Mar 1, 2007

Sugababes "Comic Relief" Interview

Sugababes got seriously involved into charity. Recently Cheryl Tweedy, Keisha Buchanan and Nicola Roberts have been talking about their "Comic Relief" cooperation with Girls Aloud. The two girls' bands united to record a charity single for Comic Relief, a cover of Run DMC's Walk This Way.

Besides, having visited South Africa and met street children there, Keisha Buchanan made up her mind to adopt a child from the continent. Buchanan tells the story about meeting a little African girl:

She said, 'I wish you could visit all the time, why do you have to go?' It broke my heart, what can you say to that? I know I will see her lovely face in my dreams forever. Meeting children like her makes me understand why Madonna felt compelled to adopt. It is definitely something I would consider one day."

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