Apr 24, 2013

Top 7 Iconic Male Fashion Celebrities

We are seeing a rise in male celebrities participating in fashion by attending shows, wearing designer off-the-runway looks and by getting involved with fashion magazines. To honor those celebrities who provide inspiration to guys everywhere, here are the top seven iconic male fashion celebrities:

7. Jay-Z

With his own incredibly successful line of clothing founded in 1999, Jay-Z has been one of the most prominent fashion icons in hip-hop. Known for using rich fabrics such as suede, fur and leather, his brand Rocawear takes hip-hop culture from the music videos to your closet and represents a reflection of Jay-Z's personal style.

6. Sean Combs

Another major hip-hop artists who started a fashion brand, Combs, is responsible for the Sean John Clothing line. The man himself has been featured on several magazine covers including GQ. Sean John is sold at Macy's, one of the largest department stores in the United States and has become one of the largest brands designed by a musician in the history of fahsion.

5. Kanye West

Kanye is a controversial character in music just as he is in fashion. Kayne's use of bold colors and fabrics has given critics plenty to talk about and yet he always seems to put together complex looks. West has also been seen at high-end fashion shows, often times his outfit reflectng the designer.

4. David Beckham

Beckham is the first athlete to make our list and one of the first major icons of the 21st Century. Not only is he a premier trend-setter when it comes to hair, he also has become iconic for his daring fashion choices. Beckham also makes his name relevant in the fashion industry by being the Bodywear spokesmodel for H&M and becoming the face of Breitling watches. Beckham's style is sophisticated, sleek with a dash of the bad boy image.

3. Jamie Foxx

This male fashion icon had been inspiring us for years and recently stepped up his game for the red carpet circuit in 2013. The Oscar-winning actor isn't afraid of adding color to a simple suit. Foxx's style is a blend of the intense color palette of the 1980's with the sophisticated, modern style of today.

2. Justin Timberlake

With his latest album being released in early 2013, JT has been seen promoting in some of the finest suits around. He is known for blending the chic look of the Rat Pack with modern accessories and colors. Timberlake has established himself as one of the best dressed musicians both on the red carpet and in his music videos.

1. Russell Westbrook

This point guard might score on the basketball court, but he has been making tsunami sized waves with his fashion choices from his post-game interviews. Westbrook mixes prints, colors and textures to create outfits that are always interesting and never boring. He was also honored by becoming the first athlete ever to be on the cover of Flaunt, a magazine that focuses on art, fashion, music and more.

This article was written by Abi who writes for men’s clothing website ark.co.uk who sell popular branded fashion from the likes of Fred Perry, Hearts & Bows, Cloak & Dagger, Superdry, Humor, Glamorous and more.

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