Dec 27, 2006

Wentworth Miller: How to Make your Fans Happy

Wentworth Miller continues meeting his fans and even take them to the lunch!

Look how the two happy girls express their feelings after meeting their beloved Wentworth Miller:

He’s soo nice! I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks (it’s a restaurant) in Sydney. He was waiting for his meal and my friends and I approached him and just asked. =) He’s the NICEST guy! I love him. ;)
He was dining in with another man and woman. Or maybe two men and a woman? I don’t remember, sorry! I was too busy staring at him. It was approx. 12.30pm, for lunch."

2. "It's Wentworth Miller! It's really him! He came in my Starbucks store yesterday morning (8am) with 3 females and a middle-aged man (they were our first customers - they were actually waiting for us to open!), and I swear the moment I opened our store's door and saw him, my heart and brain function stopped working. We still had like 5 more minutes til we were supposed to open but I let them in anyway, I didn't want to keep them waiting of course! I swear I was really panicking as I was still trying to let the fact that my ultimate celebrity crush was right there in my store just a few feet away from me, sink in". More here

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