May 14, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Comes To NY

"...celebrity... sounds like the worst word in the world..."

Hayden Panettiere
recently discussed the role Heroes played in her life. Hayden hates the world 'celebrity' and being in the spotlight but she can put up with that 'for good reasons' (e.g. charity, etc):

...'celebrity.' It sounds like the (worst word in the world), but for good to, you know, be in the spotlight for a good reason..."

Well, it sounds so fake and hackneyed! Why do all the celebs claim they wish no one knew them and the only thing they enjoy in being popular is charity? These words seem to mean nothing because so many stars constantly repeat them!

Hayden Panettiere: NBC's 'Heroes' TV cast members arrive in NY, May 13

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