May 18, 2007

Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose Looking Too Young

Parker Posey, 39, and Lauren Ambrose, 29, chose an interesting style for FOX 2007 Programming presentation... They look like two young girls who were in such a hurry that forgot to change after some house work. On the other hand, that outfit really makes them look much younger. I'd say these are two teen girls if I didn't know exactly how old they are.

Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose attending 2007 FOX UpFront held at Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York City, 2007/05/17


Mike in Michigan said...

Lauren Ambrose. What an absolutely talented and beautiful young actress! Since watching her mesmerizing performance in "Six feet Under" i will continue to watch whatever she chooses to do.
Now with Indie queen Posey it will be quite interesting to sit back and watch the chemistry. I Love you Lauren....carry on girl!

Costie said...

Yeah, she's great!