Aug 26, 2013

3 Of The Most Surprising Celebrity Medical Success Stories

Celebrities are the pearls of most people's eyes. They lead lives that most can dream of in terms of luxury, elegance, and overall pleasure. However, just like anyone else, celebrities have to encounter hardships at a personal level. Money can never buy immortality and health; this is a reality of life that everyone has to accept. Medical hardships can be tougher on celebrities than the average Joe due to the media circus that is always around. No one wishes to be swamped by cameras as they are battling to survive. This piece will focus on celebrity medical success stories and what these individuals are doing to assist others with similar problems.

Lou Ferrigno

Better known as the Hulk from television show The Incredible Hulk, Ferrigno gained a lot of publicity for his personal struggles with his medical condition. Ferrigno overcame his battles to go on to act, play professional football, and body build. His story is truly remarkable and inspiring for individuals suffering from hearing loss (Better Hearing Institute). At the age of 21, Ferrigno lost 65 percent of his hearing and had to start wearing hearing aids. The battle was tough, but he never gave up and continued to pursue his dreams of bodybuilding and acting. Not only did Ferrigno have to overcome his hearing loss, he had to work on his speech deficiencies in order to act and function on a daily basis. He continued to persevere and is now able to speak fluently and articulate himself better than most people.

What does Ferrigno do to inspire others? He has said his only goal was to become famous enough to tell his story. He has gone on to become a celebrity in the sporting and acting world and continues to progress to new heights with his charitable causes. Ferrigno has been a supporter of the Better Hearing Institute for over 25 years.

Scott Hamilton

This figure skating phenom was one of the finest in his field during the 80s. He had a huge fan following and continued to progress to new heights each year. Further into his career, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had to halt his career (People). He eventually won his battle against testicular cancer and was able to return to doing what he loved most, figure skating. He has gone on to publicize and share the importance of the fight against testicular cancer around the world.

Scott Hamilton has even gone on to open the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative. This is his way of giving back to the world and using his celebrity power to work toward a brighter future. He is actively seen promoting his charity.

Olivia Newton-John

Singing had been Newton-John's passion from the early years of her childhood. She could never have imagined going from stardom to a battle against breast cancer (Olivia Appeal). Yet this was exactly what happened. But she persevered through the battle and came out on top. Olivia Newton-John produced two benefit albums for the sole purpose of giving back to cancer charities.

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