Feb 8, 2007

Mischa Barton Is Fine

In spite of her gloomy appearance while walking throughout Beverly Hills and recent gossip about her break-up with Cisco Adler, Mischa Barton is perfectly ok!

A rep for Contango Records, the company that handles Adler's band, Whitestarr said:

They are fine – very happy together."

Mischa Barton, 21, had been dating the rocker since August 2005, two months after she ended her one-year relationship with oil heir Brandon Davis.

Of course Mischa was a bit upset because of the pic taken in 2001:

According to Cisco Adler:

Mischa wasn’t too excited, to say the least. I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I’m gonna try to keep my pants on from now on.”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish they broke up! Mischa can find a better guy!