Jan 3, 2014

Michael J Fox Opens Up About Alcoholism

And other celebrities who have battled alcoholism and made it through.

The 50 year old star admits he’s had his struggles in the last few decades. He says when first discovered he had Parkinson’s disease in 1990, he didn’t know how to cope. His immediate response was to drink heavily - he had always been a drinker but things began to get worse. Fox began abusing alcohol as a substance that could numb the feelings of fear and confusion that came from knowing he had Parkinson’s disease.

The day came when Fox knew his drinking had gone out of control. With the support of his wife and family, Fox was able to quit drinking and has remained sober ever since. His career has continued on over the decades, with film roles and a new television series in 2013. Fox’s activism for Parkinson’s Disease awareness is another important aspect of his career.

Other celebrities have spoken publicly about their struggles with alcohol abuse in hopes that their stories will help inspire others to choose recovery. Here are a few celebs who have battled and ultimately won the struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Hopefully their tales can prove to be an inspiration to people who are currently struggling with addiction.

1. Elton John

The British singer began abusing drugs and alcohol early in his career to deal with emotional issues and feelings of insecurity. For a long time, he kept his struggle hidden from everyone except those who were closest to the singer. When the addiction began taking its toll, John went into treatment and has been sober ever since. He has drawn from his struggles to help other celebrities, like fellow British singer Robbie Williams and even rapper Eminem, overcome their alcoholism.

2. Anthony Hopkins

The celebrated British actor also had a drinking problem early in his career. His wake up call finally came after finding himself confused and alone in an unknown location after a night of particularly heavy drinking. Drinking had also caused Hopkins to isolate himself from the friends and family who cared about him. The actor admits that it was a 12 step program that helped him stop drinking and put his life and relationships back together.

3. Steven Tyler

The Aerosmith lead singer says that his battle with alcoholism lasted for decades and had its ups and downs. He admits that it was the rock star image that first made him want to take up a lifestyle of heavy drinking. Tyler thought that in order to be a proper rock star, one had to smoke and drink heavily. Today he’s sober and still able to do the rock star thing.

4. Eminem

The Detroit rapper’s alcoholism began with the use of prescription drugs. He would often combine the two to achieve a more intense high. Soon enough, he found himself addicted to both alcohol and pills and things began to spiral out of control. With the help of fellow entertainer Elton John, Eminem was able to kick his habit and stay drug and alcohol free.

John Lloyd is a recovery specialist and works helping people addicted to drugs and alcohol, learn more about the work he does for Seasons Malibu an addiction treatment center.

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