Feb 8, 2007

Kate Bosworth: a Beauty With Different Eyes

Kate Bosworth looks great gracing the Jalouse Magazine cover. I don't know if you noticed or not but Kate has different color eyes: one is blue and one is hazel.

Kate Bosworth is going to have a busy year. She will be playing in two movies and produce one more. Kate will play in untitled blackjack drama, previously known as 21, for Columbia Pictures. The film begins shooting in March in Las Vegas and Boston.

Kate Bosworth plans to star in the indie supernatural thriller, After.Life for Constellation Entertainment. She will play a young woman who is in a transitional state between life and death. She desperately tries to avoid being buried alive.

As for producing Kate will be involved into the movie Lost Girls and Love Hotels (set on the basis of Catherine Hanrahan novel). The story is about a woman doing whatever she can to forget her past. She loses herself in a sex-and drug-addled oblivion by night.

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