Jan 3, 2013

Kim Kardashian Wedding VS. Average Weddings

If you’re about to get married you’re probably going through a lot of stress. There are a gazillion things to consider when planning a wedding. You have to find the perfect location for the wedding ceremony and the reception, figure out which catering service to employ and what kind of food to serve, choose the motif and find someone who can make the dresses, and more!

Like anyone who works hard and is dedicated to succeed, you need a breather. Read through this infographic provided by Brilliance which lists down a comparison of how much the wedding of Kim Kardashian to Chris Humpries really cost as compared to how much is spent for a regular wedding. Reading about this will certainly remind you that even though they spent millions of dollars, their marriage only lasted a mere 72 days. A very costly, shortlived married life for the ex-partners in life. You can then think about how much you love the person you are getting married to and smile because you’re certain that even if you won’t spend as much as Kardashian did, your marriage will be real and will last longer.

Source: Brilliance.com

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