Jun 8, 2012

Celebrity Gifts - A Timeline

Celebrities love spending their cash. We're forever reading about who's bought what and why? More often than not these extravagant splashes of the readies are on gifts for a fellow A-lister. With an ever more populated carousel of celebrity relationships it seems that this trend is set to continue. A look at the gift related balance sheet between Brad and Ang or Jay-Z and Beyonce is enough to give any accountant conniptions.

Of course all this frivolous spending is part of why we love them. When Mike Tyson spends more than most people will earn in their lifetime on a bath tub we want to know about it. If Becks buys Posh a vineyard we're there. I mean who doesn't dream of vino with their own name on it?!

We decided to track the trend of celebrity gifting over the last 100 years and see what we found. The answer was a lot. From Elvis to Bieber we've got it covered and plenty either side too. And most of it is pretty out there...

celebrity gifts

This infographic was created by Find Me A Gift, the novelty gift ideas people.

Larger version

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