Oct 31, 2012

Before They Were Famous: Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Well-Known

Celebrities are a joy to behold. Their well-groomed appearances, impeccable style, expensive accessories and a lavish lifestyle often inspire several others to follow their footsteps to success, or at least figure in the dreams of those yearning to become famous. However, not all of them were born with a silver spoon, but have earned their present status by toiling it out at one or more common or even embarrassing jobs of their times. Let us take a look at few such celebrities, who have once rubbed shoulders with mundane jobs before making it all big and famous. 

Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery, an exemplary actor and producer of today, with several prestigious awards to his credit, started off on his first job at Scotland, where he delivered milk for St. Cuthbert’s Co-operative Society. During his teenage years, he held several other jobs - driving trucks, polishing coffins and modelling for artists at the Edinburgh College of Art. He also spent three years in the Royal Navy and also worked as a lifeguard before he reached the age of twenty.

Simon Cowell

This direct and obnoxious judge of the X-Factor has in fact struggled through 17 jobs before reaching the pinnacle of fame and wealth. From his modest beginnings as a mail-room clerk at EMI Records, he moved through the ranks of the company to become a record producer, partnering with Iain Burton to form Fanfare Records Company and subsequently was hired by BMG as an A&R Consultant. Today, he is an ‘Idol’ maker, and a successful and famous television and pop music entrepreneur. 

Cheryl Cole

A popular face on the Vogue cover, an X-factor judge and a L’Oreal model, Cheryl Cole from the British showbiz began her career as a child star for a British Gas TV advertisement. Before moving on to reality TV shows and to the music scene in 2002, she had worked as a receptionist at a NewCastle hotel.


Music sensation Adele opted for a short stint at Rough Trade, a vinyl record store in Notting Hill to get the pulse of the music world, even after having picked up a couple of Grammy Awards.

Rod Stewart

With 140 million albums and a net worth of over £100 million, British rock star Rod Stewart reportedly realised the value of hard work digging graves at the Highgate Graveyard in London.

Gordon Summer

Better known as Sting, this popular, famous and successful musician donned several roles before he found his way to the world of celebrities. Starting off as a bus conductor, he moved on to manual labour at construction sites, before working as a tax officer. He later attended college and qualified as a teacher, and worked for two years at St. Paul's First School in Cramlington.
Dreams when pursued earnestly do tend to payoff – today’s celebrities too were erstwhile commoners!

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Oct 24, 2012

Public Celebrity Breakdowns

Celebrities suffer from the same mental illnesses as everyone else. Unfortunately, theirs is highly publicized for the world to judge. With 26 percent of the entire world's population suffering from a diagnosable form of mental illness, it is no small wonder that the mental illness of so many celebrities is continually in the limelight.

Catherine Zeta Jones is considered the new face of bipolar II disorder. This is similar to bipolar I, but bipolar II sufferers never hit the mania highs that bipolar I sufferers do. Brook Shields had a severe case of postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter. It was treated and completely cured with medications. Halle Berry had severe depression that is now under control, and Jessica Alba lives with obsessive/compulsive disorder.

The fact that so many celebrities have come forward and made their mental illness known is a positive change. Non-celebrities often find this therapeutic, knowing that they are not alone in their suffering.