Feb 17, 2013

Tupac Vs. Eminem, Who's The Best Rapper?

The talk of which rap artist is the best of all time always lingers with arguments. The battle of who is the best rapper of all time usually comes down to Tupac and Eminem. If you don't know who these two rappers are, then you need to continue living under that heavy rock elsewhere.

The reason why these two rap artists are usually considered to be the two best rappers is due to their music portfolio, music ability, and their power of popular music. You can't really deny these two the fact of not being in the top five rappers of all time at bare minimum.

Why Would Eminem be Better than Tupac?

Lets look into the minds of those that think Eminem is the best rapper of all time ahead of Tupac. Eminem has more music for one. That can't hold much weight though, due to the fact of Tupac being murdered. This would disable him of having more music then he does. A bit of a pity appeal to that topic.. Though it holds weight.

Eminem has a larger fan base with more mainstream sounds in his music. This is a genuine argument as well. I do believe it to be completely true, but with Tupac's limited time alive.. Maybe he would have the same thing with the same amount of time in which Eminem has had. Still a tough one to push weight to.

Tupac Is The Best Rapper, Ahead of Eminem

The crowd of individuals that feel Tupac is the best rapper of all time is very prevalent with confidence. I understand the power in which he took rap music over was deceiving but I'm not sure that's enough evidence for me. The most common weight people push around is the idea of how he shaped rap music as a whole.

He brought new things to mainstream rap and hip hop. He was the most popular thing since sliced bread. Yes we're aware of that but does that make him the best of all time? It's a strong argument to push but I want more.

I'm a believer in the fact that Tupac's murder also pulls a pity roll in people remembering him during his era of popular spotlight. I like to compare or to Princess Diana's death. Everyone remembers that and how beautiful of a person we all remember her of being.

Still No Conclusion.. What the Heck

Long story short, there isn't going to be a right answer. Due to the argument being very opinionated, there will never be a correct answer. Hopefully we can just all argue violence free. Sometimes we all get pretty caught up in some of our very strong opinions. Keep thinking of valid points and we actually moght get somewhere with this arguement.

Stop the battling and start the loving. Alright, that's pushing it a little bit too far. We still love to battle about who is the best. Author Chris Weber is obsessed with rap battles like this one.

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