Mar 18, 2011

The Top 5 Bizarre Celebrity eBay Auctions

This isn’t even the weirdest celebrity item to have made it on to eBay – here are my five favourite bizarre A List auctions to date

A lock from the barnet of high pitched pop darling Justin Beiber was recently sold on auction website for an astonishing $40,668 which was donated to the Gentle Barn charity which exists to provide sanctuary to abused farm animals.

Although this is ridiculous (at least in my humble opinion), it is hardly surprising given how popular he and his mane have become over the last year or so – Beiber is now the second most followed person on micro blogging platform Twitter (Lady Gaga is currently in poll position).

This isn’t even the weirdest celebrity item to have made it on to eBay – here are my five favourite bizarre A List auctions to date...

Brangelina’s jar of breath:

SOLD FOR: $523

Even though this is the auction didn’t fetch a huge amount of money, it makes the list for simply proving that some people are so stupid that they will literally pay significant amounts for nothing. Celebrity spotter Joe Wilson put the jar of Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s “exhaled air” on the renowned auction site with the following description:

"Be the first to own this jar of Celebrity air, which may contain air molecules that came in direct contact with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.”

Unfortunately, I cannot find any word on who won the auction or what they planned to with their prize. I am assuming this is because they have been placed in a mental asylum for their own and our safety!

Scarlett Johansson’s boogers:

SOLD FOR: $5,300

OK, so it wasn’t the boogers of actress Scarlett Johansson which were sold on eBay in 2008 but rather a tissue that she blew her nose into during a stint on the Jay Leno chat show. All of the proceeds were kindly donated to the USA Harvest Charity whose aim it is to feed the less fortunate. Not sure I would be hungry after hearing where the (admittedly kind but gross) donation stemmed from however. Eugh!

Justin Timberlake’s French toast:

SOLD FOR: $3,154

The sexy back, ex N-sync star undertook a breakfast interview with a radio station in New York back in 2009 and when it was over, the presenter decided to sell the remains of the pop singer’s French toast that the artist had been munching through before the start of the interview. The winner of the auction proudly declared that she planned to freeze dry the toast and then store it in her dresser drawer. OK then, you great big FREAK!

Gary Coleman’s sweatpants

SOLD FOR: $500

What could most people do with a pair of GAP-Kids sweatpants belonging to 4ft 8” television actor Gary Coleman? Not a lot, so it was surprising when they appeared to fetch a staggering $400,000 online. The winning bidder never did come forward to pay for their prize and so they were sold to the next highest winning bidder – none other than talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who had bid $500 (a slight difference, eh?)

The star also listed his GameCube games console back in 2007 though it is unclear whether this was also to raise money for his much needed kidney dialysis (this was the reason he had auctioned his beloved sweats). The pants may have raised quite a bit more money if they were to be listed now since Coleman sadly passed away in May last year.

William Shatner’s kidney stone

SOLD FOR: £25,000

The Star Trek actor sold the cause of his excruciating lower abdominal pain to an online casino in the year of ’06 in order to raise money for a housing charity. The stone was so large that Captain Kirk told the media is was “you will want to wear it on your finger.” It was initially taken away after the operation but Shatner begged the hospital to give it back so he could sell it.

The stone now belongs to who also own a toasted cheese sandwich emblazoned with the face of the Virgin Mary that cost them £28,000. I’m not sure you would gamble such large amounts of money on the latter!

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