Feb 21, 2007

Celebs At The 6th Annual General Motors TEN event

General Motors was celebrating its sixth annual GM Ten Event tonight at Paramount Studios yesterday. The theme of the the charity benefit was green this year (hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hybrids and concept cars). The event was celebrating the intersection of fashion, auto design, and entertainment.

All the star guests participating in TEN were styled by famed stylist Rachel Zoe. The celebrities taking part in the event included Oscar nominees Jackie Earle Haley, Jennifer Hudson, and Adriana Barraza, along with Teri Hatcher, Mary J. Blige, Katherine Heigl, Masi Oka, Mario Lopez, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Sisto, Christina Milian and Roselyn Sanchez.

Christina Milian looked awsome, both in a white minidress and in the elegant and sexy gown. Katherine Heigl (BTW we hear more day by day about the Grey's Anatomy beauty) was beautiful first in a black minidress and then in a long white gown. Emmy Rossum was on the contrary somehow ridiculous in that huge I-dont-know-the-color dress of hers.

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