Apr 8, 2013

Underwear Know-it-all: The History, Fun Facts, and What Celebs Wear Undernearth it All!

Underwear – it’s the type of subject we all wonder about and probably even mildly obsess over, but don’t really feel comfortable asking about. We know what our own personal preference is, whether that’s comfy granny undies, sexy vintage picks a la Dita Von Teese, or modern styles that are super skimpy and racy. However, we also naturally wonder what other women prefer as far as color and style. We definitely wonder what our favorite sexy males in Hollywood are sporting underneath their own impeccable threads, too!

This infographic takes you on a fun-filled journey through the answers to those questions and so much more. What men's underwear does Justin Bieber prefer: boxers or briefs? What about Daniel Radcliffe or Justin Timberlake? Have you ever wondered what styles you were most likely to have been wearing had you lived your life during the 40s or 70s? Find out the answers to all of these questions, as well as a number of other truly fun facts.

Written by ABC Underwear.

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