Apr 3, 2007

Kate Moss's Weathered Body Is No More Sexy

Supermodel Kate Moss, 33, and her rocker lover Pete Doherty, 28, are eager to have a baby. For that they are reported to be be going on a vitamin-rich diet. Maybe that's only me, but I think solely quitting drugs would be enough if they want a healthy diet.

Kate Moss is no more sexy according to FHM which no longer including supermodel on their annual top 100 sexiest females list. The editors think that Moss's skinny body and lifestyle does not seem sexy to men:

In the fashion world Kate is considered one of the most beautiful women, but according to FHM readers she’s past it. Kate’s alleged hard party lifestyle is starting to take its toll and she’s definitely starting to look a little weathered. Kate’s size zero look might be winning her million dollar fashion contracts, but the average guy on the street prefers someone much more womanly.”

To support FHM voters here are some recent pics of Kate Moss in a black swimmsuit:

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