Nov 28, 2013

Defining Pet Popularity One Celebrity At A Time

In the modern world it’s common to have pets. It’s part of our culture. A pet brings a sense of companionship that you can’t get anywhere else since they have an unconditional love. They fill a gap or hole in your life. If an individual lives alone or if everyone is gone and you’re the only one home, then having an animal makes you feel less lonely. They help you to be less fearful of being alone. Plus, depending on the animal, they can be a source of entertainment. With so many attributes it almost seems like you can’t go wrong with owning a pet. People go out of their way to take care of their pets or to bond with their pets.

Many famous celebrities have a pet they adore. Some obsess over them more than others. But pets are someone they can trust since there are so many sick people that would use a celebrity for their popularity. Here’s a hefty list of celebrities and how they put their pets on a pedestal:

Miley Cyrus

The most dramatic woman in Hollywood right now is a dog lover. She is known for rescuing dogs and often poses with her Husky Mix Floyd.

Hugh Jackman

Being Wolverine and having such broad shoulders and sculpted muscles you’d think Hugh Jackman would have a masculine dog. But with charm and class comes expensive taste. And Hugh Jackman is owning expensive taste like Chuck Norris, with his favorite pet, Dali, a French Bulldog.

Ryan Gosling

Every woman’s dream man is even dreamer when you find out what he did for his dog. Carry him up the stairs! If he treats his dog so well you can only imagine how he would treat his women.

Sandra Bullock

The Oscar-Winning babe that has starred in numerous hit movies is known to carry around her pups Ruby, Poppy, and Bebe. It’s pretty adorable huh? She’s a really blunt and bold woman but she enjoys the innocence of her two dogs.

George Clooney

Talk about weird. George’s best bud was a potbellied pig named Max. Although, the pig died in 2006 after sharing eighteen wonderful years with Clooney. Even though George is a well-renowned bachelor he would let a potbellied pig into his bed, let along into his heart? Talk about priorities. What does that say about a woman? Nothing good can come from that! But we all have to bond with someone

Adam Sandler

This man should be known for his bulldog and not just his comedy abilities. Adam’s ring bearer at his wedding was his furry little friend Meatball the bulldog. Meatball dressed up for Adam’s wedding, donning a tuxedo. Adorable. The bulldog also had a funeral service with more than one hundred guests present.  

Why put pets on a pedestal? What is so significant about a relationship with a pet? Here a few suggestions why George Clooney would share his bed with a pig, or why Adam Sandler would have a large funeral service for Meatball.

An animal’s love is unconditional

Animals are very grateful

Your nurturing and caring side is strengthened

Emotional relationship

Gives you an opportunity to stay active

Pets lower stress rates/ make you feel calmer

Pets protect you

Animals help you to feel less lonely

Entertain you

Always there to cheer you up (unless it’s a cat)

Overall you are the only life that little or big animal knows. Their lives revolve around you and how you take care of them. We love them because they love us, even if we are flawed. They don’t care. All they know is if you love them. They may not be able to talk but they can feel. They know when their master/ friend loves and cares for them.

George Clooney enjoyed his pig because he made a strong bond with him. He looked forward to coming home to his pig. And Adam Sandler shared the same relationship with his dog Meatball. Adam just simply did what Meatball would have done if he was a human, and that his make Adam his ring-bearer. These celebrities are simply reciprocating the unconditional love their pets are giving them. They are returning the love. So don’t take your pets for granted!!! And enjoy the time you have with them! 

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