Dec 3, 2012

5 Celebrities Who Have Beaten Cancer

Many people think that celebrities are untouchable. They seem to have such perfect lives and there’s never a problem that they can’t buy their way out of. We see celebrities get in trouble with the law but not spend time in jail. We’ve watched celebrities struggle with drug problems and go to rehab only to come back to an even more thriving career. One thing that celebrities can’t control is cancer. Many of the world’s biggest and brightest stars have battled - and beaten - the horrible disease.

1. Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall, currently of “Dexter” fame & previously from the series “Six Feet Under,” was treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and beat it to lead a healthy life. In January of 2010, Hall was diagnosed with the cancer, which attacks the lymph nodes. The cancer did go into remission and Hall was treated at a facility near to Los Angeles. Hall has been fully recovered from cancer since the end of April 2010.

2. Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was one of the most public cancer survivors and has been an activist for cancer ever since. In 1996, Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which he has since beaten. In ‘97, the athlete started the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which is a network of support for cancer patients and families of cancer patients.

3. Christina Applegate

The adorable Christina Applegate had a double mastectomy when doctors found several cancerous lumps in one of her breasts. Applegate’s mother had survived breast cancer more than once and encouraged her daughter to have the operation. The actress has been cancer-free since.

4. Sharon Osbourne

In 2002, Osbourne found out that she had colorectal cancer. Thanks to early detection, the reality TV star was able to beat the cancer. Chemotherapy and minor surgery helped Osbourne to beat the disease for good. Since then, Osbourne has founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program. The program helps to provide at-home help and transportation to patients with the same disease.

5. Suzanne Somers

When Suzanne Somers had a routine mammogram in April of 2000, a malignant tumor was found by radiologists in one of her breasts. This was a huge shock to her because she'd always led such a healthy life. It wasn’t until one year later that she released her secret to the world. While Somers beat the disease, her methods of doing so were controversial. Instead of undergoing chemotherapy, the star opted for conventional radiation treatments as well as Iscador, a homeopathic therapy.

The best thing to come out of celebrity stories of their brush with cancer is the inspiration they’ve given to others. From simple motivation and inspiration to full-blown programs to help people in need, it’s undoubtable that celebrities have influence over the public. In many ways, this influence can be a wonderful thing. For regular people who are dealing with cancer, knowing that the people they’ve looked up to were once in the same place is comforting.

About the author: Educated and practicing as a registered nurse, Susan Brown has researched the Top Nursing Programs for people interested in becoming nurses.

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