Apr 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Inspires Parodies

Prince William and Kate Middleton parodies

Admit it – we all have a touch of royal wedding fever these days! It's hard not to, what with all the television specials, speculation over Kate Middleton's wedding gown and bridal jewelry, guest list updates and all the rest. It was only a matter of time before the royal wedding took on a life of its own in popular culture – which it surely has now that the hilarious parodies have started cropping up.

Just the other day, my husband asked if I thought that Prince William and Kate Middleton would enter their wedding reception doing a triumphant “Jersey Shore” style fist pump. It has become a pretty common entrance for a lot of newlyweds, even at very formal weddings. Well, hopefully it won't come to that (although can you imagine the Queen's face?), but apparently my husband is not the only one who has been wondering which pop culture customs would make their way into the pomp and circumstance of the royal wedding.

One hysterical royal wedding inspired spoof takes a look at what might happen if Sammi, Ronnie, and Snooki of “Jersey Shore” went to England to visit with the royals. When the Queen is caught looking at Sammi's man, there is only way to resolve the situation: A Dance Battle! Yep, if you have ever wanted to see how the royals would stack up against some authentic Jersey style fist bumping, this is your chance. Maybe next the gang from the shore will take Kate to a tanning bed to get her “a little base tan” in time for her wedding.

The royal wedding parody that has really been making a huge splash is actually a T-Mobile ad. It has had millions of hits since being posted on You Tube on April 15th, and it is truly hilarious. The video clip is based on the famous “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”, which went viral several years ago. The JK dance got an extra bump in popularity when it was recreated on “The Office” during Pam and Jim's wedding, and now we can see what it would look like done by the royal family. There are actually a couple of versions of the T-Mobile royal wedding spoof, one done to East 17's song “House of Love”, and one which is set to the same song used in the original wedding entrance dance, Chris Brown's “Forever”.

The great part about the royal wedding entrance video is that all the participants are dressed exactly as you would expect for the real wedding, right down to the very British hats. The Queen even wears a pair of decorous little white gloves. Many of the actors closely resemble the real royals; the Prince Harry is especially good and his leapfrog is just great. I did think that the choice for Kate Middleton's bridal gown and jewelry was a little plain for a princess bride, though.

The best part is that the videos are really funny, but not disrespectful. They just take a look at what happens when 21st Century pop culture meets the tradition and opulence of a royal wedding. It is entirely appropriate, considering that the royal family itself has been trying hard to use technology to update its image (Kate and William's engagement was announced on Twitter, after all). And by the way, the real royal wedding on April 29th will be available to watch streaming live on YouTube. Just don't expect to see the bride and groom enter doing the “JK Wedding Entrance Dance”!

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