Oct 7, 2013

Kate Middleton. Princess And Hair Icon

Long hair makes us all feel like a princess, and with that in mind, who better to turn to for inspiration when getting that regal look and feel than our actual princess?

   Kate Middleton didn't soar her way to the crown, and into our nation's hearts for that matter, for no reason.  She has a winning smile, radiant skin and absolutely stunning hair!  She makes every girl not only want to be a beautiful, glamourous and educated princess, but also manages to make some at least really rather glad they happen to be brunettes.  Me included!

   She just emanates a subtly distinguished air, of being endowed with an innate royal character, much like her husband, Prince William's, much loved mum Princess Diana, who also boasted, for her time, some particularly beautiful blond hair.  But where Diana's hair was short and distinguished Kate's is long, full of volume and vitality. 

She has three main distinctive looks that form the basis of her becoming a hair icon,

Down and Decadent.  This is Kate's signature look.  She is well known for wearing her hair completely down, letting it fall past her shoulders to it's full, long length.  Usually parted at the centre or slightly to one side of her head her hair is given a lot of volume, rising up bouncily before falling in a stream of sleek waves and curls on either side of her face. 

Up, Down, Up Town.  Recently Kate has started to break out, or rather break up, but not in a bad way, and whilst still making the most of her lengthy hair, leaving the majority of it tumbling down in it's usual fashion, in an abundance of curls, some of it, rather than falling on either side of her lovely face, is pulled up and away from it.  Letting us all take a look at her radiant, glowing skin and genuine smile.  Still natural, but a slightly more face framing look, there is an added element of sophistication that goes into her half up, half down do that is simply stunning.

Up and Up.  Class.  Whilst our darling Duchess of Cambridge doesn't often throw all of her hair up and away from her face, every once in a while she stuns us by breaking out this flattering and fabulous style.  Often kept simple at the front, letting her face steal the attention, though when taking a slightly different angle, and looking at it from behind one can see that whilst still effortlessly stylish, actually rather a lot of effort has gone into getting that hair up!  The back is usually, more likely than not, full of delicate swirls and braids that form her feminine and elegant hairstyle.

Yet, whatever style her hair happens to be in it is always enviably glossy, sleek, shiny and well maintained.  I doubt she's ever known a split end in her life! 

    She is a princess in every sense of the word, even emerging from hospital after the birth of her baby with divine, healthy and natural looking hair.  A simple centre parting and slightly lighter ends added texture to her hair, and emphasised her typical and eternally impressive curls and waves, which were not completely groomed into existence with the birth of her baby, but were nonetheless present.  Gorgeous!

    Obviously we can't talk about Kate and her gorgeous hair without paying mention to her wedding day.  Besides the beautiful and elegant dress she was sporting her hair also looked divine.  Perhaps more dark than she usually wears it, or else appearing so in contrast to her pure white dress.  Hair pulled slightly back and away from her face but falling in very elaborate curls down passed her shoulders, her hair was kept behind them, and topped off with a tiara and long Cinderella-esque veil, allowing her hair and her dress to shine in equal measure. 

    All in all, it is safe to say that our divine Duchess is an absolute hair inspiration, pulling off any of her simplistic yet effective styles with grace and ease, it's no wonder she's a princess!

Abi Sehmi has a real love of beauty. She is currently blooging for VixenandBlush.com about hairstyles.

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