Feb 2, 2007

Charlize Theron Looking Strange at 'East of Havana' Premire

Charlize Theron chose strange outfit for her new documentary 'East of Havana' Premiere in New York. Having the great body Charlize managed to hide it under the shabby suit. Well, I have to say Charlize Theron looks great whatever she wears.

The film 'East of Havana' produced by Charlize Theron is about two filmmakers who travel to Cuba in the summer of 2004 to study three up-and-coming hip-hop artists who use their music to fight for freedom under an oppressive regime. The movie thus centers on the lives and friendships of three young Cuban rappers - Soandry, Magyori and Mikki Flow who try to fight against the Castro government and attempt to speak out about the aspirations and fears of their generation, from within the confines of an Alamar ghetto. The trio see themselves as revolutionaries, only using words instead of weapons.

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Anonymous said...

Charlize doesn't look her best...