Apr 10, 2013

Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery

It’s hard to pinpoint which celebrities have had the best plastic surgery, because by ‘good’ we usually mean subtle and natural-looking. Add to that the fact that stars are notoriously tight-lipped about cosmetic enhancements and a lot of it becomes speculation and guess work. The following stars, whether they have admitted to a little nip and tuck or not, are generally believed to have undergone cosmetic work of some kind.

So who do we think fared best? Here’s our top 5:

1. Jennifer Aniston

Judging by photos taken before this Friends actress became a global superstar, it’s quite clear to see that she had a nose job quite early on in her career. She’s also thought to have had a more recent, subtle rhinoplasty. As well as these structural changes to her face, it’s also believed she regularly uses Botox and fillers - and some have even speculated she may have had a mini facelift.

But it isn't obvious by looking at her. She doesn't have a face that screams 'surgically enhanced'. She simply looks like someone much younger than she is and blessed with great genes.

2. Megan Fox

Although she denies having had work done, before and after photos of the pretty actress show a different story. Her nose looks as if it’s been trimmed and her cheekbones are far more defined than they used to be. Even allowing for age and possible weight-loss there are signs that she’s had subtle surgery. She was very attractive beforehand but is now regularly touted as the world’s sexiest woman.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is a stunning woman, but is it all natural? She’s one star who seems to have got better with age, and older photos indicate a nose job may be partly responsible.  Given her apparent lack of ageing she may also have undergone procedures to help time stand still. No doubt her appearance can also be put down to better make-up, lighting and expensive products.

4. Blake Lively

Blake is another actress who took apparent steps to cultivate her appearance before making it big. She has purportedly undergone subtle rhinoplasty, as well as a boob job. Breast augmentation can look the most obvious of procedures but only going up one or two cup sizes, as seems to be the case with Blake, results in a far more natural look.

UK Plastic Surgeon Adrian Richards comments:

“Implants will tend to look better if the size is best suited to the person’s frame and natural breast size. By sticking to her proportions Blake’s breasts look more in line with the rest of her physique which is why her breast augmentation could be said to be successful.”

5. Ellen de Generes

Ellen is a powerful media figure who probably has better things to do than fret over her appearance. She is also on TV, however, and so her alleged recent steps to freshen up her appearance are a great example of surgery for a middle-aged woman. She looks to have opted for a mini facelift and eyelid surgery, but the effect is a soft one – her skin has not been pulled taut but some of her lines have been diminished and her skin looks brighter.

by Dani Porter

Dani is a freelance journalist specialising in the beauty industry, with particular focus on aesthetic procedures and treatments.

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