Nov 11, 2011

5 Best Celebrity Bathrooms

The most expensive bathroom may not be the best. An artful blend of form and function is the key. Here are five of the best celebrity bathrooms today
Bathrooms can be as elegant as any room in the house. A tub and toilet are just the beginning.

Fireplaces, saunas, vanity stations, fantastic views or cozy privacy are just a few of the luxury additions celebrities enjoy. The most expensive bathroom may not be the best. An artful blend of form and function is the key. Here are five of the best celebrity bathrooms today.

1. Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig bathroom
Renaissance opulence is the word that describes Jenny Craig’s bathroom in Rancho Santa Fe, California. A large soaking tub is directly opposite a fireplace that looks like it came out of 16th century Florence.

It is decorated with candelabras and other items from the past. The mural of Diana fleeing cupid sets the tone for ancient decadence. The one window has a heavy brocade swag and lace curtains that compliment the golden walls and creamy stone floor. The wooden arched door, cathedral-like skylight and textured walls complete the ambience.

2. Ralph and Ricky Lauren     

The sleek white and steel master bathroom in Manhattan, New York, of Ralph and Ricky Lauren has the opposite décor. Overlooking the Central Park reservoir the one large window looks straight on to the water and the city skyline beyond.

With an artful use of mirrors, the room seems twice its size and has twice the light. The floor and countertop are Thasos marble from the Greek island of Thasos, and the cabinetry is white lacquer. It is a beautiful but practical room, not for leisure.

3. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson bathroom

Phil Mickelson’s master bathroom in Rancho Santa Fe, California has all the best features of a bathroom in a luxury hotel suite, but it goes further. The shower is the focal point and it is encased in custom designed mosaics and a curved glass enclosure.

The mosaics were applied by Pietri Bersage who also crafted the mosaics in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. The cream and gold color scheme is beautifully accented by the dark wood cupboards and window frames. There is white Italian marble on the floor and Baccarat crystal and sterling silver fixtures in the custom made vanities.

4. Molly Sims   

Molly Sims harmonizes a beautiful view of her garden with polished stone on most of the surfaces of her master bathroom in Los Angeles, California.

A large window in the rainfall shower and two large windows surrounding the step-up soaking tub bring the freshness of nature indoors. The tub shower and floor are constructed of pale grey stone. It is very elegant yet functional with clean straight lines.

5. Dennis Quaid   

 Dennis Quaid has a more intimate master bathroom in his Pacific Palisades, California home. In the style of a French country estate, the bathroom is elegant but not dramatic. Pale yellow walls with a French limestone floor to match and white trim give a warm, homey ambience.

The white soaking tub and console sink have a classic look from the 19th century. A small vanity is tucked in the corner with attractive lighting and small white upholstered chair. The décor and fixtures are simple and understated creating a relaxing yet elegant bathroom.

Bathrooms reflect personal lifestyle as well as have a practical purpose. These are the five best celebrity bathrooms that blend form and function.

Alicia is an interior decorator and lover of all things Hollywood. Adapting the styles and trends of some of the world's biggest stars is her specialty, bringing the glitz and glamour of celebrities to your own home on a budget. From gold-flaked bathroom paint to spectacular water features that don't cost an arm and a leg, she can turn your home into something special.

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