Jun 10, 2011

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities always do everything bigger, bolder and with more bang than the rest of us civilian folk.

When it comes to engagement rings for some of these A-list leading ladies, big and bold is no exception. The ladies of the celebrity world sport some of the biggest and brightest bling in the world on their left hand. It’s also no surprise that when one of these popular women says yes to the big question, knockoffs of their rings hit the market within weeks. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best celebrity engagement rings.

Without a doubt, one of the most popular and most beautiful engagement rings recently has got to be the one give to Kate Middleton by Prince William. The ring she wears on her left hand once belonged to William’s mother, Princess Diana. Kate’s ring is an 18 carat blue oval sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. Once the news came out that William had proposed and the world got a look of the ring, jewelry designers worked feverishly to have replicas on their shelves the next day. Blue sapphires remain a popular choice for engagement rings as a unique option from the traditional white diamond. Other celebrities have a blue sapphire perched on their left ring finger including Penelope Cruz who has a 3 carat oval stunner surrounded by white diamonds.

Other celebrities choose to go with a traditional diamond but they still don’t fail to impress. Hillary Duff has a gigantic diamond on her left hand. Her NHL star husband gave her a 14 carat princess cut diamond flanked on either side by smaller diamonds. It is estimated that her ring is worth $1 million! Kim and Khloe Kardashian also have managed to get some serious bling on their fingers as well. Khloe was given a 9 carat square cut diamond ring that has diamonds all around the band. Kim Kardashian’s ring beat out her sister coming in at a shocking 20.5 carats. Kim’s ring has a 16.5 emerald cut diamond in the center which is flanked by two 2 carat trapezoid cut diamonds. Her ring is worth an estimated $3 million and can probably be seen from space!

The Kardashian sisters aren’t the only ones sporting massive engagement rings. Tennis star Anna Kournikova wears a gorgeous 11 carat pear cut pink diamond ring with two Trillian white diamonds on either side. Beyonce is another celebrity wearing a massie diamond on her left hand. Jay-Z popped the question and gave Beyonce an 18 carat diamond dazzler. Her ring is a flawless, emerald cut white diamond supposedly worth $5 million. It is even said that Beyonce can’t wear her ring out in public very often because it is too valuable. Now that is serious bling.

There are plenty of other celebrities out there with gigantic engagement rings and the public will continue to be dazzled by these beauties. Celebrities will continue to try to have the biggest and best ring out there and jewelry designers will be right on their heels issuing replicas that are a bit more affordable so that all of us can have a little piece of Hollywood glamour.

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