Jul 23, 2013

Break Out Films That Turned Actors Into Stars

The household names of the famous actors, that we have come to know and love, all started somewhere.  Typically, to become a superstar actors have to have an awe-inspiring portrayal in a film that elevates them to such notoriety. Look at our favorite actors, and the roles they started in that catapulted them from actor to a star.

Marlon Brando – Marlon Brando remains one of the most captivating actors of the mid-1900s, who has constantly served as inspiration for other actors since. The film attributed to Brando’s breakout was A Streetcar Named Desire, making him America’s leading man for years.

Clint Eastwood – Even today, Clint Eastwood remains an in-demand actor and director. Eastwood hasnever disappointed his fans. His breakout role came in the 1964 film A Fistful of Dollars, which marked him as an actor destined for greatness.

Mel Gibson – While Mel Gibson is a name that most movie-goers have heard numerous times, many fail to realize that his role in a 1970s film made him the actor we know today. Starring in the film Mad Max, Gibson was a young, fresh-faced actor that lit up the screen and captivated audiences.

Hugh Jackman – Hugh Jackman is widely acclaimed as Hollywood’s hottest hunk, but the role that helped to get him this title was Wolverine in the original X-Men. Even though he played a hairy man with a temper, his portrayal in the movie catapulted him to be an A-list star.

Jennifer Lawrence – As the youngest actor on our list, Jennifer Lawrence has come to make a name for herself in recent years. While she was cast in films such as The Beaver and X-Men: First Class, she didn’t become a household name until 2012 when she portrayed Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Al Pacino – Considered a masterpiece of a film, The Godfather couldn’t have been portrayed by anyone better than Al Pacino. This gritty gangster film not only made him a well-known actor but continues to keep him in high regard, decades later.

Julia Roberts – If you asked anyone what was Julia Roberts’ most successful film you are likely to hear the same response, Pretty Woman. Not only was she able to play the street walker role well, but able to play a classy lady opposite Richard Gere too. The film came out in 1990 but Roberts is still one of Hollywood’s most recognized faces.

Sharon Stone – Even though we might not hear much about Sharon Stone these days, in the 1990s she was one of the most widely recognized actresses in the United States. Thanks to one revealing scenes in Basic Instinct, she became a hit with many, especially the male viewers.

Barbra Streisand – She may not be as young as she once was, but Barbra Streisand has been the leading lady in films for decades. Her role as Fanny Brice in the 1968 film Funny Girl took her from being just an actor to one of Hollywood’s most respected women.

While these are just a few of the actors that have make names for themselves in Hollywood with just a single film, it is important to recognize that talented stars can ‘make’ a movie. Who knows you might be watching a breakout star in your favorite new film and not even know it!

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