Sep 13, 2013

Jenna Jameson Accuses Tito Ortiz Of Drug Abuse On Twitter

Twitter brings out the nasty in some people. It gives the angry and the hurt a place to air out their dirty laundry.

We’ve seen Amanda Bynes Tweet just about everything. We learn a lot about what celebrities (and everyday folk) are doing and thinking right in the heat of the moment.

Instead of love for one another, people are using Twitter, and of course other forms of mass media, to bash a person they once loved. Tweeting is a new way to get back at someone when a breakup gets ugly.

Using Twitter to vent

Jenna Jameson has made herself into an example of that. She has Tweeted all about her ex-husband’s alleged drug use while they were married, and while he was an active MMA fighter.

Jenna claims that Tito Ortiz was a heavy drug user for years. She put up pictures of needles and prescription drug bottles, suggesting that they belong to her ex-husband. She also claims that she watched Ortiz fake the MMA required drug tests.

The ones that lose the most

Instead of a loving wife who supports her husband through an incredibly difficult opiate withdrawal timeline, the couple gets divorced, they create a nasty custody battle, and Jenna uses Twitter to express her sadness and anger. Who really loses? Their 4-year-old twin boys.

Twitter: a place to air your dirty laundry

We never know what’s really going on in the lives of celebrities, especially those who are addicted to any substances, but if you put your grievances on Twitter, or other social media sites, you are actively sharing your private life with the public.

It can be assumed that Tito Ortiz does not want that stuff up on Twitter, out for anyone and everyone to read. The person you trusted the most at one point in time, is now using everything against you.

If Tito wanted to get clean, and was willing to endure the opiate withdrawal timeline that’s necessary when you stop taking prescription painkillers, it’s sad to think that a wife would not stand by her husband through the process.

Surely there is more than meets the eye here, but when part of the story is aired, and that’s all we get, we speculate, don’t we?

Better communication methods

The real issue is, how can we help people communicate in healthier ways to possibly save a marriage? Is it really necessary to use social media to expose your feelings and life to complete strangers, or is it possible for two people to have a real conversation with one another to deal with their problems face to face? Are two people with prior (or current) addiction issues doomed from the start? Did Jenna and Tito have any chance at a loving marriage, or could we have predicted drug use, violence, and a bitter split? In the end, who is the real winner or loser in this battle?

Either way, it’s sad, but tempting, to we can keep up on it through Twitter.

Kate Green is a quality improvement manager at Balboa Horizons Treatment Services, who strives to help others overcome struggle with issues of alcohol and drug addiction learn more about her work at

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