May 14, 2007

Michelle Rodriguez In Bikini: The Lesbians Cry

"... if I wanted people to know what I do with my Vagina I would have released A sex video a long time ago."

Michelle Rodriguez who previously avoided all talks about her sexual preferences, suddenly made a confident statement on her site claiming she is straight... and soon went to Bahamas to expose her perfect body to public driving all her lesbian fans to despair.

Michelle Rodriguez recently criticized the lesbian magazine Curve for publishing her photo on the cover. The former Lost star stated she did not agree to appearing on the mag cover and she was not happy with being associated with the lesbian world. Well, according to Michelle, she does know many lesbians around the world like her and she does not mind as the actress respects any person who has some healthy feelings to her. Despite her unwillingness to tell the world "what she does with her vagina", Rodriguez has to confirm that she likes 'real' men and can't do anything about that.

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