Apr 1, 2013

Top Five Celebrity-Owned Islands In The Caribbean

The Bahamas are world-famous for their breath-taking beauty, pleasant climate and laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. The atmosphere here is an ideal combination of relaxation at the beach and a busy day-and nightlife. Surrounding the 700 islands and 2400 coral reefs are turquoise waters perfect for snorkelling, scuba-diving and sailing, whereas the islands themselves offer endless choices for physical activities as well as shopping, cultural and culinary experiences.

No wonder that many celebrities are following the trend of purchasing islands in the Bahamas and therefore their own private piece of paradise. These little kingdoms are not only the ultimate status symbol, but offer peace and tranquillity away from the public eye. Have a look at our top five celebrity island owners and their tropical getaways:

1) David Copperfield

The world’s most successful illusionist – or, as some people like to call him, Claudia Schiffer’s ex-boyfriend – is definitely high up there on the list of celebrities with the island bug. Copperfield owns not one, not two, not three, but a whole four breathtakingly beautiful islands in the Bahamas, which are valued around a whopping $50 million. Previously called Musha Cay, the down-to-earth magician renamed his islands to Copperfield Bay.  However, only one of them is actually developed whereas the other three are used as buffers in order to ensure a maximum of privacy for himself and his guests. On the main island you will find ‘Dave’s Drive-in’, an outdoor movie theatre, and several luxurious properties decorated with treasures which Copperfield collected during his travels all over the world.

2) Captain Jack Sparrow

The all-time favourite and eco-friendly pirate of the Caribbean would have us believe he actually goes under the name of Johnny Depp, but if I’m not mistaken that was one of his movie characters. Sparrow has found his very own tropical getaway in the Bahamas in 2004, when he purchased Little Hall’s Pond Cay for $3.6 million. The 45-acre island is part of the stunning Exumas, and runs solely on solar power. The actor named its six white sand beaches after his two children, his former partner Vanessa Paradis, and the remaining three in memory of his deceased friends Marlon Brando, Heath Ledger and Hunter S. Thompson.

3) Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has Russian, Ukrainian and Bahamian roots. So when the musician decided to explore his heritage he purchased an island within the little-visited islands of Eleutheta in the Bahamas. Not much information is known about his private oasis, but let’s just say there is a reason why he fell for the astonishing beauty and lifestyle of the Bahamas instead of Ukraine or Russia.

4) Eddie Murphy

When you have been in the showbiz for about 150 years, starred in 15 Shrek movies, and happen to be one of the highest paid actors, then it is only natural you’d want to own your private palm-fringed island. The notoriously funny actor bought his unspoiled paradise in the Bahamas in 2007 for $15 million, after he had previously owned another small isle next to Paradise Island. His latest acquisition is called Rooster Cay and is conveniently located next to Nassau, the capital island. This has given rise to speculations as to whether Murphy is planning to develop a resort – which appears to be a trend amongst celebrity island owners as well – or keep it as a private retreat for himself.

5) Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

The two country stars have recently joined the club of island owners when they bought Goat Cay in the Bahamas for about $3.5 million. Located in the centre of the popular Exumas archipelago the musicians find themselves in good company as they are pretty much direct neighbours to David Copperfield and Johnny Depp. Goat Cay is a 17-acre piece of paradise surrounded by white sand beaches home to the couple’s 15,000 square feet vacation home.

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