Mar 9, 2007

Carrie Underwood To Return To American Idol

Crowned the American Idol in 2005, the young singer Carrie Underwood returned to the AI stage yesterday with her new hit "Wasted". Carrie has become a real star since the American Idol having scored two Grammies already and many more musical awards. You can download Carrie Underwood Performing On American Video Here.


Judith said...

Carrie is awsome as ever!

Anonymous said...

Finally Antonella Barba was voted off the show. She should have been voted off the show last week .. and would have been .. had it not been for those Antonella Barba sex pictures that circulated on the Internet.

The curiosity over those photos kept her on American Idol longer than she otherwise would have been on.

Now she's free to entertain those offers from Playboy and all the other men's magazines that want her for a fresh photoshoot. Most everybody have already seen her original pictures on Google or big celebrity adult sites like (NSFW). They are going to want new ones.

At least now maybe American Idol can get back to being a singing competition and not a scandal show.