Jul 15, 2013

Pixie Lott - Steal Her Style

Coming up with a look that is both cute and sexy can be a very difficult thing indeed, and it’s something that many of us strive for when putting outfits together. In the world of celebrity, no one has pulled it off quite like Brit singer Pixie Lott, who always manages to look super sexy and flirty at the same time as being innocent and ultra-cute. How on earth does she do it?

Pixie Lott’s natural attributes help quite a lot, namely her long, shapely legs and big brown eyes. However, it’s the clothes she chooses that help to create her cute-sexy image, and this is something we can steal for ourselves. If you want Pixie’s look, here’s all you need to know to steal her style:

  • Go for playful accessories. Pixie is often pictured teaming her outfits with playful, fun accessories, such as bunny ear hair bands, heart-shaped sunglasses, hippy chic floral headbands and cute headbands. The way to avoid looking too childish with these accessories is to stick to just one per outfit, and keep the rest of your look grown-up.
  • Wear wedges. Although she is occasionally pictured in heels, Pixie often sticks to wedges. Chunky, cute and easy to walk in, wedges make the most of a great pair of legs like Pixie’s.
  • Brogues are best. Another shoe that Pixie seems to love is the classic brogue, which again shows off her legs whilst also being a sexy look for daytime.
  • Show off a little skin. Pixie tends to stick to the fashion rules when it comes to showing off some skin – either legs or cleavage, but never both. She loves showing off those pins, but also likes to wear swimsuits, tops and dresses with cut-out sides. Another way to show off a sexy bit of skin is to go for a midriff-baring top, which also happens to be a big trend right now. Wear it with a high-waisted pair of shorts, trousers or skirt on the bottom half and flash only an inch of flesh if you want – the look will still be both cute and sexy.
  • Throw on a blazer for a night out. To avoid showing off too much (or freezing to death) on a night out, Pixie is often pictured in a fitted blazer jacket, usually with rolled-up sleeves. The simple addition of a grown-up jacket is all that’s needed to inject some sophisticated sexiness to a cute outfit.
  • Keep your look young and fresh in shorts. Pixie wears lots and lots of teeny tiny shorts, some high-waisted and some bum-baring, like the ones she wore on-stage when first breaking into the music scene. Even though some pairs of hotpants and shorts may be a little revealing, injecting your look with a touch of sexiness, they also help to keep your look fresh and youthful. If you have great pins like Pixie, wear as many shorts, minis and skater skirt styles as you can get your hands on!

Missy White is a Writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

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