May 14, 2013

Michael Jackson Should Of Had An Intervention For Plastic Surgery

Michael Jackson was a musical child genius, and he grew up to be perhaps the most successful pop musician of all time.  And unlike many pop stars, he was genuinely talented, a supremely innovative and influential singer/dancer extraordinaire.  He counted the world’s most famous and revered people as his friends, including Brooke Shields, Madonna, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Man In The Mirror 

But despite the worldwide fame and adoration, the massive wealth, and the God-given talent, he still hated what he saw in the mirror. Despite being an adorable child and a handsome young man, he still thought his nose was too wide and unrefined. Having this unfortunate view could of been tied to the phsyical and emotional abuse he suffered as a child.

This seemed innocent enough - many people don’t like their nose and seek a rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery on the nose). This, alone, doesn’t mean that they have a plastic surgery addiction. So if Michael Jackson was able to stop at modifying his nose, his life and the world’s reaction to him may have been very different.

Body Dysmorphia 

But Michael Jackson, unfortunately, seemed to have suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, where the individual views themselves as distorted and deformed, despite being neither. There are various levels of this disorder, but at the worst the person isolates himself from the outside world, and will go to extreme lengths to modify his physical appearance.

Wealth Was Enabling

Unfortunately, Michael Jackson was so rich, he lived an insulated life where no one would have conducted an intervention before he went too far with the plastic surgery procedures. He also was able to bribe doctors who violated their Hippocratic oath of Do No Harm to perform these procedures. The result was the widely reported collapse of his nose due to invasive surgeries to give him a thinner nose with a refined tip.

His appearance underwent a remarkable change over the years. His skin became increasingly lighter, and he also was reported to have had even more operations for a cleft chin, cheekbone augmentation, and even started wearing surgical masks in public for no apparent reason. People suffering from body dysmorphia have a hard time recognizing the person in the mirror for their real beauty.

Plastic Surgery Intervention 

Michael Jackson would have greatly benefited from a plastic surgery intervention. There are people who become addicted to plastic surgery and Michael Jackson was apparently one of them. An addiction to plastic surgery is defined as someone who turns to surgery to fix perceived faults that don’t exist to the general public. Most times we think of addiction as involving drugs and alcohol, but the mental addiction to plastic surgery is real.

An ethical doctor would most likely turn away a regular patient who wants excessive surgeries. They would have been able to seen the damage that has already been done by the dozens of surgery already performed. But for Michael Jackson, the saying of having too much of a good thing, rings true for him in more ways than one.

Ken Seeley is the founder of Intervention 911, a treatment company designed to help people suffering from behavior, mental and substance addictions by providing interventions. To learn more about the author follow Ken Seeley on Twitter.

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