Mar 30, 2007

Matthew McConaughey Knows Nothing About Dress Code

That's how Matthew McConaughey came to the Ago restaurant on Melrose yesterday. Well, if he were just a regular person, he wouldn't be allowed to enter the restaurant dressed like that. But Matthew McConaughey is a celebrity, so trendy even wearing nothing. Besides, he has just arrived from Australia where he lived for 4 months and maybe, it's OK there...

Hilary Swank To Premiere The Reaping

Hilary Swank promoted her new movie The Reaping on Thursday. Created by Warner Bros. Pictures the film features a small Louisiana town suffering from what appear to be the Ten Biblical Plagues. The world The Reaping premiere was held at the Village Theatre on Thursday in Westwood, Calif, LA. The event celebrity guests included Michael Cade, Brian Krause (who came in a creasy T-shirt), Idris Elba (Ben), Gerard Butler, Charlize Theron and many others.

Charlize Theron Thinks She Is Two Short

Why would Charlize Theron wear those huge heels? She is tall enough (I know that as she looked as tall as Keanu Reeves who is about 71" (181 cm) tall in The Devil's Advocate) and tight jeans do not need those huge heels! I can only imagine how huge Charlize Theron looked at The Reaping premiere on Thursday. At least the shoes let us see Charlize's cute tattoo.

Winona Ryder: What The Hell Is She Wearing?

No, seriouly, what's wrong with Winona Ryder? Looks like she is wearing some crap while walking around Hollywood. In addition she smokes while walking...

Anastacia Tp Present Her Clothing Line

Pop singer Anastacia presented her new clothing line Anastacia by s.Oliver at Cumberland Palace in Berlin, Germany on Thursday, 3/29. The singer and fashion company s.Oliver have united to create their first joint collection of women's clothes and to make Anastacia's dream to become a fashion designer true.

Victoria Beckham Should Fire Out David's Stylist

Victoria and David Beckham attennded Sport Industry Awards in London yesterday. Former Spice Girls Posh looked gorgeous with a new hair style and combining black Azzedine Alaia mini-dress with Yves Saint Laurent shoes. Do Beckhams have different stylists, I wonder? As David looked awful with that ridiculous hair cut of his.

Mar 29, 2007

Emily Deschanel To Speak Up For Seals

Bones star Emily Deschanel attended 'Save The Seals' event in Los Angeles yesterday to protest marine mammal slaughter. To speak against seal hunt came also other celebs, among them: Darcy Halsey ("CSI", recent "Razor" and "Drifter"), Gina Philiips ("CSI", recent "The Sick House"), Reggie Lee ("Prison Break" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End")

Natalie Portman: MMM... yummy!

Natalie Portman was licking her lips when leaving her hotel in London.

Keira Knightley: Still In Tight Jeans But Without A Hat

Despite Keira Knightley has at last gave her hat to her boyfriend Rupert Friend, she is still in those jeans she wore the whole winter! Well, maybe her boyfriend will buy her another pair of jeans by way of gratuity for her hat. Seriously, the two look cute together...

Uma Thurman: Where's Your Bikini?

Uma Thurman was having playing with her nine-year-old daughter Maya Ray on a Caribbean Beach. The swimsuit is ok (surely, on that body!) but where is your sexy bikini, Uma? You don't think you are too old for that, do you?

Maya Ray is Uma and actor Ethan Hawke's daughter. The couple separated in 2003 and got divorced one year later. the reason of the break-up is rumoured to be Ethan's cheating on Uma with Jen Perzow, fashion model form Canada.