Sep 21, 2012

Who Are The World's Richest Rock Stars?

How much do you think rock star musicians get paid every year? There are really two ways to answer this and that's either a) "A Lot" or b) depends on who it is and what they do to make money. And really, both types of answer are true. From the beginning of the music industry days, the most successful musicians could stand to make millions of dollars from their music careers, from album sales, endorsements, world tours, and merchandise sales. Today that is true, but to an even larger extent due to rock stars' financial investment choices. The most successful musicians today make even more millions by leveraging their music money into other investment endeavors. This infographic, Who Are The World's Richest Rock Stars?, names off the richest of the rich rock stars in music history, and details how they each made most of their money. Something worthy of note: most of these names are NOT pop stars, and most of the empires have been built on things other than music!
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