Feb 21, 2013

Strangest Things People Insure

Have you ever loved something so much you just had to insure it? It could have been something small but you couldn’t bear the thought of losing it. A lot of celebrities and athletes have had the same thought. Strangely for them however, it sometimes includes themselves, or parts of themselves.

Merv Hughes, for example is a famous Australian cricketer known for his excellent handlebar moustache. It’s so great that it’s worth $370,000. That’s one expensive shave! People have also insured their faces. The supermodel Claudia Schiffer has a face worth 5 million dollars. Why wouldn’t you insure that?

You may not think it could get any stranger than that but it does. At the peak of his career, singer and lady-swooner Tom Jones was known for his beautiful chest hair. So he insured it for $7 million!

For a longer list of strange things people have insured, check out this infographic.

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