Aug 26, 2013

4 Celebrities Who Got Hair Replacement Done

Everyone’s human even the celebrities that are so talked about in the news. While many people revere them and remain star struck, it’s subtle reminders like loss of hair, growing old and other things the help to remind us that in the end celebs are only human and they have problems too.

Moreover, balding is something which afflicts everyone and you’ll find that while considered to be epitome of perfection, there are many celebrities that have reverted to hair replacement surgeries to combat male pattern baldness at young or old age.

While many have come clean about their hair replacement surgeries, others have kept mum about it. Nonetheless, the proof is in the pudding and these following celebrities have undeniably had hair replacement surgeries:

Nicholas Cage

Among one of the most conspicuous hair transplant cases in Hollywood, Nicholas Cage opted to remain quiet regarding his suddenly full and deliciously brunette hair. However, even though he’s one of the most profiled stars of Hollywood since the 1980’s; his hair loss had becoming surprisingly evident as the years rolled by. However, it was evident that his male pattern baldness has definitely become very active over the past few years and eventually prompted the star to resort to hair replacement surgeries.

 John Travolta

Another one of the golden oldies, John Travolta was the biggest Hollywood heartthrob after Grease.  Undeniably good looking in his youth, John Travolta seems to have aged increasingly well. To be honest he doesn’t look too bad nowadays either. He’s aging a little too well, don’t you think? That’s right.  John Travolta took a page out of his fellow celebrities’ books and got some hair replacement surgeries done. Although in his 50’s now John Travolta sports a lush head of hair which has raised many eyebrows at him. While gorgeous with a full head of hair, he’s still a looker even when without hair and the ladies still loved him when he’s had to go bald for some roles for his movies.

Mel Gibson

Considered to be the sexiest man alive in 1985, Mel Gibson was making ladies swoon with this thick head of hair and striking blue eyes. Nonetheless, this ruggedly good looking guy started to suffer from a receding hairline fairly early in his career. While not going public about it, there is rumor that the star got some hair replacement surgeries in 2006. Although his looks have mellowed over the years, there are still times when seeing him with a full head of hair you can see the sexiest man alive of 1985 again.

Al Pacino

It’s been 35 years since Al Pacino played the role of wild and young Micheal Corleone in the classic movie The God Father. Since then Al Pacino has had a heavy and illustrious career. Therefore it became noticeably perceptible how his hair weathered the years with him. Sometimes thick, sometimes thin, Al Pacino joins the pack of Hollywood stars that’ve gotten hair replacement surgeries yet chooses to refrain from making any comments about it.

Nonetheless, there are many other celebrities in Hollywood many world soccer stars like Wayne Rooney had a succesfull Hair Transplant surgery. who’ve gotten hair replacement surgeries such as Ben Affleck, Brendan Fraser, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams and many others as well.

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