helping.

6. Emma Watson

The awkward young actress who made her name in the Harry Potter films has grown into a stunning woman, often seen in the best designer dresses. The mark of a beautiful lady is on her, too: she looks great even when dressed down.

7. Gwen Stefani

Although a No Doubt reunion is something we would have happily gone without, Gwen has been a fashion icon for much of the past 20years, and is still going strong even today.

8. Nicola Roberts

Whoever would have thought that ‘the ginger one from Girls Aloud’ would go on to be one of the more successful outside of the group? Okay, she doesn’t have the Cheryl Cole level of attention and glamour, but she is most definitely the leading fashionista of the group.

9. Perrie Edwards

We stick with manufactured girl bands for the next entry and, although she obviously gets a lot of help in the wardrobe department, Little Mix’s only actual singer is able to pull off some of the most quirky and daring outfits we’ve seen for a long time.

10. Rita Ora

They just keep coming from the music industry. Rita made her mark around the world last year, as much for her amazing style sense as for her refreshing, edgy music releases.

Aisha is a fashion writer with an interest in celebrity fashion, as well as specific niche and cultural styles such as Islamic clothing and hip-hop styling.

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Mar 11, 2013

A Brief History of Celebrity Perfumes

The attached infographic shows celebrity endorsed perfumes and celebrity signature perfumes on 2 seperate time lines, starting from the 1950 s right up untill the present day. Along each time line there are stylised boxes each one representing either side along with the boxes I have included relevent pictures of celebs alongside the aforementioned boxes. (have also included in the info graphic some famous adverts) I have also included some iconic images of some of the most popular perfume bottles, so not only making this info graphic very factual it looks pretty too that is sure to make any thing form a beauty, health, celeb article website the list goes on you can use this info graphic for so many purposes.

James is a writer from London who loves reviewing and trying lots of sexy perfumes working for

Mar 7, 2013

4 Celebrity Garages You Don't Want To Miss

If you are a celebrity or tech gadget know-it-all then you shouldn’t be surprised to find that Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Carolla, John Travolta and Ralph Lauren top nearly every top five list of celebrity garages out there.  Not only are their garages massive, they are often technically strapped and custom built to house more cars, worth more money than the majority of us will see in our lifetimes.

Whether or not you are a car lover, these massive garages are more expensive than many homes and are quite a feat to behold. In fact, everything about them screams “I’m loaded!”  Let’s take a look and see what makes these garages so remarkable.

Jerry Seinfeld

You may not think that someone living in cramped New York City would have a noteworthy garage, but Jerry Seinfeld has managed to create a two story luxury suite for his Porsche collection.

Not only does this unique home for his cars have five parking spots, an industrial elevator and touch screen controls, he has also included an entire bachelor pad, complete with pool table, flat screens, and a full kitchen. 

The best part is perhaps that it doesn’t look like anything special from outside and you may be hard pressed to find it, even if you know where to look in this packed city.

Ralph Lauren

Even though Jerry Seinfeld’s space is impressive, it doesn’t hold a candle to fashion mega-man Ralph Lauren’s three garages where he sorts his seventy rare sports cars by brand and color for convenience.

Organization is just the beginning though. This impressive car collection is valued as one of the most spectacular and expensive in the world, with some cars equaling between $30-$40 million dollars each.

Jay Leno

While Ralph Lauren’s garage is impressive, Jay Leno’s collection is one of the largest in the world. With everything from a 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish to a 1910 Stanley Steamer, this famous garage was featured in an award-winning web series.

His 17,000 sq-ft garage houses a machine shop and a team of mechanics to keep his 200 cars in perfect working order and, according to those who have seen this massive project, it is more of a museum than a garage.

John Travolta

Last but not least, no one has yet topped Grease’s leading bad boy, John Travolta.  His garage is located on the spot of an old Elephant sanctuary in Ocala, Florida and not only houses his 15 cars, but has a 1.4 mile landing strip for both his jumbo and private jets, which he uses just about as often as his regular car collection.  Why not? After all he is licensed to fly.

Whether you aspire to a lair big enough to house an entire fleet of vehicles or have a landing strip in your plans, it will be hard to beat the car gurus that have made their name in the garage world.  

By Heidi Rothert

Heidi Rothert writes content for companies such as A Plus Garage Doors that have a variety of products from brands, such as Northwest Door.  She also specializes in content creation for dental, designer kitchen, and pest control companies. 

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Mar 5, 2013

Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Nicholas Cage's Ferari Enzo makes one of the most awesome celebrity cars. Its value, over $670,000, places it at No.5 of our top 5 expensive celebrity cars. Jerry Seinfeld's Porshe 959 at $700,000 comes in fourth in the list. The Porshe is an incredible fast machine with a smart technology.
At a remarkable $1.7 million, Simon Cowell's blue Bugatti Veyron comes in third place. Birdman's $2.0 rated red Bugatti Veyron misses out on the first spot. It seems the rapper has a thing for the color red. Although the Bugatti isn't as expensive as his previous Exelero, it is equally as impressive. The red Bugatti has a 1001 Horse Power quad turbo charged W16, a super-car. Jay-Z's MayBach Exelero comes in first place. His $8.0 million rated Exelero is such an impressive car and takes first position on our celebrity's most expensive cars.

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