Mar 22, 2011

Celebs & Why Hair Surgery is Preferable to the Piece

Let’s take a look at the unfortunate examples of toupees that public people were forced to suffer through, and us with them.

The vast majority of men suffer with hair loss at some point in their lives and it tends to be a traumatic experience. It’s a symbol of a man’s waning virility (at least men take it that way) and there are limited options on what one can do to control the process, or cure it.

On the upside ‘times they are a changing’ and hair transplant operations are now far more effective than ever before – something that some celebrities could have made use of years ago. Let’s take a look at the unfortunate examples of toupees that public people were forced to suffer through, and us with them.

Marv Albert

"The voice of basketball", was a legendary sports reporter who made it into the Basketball Hall of Fame and won an Emmy, amongst other laurels. Despite the sexual scandal in the 90’s (after all who hasn’t been in one of those) Marv was incredibly popular, one reason for this may have been his awesome hair piece which seemed to be made from a living creature with which he had cut a deal.

Chuck Norris

He doesn’t need Twitter, he’s already following you! But it may be simply to ask you some quality hair care questions because the legendary action star could defiantly use some advice on the subject. It’s pretty clear that all those round house kicks left Chuck without a sense of subtlety and his toupee causes about as much pain as a boot in the eye.

John Travolta

You may be able to tell by the way he walks that he’s a ladies man but mega star Travolta certainly isn’t the guru when it comes to follicle fashion. Since it’s well known that he’s almost as bald as a baby, the fact that he selected a toupee that would make Chewbacca feel ashamed probably wasn’t the best move.

Nicholas Cage

A recent interview with the gods of several religions revealed that they had no idea what Nick was thinking when he acquired this piece. Scientists have suggested is more than likely composed of a mutated bear from the Jurassic period which was preserved in something that a tyrannosaurus left on the sidewalk.

Dick Weiss

A 2008 Hernia round table discussion became infamous due to the appearance of a mostly unknown New York Daily writer who was arguably in possession of the worst toupee of all time. Columnist Dick Weiss was roasted in forums for months due to a hair piece so emotionally disturbing that it sky rocketed him above every major celebrity in the biz. It has been said that the image has caused several religious groups to declare that the ‘End Times’ were in progress.

When considering what to do about your own hair loss it may be a better idea to take a page from Sir Elton John, who cleverly made use of hair surgery to correct his ailing hairline.

Anita Lyon is a Professional freelance SEO Copywriter and writes on various topics. Before undergoing any hair surgery always do some research and consult the services of a professional hair loss surgeon to gain a better understanding of the delicate procedure involved.

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