Feb 7, 2007

Tara Conner Promoting Trump's Restaurant

The 21- year old Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner got involved into "Trump on the Ocean" advertising campaign.

Donald Trump has recently announced his plans to build a $40-million restaurant (!), to be named Trump on the Ocean, on the boardwalk at Jones Beach State Park. The land will be leased from the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.

Previously addicted to drugs and alcohol Tara Conner has recently claimed that she still feels the occasional cravings for alcohol and drugs. The only difference is that she now has the strength to overcome her desire.

The Kentucky beauty, after spending 28 days in rehab, has realised that if she put the chemical in her body, it was going to take her to the past that she doesn’t want to revisit.

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