Apr 4, 2012

Top Ten Hen Party Costume Ideas

Have fun like a famous celebrity! That's your night!

Police women

Power is sexy and that is why this idea never gets old. The best thing is that there are so many cop costumes available on the market that everyone can find something they would like to wear. As long as you are all wearing the hat / cap and pilot sunglasses, you are on the right track!


If you can have the right location – that is a beach view and a hot summer night – even better. If not, never mind, try it anyway. It is hard to think of a better view than a bunch of women all dressed up in red high cut swimsuits a la Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra style (boobs are optional). We surely hope there are not a lot of David Hasselhoff lookalikes on this small planet, but if you can find a ”Mitch” waiter, go for it! Its your Hen party so why not stand out from the crowd?!

Moulin Rouge

If you really want to dress up and get creative, this is a good choice. Because with Moulin Rouge there cannot be too much feathers, glitter, tutu and glamour, and there are no things such as a too tight corset – squeeze more. The positive thing is also that you can reuse some pieces from your outfit in later parties, which cannot be said about the cop costumes – that would probably not be a hit at your mother-in-law's birthday party.

A night at the Oscar's

We often hear ”I never get to dress up like a princess” from women. We live in a red carpet world but only a few of us actually get invited to that kind of events. Give your friends a chance to dress up in their best for one night and feel like a queen. This is a Hen party idea that is really different and unique, why not get the Stag do guys invloved to and have them dress up in tuxedos, a super classy affair. Problem solved!


Neon colors, big shoulder pads, leg warmers, parachute and stirrup pants, big jewelry, glitter, acid wash, big hair... enough said, looks great!

Amy Winehouse, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Marilyn – female icons

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Domain Barnyard

There are many to choose from, but take one with their very own style. Amy with black eyeliner, red lips and a big ball of hair, pointy bra corsets inspired by the one Madonna wore by Jean-Paul Gaultier, coke cans a la Lady Gaga, or just the classic pinup look by Marilyn Monroe. Have all girls dressed up as the same star, or ask them to choose their favorite!


Send a group of PVC kittens to a bar on a hen night and... if you want everyone's attention, you want to try this.


If you do not want to go over the top, but still dress up in something, the sailor look can be sophisticated enough to get you into any place you want, but still so hilarious!


A sexy woman dressed in black & white wearing glasses – men love it. 20 sexy women dressed in black & white wearing glasses – men go insane!

Be a man

We could have saved this spot for nurses, fairies or pink ladies. Great ideas, but on the other hand, how often in life have you as a female gotten a request ”come dressed as a man”? Charlie Chaplin, Jack Sparrow, James Bond, Austin Powers, Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Harry Potter, Zorro... Dresses and high heels we are used to, so try something new instead!

Written By Rebecca from Chillisauce Events who specialise in Hen Weekends and Stag Parties.

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