Oct 2, 2013

Big Brother's Lydia Scott-Lee Has Laser Eye Surgery

Lydia Scott-Lee, famed for her roles in Mammia Mia and appearing in Big Brother 13 had laser eye surgery earlier this September.

The dancer, married to Pop Idol and 3SL star Andy, had suffered with contact lenses for years, often finding them uncomfortable when dancing and swimming.

But in September she went for a free consultation at a clinic in Manchester, and just ten days later was enjoying 20/20 vision.

Recently married in June this year, Lydia said: “I heard of Freedom Vision through a friend of mine. I had contemplated it for many years but it felt like the right time to take it further has I was tired of wearing contact lenses!

“The consultation was very quick but also very thorough. I was thrilled to be able to have the treatment about a week and a half later. I wasn't nervous beforehand because I was so well informed about everything. I felt completely at ease. I was more excited than nervous.”

Scott-Lee will be most famous for appearing in Big Brother 13, where she was the fourth housemate to be evicted. She was also an extra in Mamma Mia, and has appeared in music videos by some of the industries biggest names including Kanye West and Kylie Minogue.

“The treatment lasted about ten minutes, and by the next day my vision was pretty much 85% normal, and by day two it was 100%! Now my vision is far better than when I was wearing contact lenses which is amazing. I would without doubt recommend Freedom Vision and I already have been telling all my friends and family, some of whom will be booking in for a consultation,” she continued.

Over 30 million people around the world have undergone laser eye treatments for poor vision, cataracts and numerous other visual ailments. But for Lydia it was the irritant of having to wear contact lenses and glasses that was worse, especially as a professional dancer and keen swimmer.

“Laser Eye Surgery has changed my day to day life immensely. Contact lenses/glasses can restrict activity like swimming and flying, but they can also just be a bit of an annoyance and make your eyes itchy.

“I'm so glad I made a decision to have the treatment!”

She married her partner of over five years in June in a wedding that was covered by OK! Magazine in Las Vegas.

She said: "Andy and I have always had a good relationship with OK! Magazine, they have always been very supportive of our relationship so it was only natural to have our wedding covered by people that we trust and it gave viewers of Big Brother and whoever else supports us a chance to see and hear all about our wedding. Hopefully we proved an Las Vegas wedding doesn't have to be tacky!"

Lydia is set to appear alongside side husband Andy in a production of Aladdin this Christmas at Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hertfordshire. For more information about Freedom Vision, you can visit their website.

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