Mar 5, 2013

Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Cars

Nicholas Cage's Ferari Enzo makes one of the most awesome celebrity cars. Its value, over $670,000, places it at No.5 of our top 5 expensive celebrity cars. Jerry Seinfeld's Porshe 959 at $700,000 comes in fourth in the list. The Porshe is an incredible fast machine with a smart technology.
At a remarkable $1.7 million, Simon Cowell's blue Bugatti Veyron comes in third place. Birdman's $2.0 rated red Bugatti Veyron misses out on the first spot. It seems the rapper has a thing for the color red. Although the Bugatti isn't as expensive as his previous Exelero, it is equally as impressive. The red Bugatti has a 1001 Horse Power quad turbo charged W16, a super-car. Jay-Z's MayBach Exelero comes in first place. His $8.0 million rated Exelero is such an impressive car and takes first position on our celebrity's most expensive cars.

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