Dec 22, 2012

Musicians And Sunglasses With Style

Since the early days of rock and roll, musicians have been sporting sunglasses. Most of them not only wear sunglasses, at that, but have a special style that they usually wear. This style becomes part of their image. Can you imagine John Lennon without his serious round frames? His oval regular specs were complemented by glossy black sunglasses that made him look enigmatic and unapproachably hip. These sunglasses fed into his counterculture artist image, and people still wear similar glasses and sunglasses today. If you identify with the counterculture or a kind of remote, cool creativity or just like the Beatles, you might be more likely to adopt those dark, round sunglasses.

John Lennon is of course far from the only artist who incorporated sunglasses into a personal image, and far from the only artist who made a certain kind of sunglasses iconic. You have Elvis Presley with his amber-lensed aviator sunglasses, now favorites of Elvis impersonators everywhere. Michael Jackson also wore aviator sunglasses, usually with opaque dark lenses. There’s just something about aviator sunglasses. They cover more of the face than most glasses, although Elvis’s were hardly concealing, his eyes usually easily visible past the pale lens. It might be that the size of the glasses makes it look all the cooler when you lower them to glance over the frames. Elvis sure knew how to glance.

Elton John’s sunglasses are almost more distinctive for their color than . . . no, okay, never mind. The rose and purple lenses are certainly memorable and unique, but Elton John’s youthful progression of crazy frames were madly unique as well. He sported star-shaped frames and filigreed gold frames and frames that were essentially undefinable. Elton John’s frames tend a little more subdued now, but not always. His eccentric and unpredictable eyewear reflects his irrepressible pop style. If his exact sunglasses are harder to mimic, an Elton John fan might still go for an off-beat set of frames with brightly colored glass.

Lady Gaga also goes for the weird, sporting massive sunglasses that almost span half her face, often using bizarre, thick frames as well.

Stevie Wonder occasionally wears wild glasses, but tends to sport broad, squarish sunglasses with dark lenses and frames. His sunglasses look both unpretentious and fun. They’re a solid pair of frames for a pianist and rock star with a lot of energy, and accentuate Stevie Wonder’s playful approach to song writing and performing. Like Ray Charles, who also sported cool, dark, squarish frames, Stevie Wonder uses sunglasses as a statement, past their functional use for his blindness.

Those are just a few of the musicians who have made sunglasses part of their icon. We admire their look and sometimes lift it wholesale to demonstrate our admiration for their ability to wear their career identities on their sleeve (or their face, as the case may be). Maybe the range of square and round frame styles and of dark and light tints can inspire you to put together a sunglasses style of your own.

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